Russia: Patriarch Kirill Signs Petition for Anti-Abortion Law

Russia: Patriarch Kirill Signs Petition for Anti-Abortion Law
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill visits the graves of Russian soldiers who fought in the 1932-1935 Chaco war between Paraguay and Bolivia, at the Recoleta cemetery in Asuncion, February 15, 2016.

As the world continues to demonize Russia Patriarch Kirill just signed a public petition for an anti-abortion law.

The petition has garnered nearly 900,000 signatures. The signatures have been gathered by activists of the Russian social movement "Pro-Life."

There will be a pro-life festival in Moscow from August 14-17 and the president of the “Pro-Life” organization Sergey Chesnokov said that, "We expect to get a million signatures at the festival. Now we have more than 900,000 signature lists at our disposal and we expect our partners to bring the remaining petitions to the festival. [Our] further actions [will be] to present the signatures to authorities. Signature lists are intended directly for the head of state, first of all, and notifications will be sent to all corresponding entities: the State Duma, the Federation Council and so on. We will discuss all technical aspects, such as the terms and the order for their transfer directly at the festival."

But as TASS reported the movement is picking up steam as Patriarch Kirill met the participants in the all-Russian public movements "For Life" and "Orthodox Volunteers" who are collecting signatures under a public petition for banning abortions in Russia. "The head of the Russian Orthodox Church put his signature under the document," the Moscow Patriarchy said.

"The festival has been organized by the namesake social movement ‘Pro-Life.’ The main goal of our event is to attract public attention to the vulnerability of a child before birth. This is the most tender period in the life of each person, and our goal is to do everything to make it as comfortable as possible for both mother and her child," Chesnokov noted.

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