MO: “Christian Day” Blasted by LGBT

MO: “Christian Day” Blasted by LGBT
A man waves an LGBT equality rainbow flag at a celebration rally in West Hollywood, California, United States, June 26, 2015.... LUCY NICHOLSON March 28, 2016 05:09pm EDT

It seems like the order of the day to read one or more stories about the LGBT agenda trampling on Christianity. This time the center stage is in St. Louis, Missouri where Cardinals former player Lance Berkman was invited to speak at "Christian Day" event. LGBT advocates could not allow that, Pride Center of St. Louis blasted the Cardinals’ decision in a statement issued to the online LGBT magazine, Outsports, calling Berkman “an individual whose words and actions towards the LGBT (community) are divisive and demeaning.”

MSN, USA TODAY and local media outlets are reporting that two years ago, Berkman strongly opposed an equal-rights ordinance in Houston that prohibited discrimination based on gender, race, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity. Berkman specifically addresses the transgender community by saying as a father of four daughters, he did not want “troubled men to enter women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.” The ordinance ultimately failed.

In response to the backlash, the Cardinals issued a statement to media outlets emphasizing its forthcoming LGBT Pride Night. The organization also said that it has “hosted a Christian Day at the ballpark for nearly three decades. Lance Berkman participated in Christian Day when he was a Cardinals player, and we welcome him back this year to discuss his faith.

“We are an inclusive organization with a social responsibility to be welcoming to all types of people and organizations,” the statement read.

Back in 2015, Berkman defended his stance on transgender individuals in a radio interview by saying that society has become too tolerant of people’s differences.

“You get called a bigot and intolerant and all that stuff,” he said in the radio interview. “To me, tolerance is the virtue that’s killing this country. We’re tolerant of everything.”

Berkman’s bathroom argument coincides with the perspective of many lawmakers and politicians who believe bathrooms usage should be based on biological sex, not gender identity. copy / TRUNEWS contribution. 

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