Daily Recap: January 10th, 2017

Daily Recap: January 10th, 2017 - Rick Wiles, Are Freemasons Hacking the World?

(VERO BEACH, FL) On today's TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles opens the program with an eye-opening report being shared by major media outlets of how a high-ranking Freemason has hacked the highest levels of government in Italy, the European Central Bank, and even the Vatican.  Is this related to the alleged Russian hack of the US election?  Edward Szall provides the latest update on the Trump transition, and Fior Hernandez provides a report on the status of the fight in the transgender bathroom law in California.

TRUNEWS Trump Transition Press Update: 01/10/17 

High Ranking Freemason Arrested in Italy Email Hack 

Update: Arrests in Christian slaughter 

Identity Safety: Your browser at risk! 

UK report: Saudi’s used British cluster bombs in Yemen 

FBI memo: Clinton server posed a natl security threat 

Iraqi army continues march into ISIS-held Mosul 

Obama kenneled ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis plan to strike Iran 

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner picked for White House job 

Russian MoD: US killed 20 civilians in B-52 bombing 

January 10th Edition of TRUNEWS Streamcast 

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