The Weird Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony One Year Later

(TRUNEWS) On June 1st, 2016, Switzerland unveiled the world’s longest and deepest railroad tunnel with a deeply occultist, satanic ceremony.  It has been nearly a year since the bizarre opening event, but the story lives on today.

At the Gotthard Train Tunnel’s northern portal in Erstfeld, Switzerland, hundreds of dignitaries including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Switzerland’s President Johann Schneider-Ammann, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Francois Hollande attended the Illuminati-esq ceremony.

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The performance began with a cohort of miners dressed in orange jump suits, marching like zombies toward the tunnels entrance (depicted on a video screen). The miners were then seemingly sacrificed to the tunnel and emerged as veiled spirits (represented by dancers in underwear with white wedding veils), and an actor dressed as a goat sprung out and began ritualistically consuming and mating with the veiled dancers. During this segment a headshot of the actor dressed as a goat was displayed on the video screen with a black and red backdrop and an absorbing fire lofting around his face, while three Egyptian scarabs floated in front of the screen. The next scene shifted to pagan druid ceremony, with the actors now draped in black subdued clothing and adorning nests, plants and trees on their heads. As the goat man laid on the floor an upside down tree was displayed on the video screen and the actors chanted a song in a mix of Ancient Germanic and Italian. The ceremony ends with the goat man being resurrected and worshipped as he is introduced to technology, industry and modern society — with many of the actors clothed as cross dressers, drifters and harlots.

In the year since TRUNEWS first published this story, over 300,000 have viewed the exclusive commentary video, with many other media outlets reposting and sharing the content.

There has still been no explanation to the weird opening, or as to why a government funded project chose to use so much ancient pagan religious symbolism.

Weeks later, also in Switzerland, a mock human sacrifice took place at the international scientific center of CERN.  Read more about that event HERE.

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