Congress will review new war authorizations to fight ISIS

Congress will review new war authorizations to fight ISIS
ISIS fighters in Syria, Source: REUTERS

On Wednesday Republicans in Congress are set to introduce new war authorization bills to legally cement the fight against ISIS

(VERO BEACH, FLA) On Wednesday Indiana Rep. Jim Banks and Senator Todd Young are introducing new war authorization bills to Congress which specifically name al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Islamic State — and all their associated organizations — as potential targets of U.S. military assets.

In addition to naming the terrorist groups, the new war authorizations would allow the U.S. to legally detain their members, and it would require President Trump to present an ‘ISIS-defeat’ plan to Congress within 30 days of passage.

These new war authorizations would replace two previous bills passed in 2001 and 2002 which covered troop deployments in Iraq and the global war on terrorism. 

During Barack Obama’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief these war authorizations were used to legally strike ISIS in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. New war authorizations which include specific wording identifying ISIS and their affiliates would ease criticism from legal scholars who have argued that  the 9/11 era bills inadequately serve as replacement for actual declarations of war.

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