Bozell: Media Rallying Americans Against Trump

Bozell: Media Rallying Americans Against Trump
In an interview Friday, Media Research Council founder Brent Bozell said the liberal mainstream media's attempts to rally the public against President Donald Trump was unprecedented in modern American history.

Media Research Council founder Brent Bozell said Friday that never in the course of modern American history has there been an effort by the media to rally Americans against a president like what is being seen today.

During an interview with FOX Business host Stuart Varney, in response to liberal mainstream media criticisms of President Donald Trump’s stern rhetoric directed at North Korea and its dictator, Kim Jong-un, Bozell said:

I can’t recall anytime in modern American history or maybe in history at all, where the news media tried to rally the American people against the Commander-in-Chief. It is always been a case, no matter who the president was, that in a time of war, whether it was 9/11 or anything else, the country rallied behind the commander-in-chief by the media … This is the quote, un quote, mainstream press. There is nothing mainstream about the news media anymore. As we have said many times, they want this man removed from office. This is the degree to which they’re willing to go.

Bozell also noted the president isn’t the first commander-in-chief to use “tough talk” in dealing with an adversary. Harry Truman and Bill Clinton both did the same thing, he said:

[H]ow is this for a quote? “We will obliterate Japan, a rain of ruin, the likes of which they have never, the world has never seen before.” That was Harry Truman, 1945. How about this? “Quickly and overwhelming retaliate and end that country as they know it.” Bill Clinton talking about North Korea, 1993. Exactly the terminology that Donald Trump has been using.

Bozell said Americans need to note the media has spent more time over the past three days criticizing the president than it has the man who is threatening to drop a nuclear weapon on U.S. territory.


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