18 Years Ago President Trump Warned About NK Nukes

The liberal mainstream media would like you to believe President Donald Trump is out of his depth in his attempts to deal with North Korea’s nuclear weapons, but an 18-year-old CNN video clip now making the rounds on social media proves otherwise.

Nov. 28, 1999—five years after President Bill Clinton’s nuclear agreement with Kim Jong-il and three years before President George W. Bush’s stunning admission that the agreement had failed to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons—in the context of a discussion about the necessity of renegotiating the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and developing a U.S. anti-missile defense system, the future president told Wolf Blitzer:

North Korea is developing missiles like nobody has ever seen. We better do something with them rather quickly, hopefully through negotiation, but we better do something rather quickly with them … We’re a bunch of saps. There’s no question North Korea is developing missiles. We give them nuclear power plants. We give them tremendous aid, because we thought we could bribe them into stop developing—well, they’ve developing, so much so that South Korea is now developing their own missile systems in order to protect, and I’m not really sure I can blame them. But North Korea is totally out of control. Would you rather have a very, very serious chat with them now, and if necessary you might have to do something fairly drastic, or would you rather have to go after them in five years when they have more nuclear warheads and missiles than we do?

Blitzer asked if “drastic” action meant using military force, and Trump, after calling Israel’s bombing of the Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981 “brilliant,” responded that a military response should never be ruled out.


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