Duke Divinity prof says Jesus benefited from inequality

Duke Divinity prof says Jesus benefited from inequality
A penitent nailed to a cross grimaces during a re-enactment of the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday in San Fernando, Pampanga in northern Philippines April 18, 2014. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

A Duke Divinity School professor says Jesus benefited from inequality and white students inherited that fault. 

(WASHINGTON, DC) A speaker at a Christian college’s chapel told students that Jesus “benefited from inequality” because of his sex and nationality before saying white students “inherited a fault.”

“In some ways Jesus was very oppressed…but in a lot of ways, Jesus had a lot of power in his society,” said Dr. Christena Cleveland of the Duke Divinity School, while speaking at the Indiana Wesleyan University Chapel. 

“Jesus was a man in his society and women didn’t have a lot of power,” said the doctor, before also suggesting that Jesus gained power by being free and “not Roman but not Samaritan.”

“We talk about love…about how Jesus loved, but love cannot exist in the midst of inequality,” Dr. Cleveland stated.

“If you’re in this room and you identify as white, then you do benefit from that,” said Dr. Cleveland. “We live in a society where white people are accommodated while non-white people are alienated.”

The doctor cited a study in which two researchers sent resumes with different names to Boston and Chicago companies seeking employees and discovered that, all else equal, employers chose candidates with “White sounding” names (Emily and Greg) over those with “African-American names.” (Jamal and Lakisha)

“You’re not inherently at fault but what you have done is inherited a fault,” Dr. Cleveland told the white students in the room.

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