Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested After Shootout With Police

Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested After Shootout With Police
Akhmad Khan Rahami has been arrested in Linden, New Jersey after a shootout with local police. Rahami shot near 500 Elizabeth Ave, Linden Police Department reporting 1 officer took one round to his vest, EMS enroute.

Ahmad Khan Rahami has been arrested in Linden, New Jersey after a shootout with local police.

  • Antonio Hernandez, National President of National Coalition of Latino Officers, told TRUNEWS correspondant Fior Hernandez that officer shot is hispanic, a senior officer with 20 years on Linden Police force, confirmed he was wearing vest and is expected to recover.
  • Fior has also interviewed Abel Andrew, an eye witness who works across the street from the location Rahami was arrested, and was on scene as suspect was being placed into ambluance. Information to follow on September 19th edition of TRUNEWS.
  • Rahami was shot and arrested by Linden PD near 500 Elizabeth Ave, Linden, New Jersey.
  • Officers also found a “suspicious package”, bomb squad and explosive-sniffing dogs are investigating.
  • Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage confirmed Rahami's arrest and clarified that two officers were shot during the encounter, one in the chest and another in the hand. 
  • Rahami being reportadly taken to New Jersey Trauma Center by EMS.
  • Linden Police Administrative Division Captain James Sarnicki told CBS New York two officers found Rahami sleeping outside a bar.
  • Rahami shot one officer in abdomen upon awakening, then began running down street shooting his gun at cars before being subdued.
  • Rahami was found sleeping inside the foyer to the entrance of Merdie's Tavern, a local bar in Linden, New Jersey, according to local police dispatch.

UPDATE: Police are searching for a 2003 blue Honda Civic, NJ tags, D63EYB.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) US police have released a photo of a man wanted for questioning “in connection” to the recent bombing in New York. Authorities suspect a terrorist plot behind the bombing and a string of other incidents that shocked US over the weekend.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Akhmad Khan Rahami, a New Jersey resident and naturalized US citizen born in Afghanistan.

Investigators believe there are more people involved, but have identified no other persons of interests besides Rahami, two US officials told Reuters. According to the New York Post, authorities are looking into the possibility of a local terror cell.

A home in Elizabeth, New Jersey is currently being searched by FBI agents in connection with the man, as it belongs to a person with a similar name.

Federal authorities have already detained five people with possible links to the bombing, according to the NY Daily News.

“I suspect there may be a foreign connection [to the bombings in New York and New Jersey],” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, as cited by CBS.

Explosive devices in New York and New Jersey may be linked, a homeland security official told Reuters.

Authorities are also looking into an alleged manifesto posted on Tumblr which is said to claim responsibility for the bomb blast in Chelsea. The post titled “I Am The NY Bomber” has been taken down from social media, but the New York Daily News, citing a source in the New York Police Department, says police are taking the threat seriously. Its authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

“The explosives detonated in New York City, that was me,” the posting reportedly read. “Those were just some tests, I know where I have made errors and I will not make the same mistake next time.”

Two bombs exploded in NJ and NYC on Saturday. Initially, an explosion in a garbage container near a Marine Corps charity run in New Jersey took place at around 9:30am local time. No injuries were reported, but the partial blast delayed the start of the race in which more than 5,000 runners competed. Later, investigators in New Jersey discovered three pipe-bomb-type devices wired together near the boardwalk.

On Saturday evening, a second bomb exploded in Chelsea, an upscale Manhattan neighborhood which houses a number of art galleries and nightclubs. 29 people were injured in the blast, all of whom were released from the hospital after receiving medical treatment.

Over 1,000 additional State Police officers and National Guard officials were assigned to patrol New York’s bus and subway stations after the blasts on Saturday, Governor Cuomo said Sunday.

Apart from New York, the state of Minnesota was also the target of violence this weekend, when a man dressed in a private security guard uniform stabbed eight people in the Crossroads Center Mall in the city of St. Cloud. The man was killed by an off-duty policeman, and none of the victims sustained life-threatening wounds. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the stabbing, acknowledging the attacker as one of its “soldiers,” without specifying, however, if the still-unnamed suspect was in direct contact with them.


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