Three Muslim pilots detained after near collision with Florida cop

Three Muslim pilots detained after near collision with Florida cop
Three muslim men detained in front of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida for almost t-boning a Sheriffs Deputy, Source: Matt Rathke, TRUNEWS

With ISIS calling for fresh attacks on the West, are Muslims preparing attacks along the Florida Treasure Coast?

(VERO BEACH, FL) Three Muslim men including a man dressed in a long white robe were detained by police Wednesday night in front of Flowing Streams Church after almost t-boning a local Sheriffs deputy executing a traffic stop.

According to the incident report obtained from Indian River County Sheriffs Department, Deputy James Barkwell pulled over a Ford F-150 truck and a White Hyundai Sonata with a California license plate at 16:51 PM EST along the 2200 block of 82nd avenue. A backup officer, Deputy Sheriff Luis Nieves, arrived on scene to assist, and a traffic citation was eventually issued. 

At approximately 17:26 PM EST, PRAZOR music programmer Mike Rathke exited Flowing Streams Church and witnessed three men being questioned by two police officers to the rear of the White Hyundai Sonata, one of which can be seen wearing a white robe in the picture below.

Upon hearing the reports of a potential arrest in front of Flowing Streams Church, TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles and correspondent Edward Szall drove to the scene and arrived at approximately 17:50 PM EST. Edward engaged Deputy Barkwell and Deputy Nieves upon arrival and was able to capture footage of one of the passengers as well as the White Hyundai in question. 

On Thursday, Edward spoke with Deputy Nieves about the incident, who confirmed that Deputy Barkwell pulled over the White Hyundai because the driver had almost struck the left side of his vehicle. Daniel Bigtree Jr., the driver of the F-150 being pulled over for speeding, said Deputy Barkwell avoided the collision by swerving last minute onto the shoulder. “The police officer did a pretty good job not getting hit,” Bigtree Jr. told Edward by phone. Mr. Bigtree noted that he left the scene around 17:20 EST after receiving a verbal warning from Deputy Barkwell.

In the conversation with Deputy Nieves, Edward also confirmed that the occupants of the White Hyundai were three muslim men between the age of 20-30, one of which was wearing traditional Sunni Muslim garb. Deputy Nieves said he did not remember their names, nor did he handle the ID’s during the traffic stop, but did note the men were cooperative.

Deputy Barkwell could not be reached for comment at the time of this report.

A senior official from the Indian River County Sheriffs Office told Edward that the driver of the White Hyundai Sonata was cited for running a stop sign, and that all three passengers were flight students attending a pilot training academy located in Vero Beach. This unnamed official said the responding deputies found "no indication that the students were casing Flowing Streams Church" for a potential attack.

The White Hyundai Sonata was registered in California to a Saudi Arabian man, who appears to have attended Sunrise Aviation, a flight school in Ormund Beach, FL. According to Sunrise Aviation’s website, the Saudi Arabian student successfully completed his Instrument Rating (IR) on a Cessna 172-S in September 2016. 

Sunrise Aviation told Edward by email that it is “normal for foreign students who attend their flight school to obtain permission” to legally operate motor vehicles while inside the USA, but refused to provide information regarding the student and his attendance history at their institution. 

In October, a vehicle which appeared to be a black Cadillac Escalade drove into the parking lot of the TRUNEWS business offices in Vero Beach and pointed to the employee entrance and car of TRUNEWS host Pastor Rick Wiles. The SUV was driven by a dark skinned man with a women wearing hijab in the front passenger seat and quickly fled the scene when confronted by a staff member. 

During the Summer, Edward made note of a black 2007 Cadillac Escalade during a visit to South Beach, a popular public beach on the intercostal island in Vero Beach, Florida. The vehicle had a sticker on the back window with the writing, “Be Calm and Praise Allah". A family which appeared to be of African origin were inside the SUV at the time and were listening to loud Arabic music.

According a license database the car was registered to man living in Opa Locka, a city suburb north of Miami with a town hall which resembles a mosque. The man had three previous counts of criminal stalking, and was involved in a shooting in 2014. Opa Locka is located three hours from Vero Beach.

The Treasure Coast, where TRUNEWS is located, is no stranger to the threat of Islamic terrorism. Orlando Pulse Night Club jihadist Omar Mateen lived in Fort Pierce prior to his rampage in July, and in 2014 Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, a Vero Beach resident, died after traveling to Syria to join ISIS. 

As for local threats, Christians throughout the Treasure Coast were alerted in October after six churches were visited by a Turkish Muslim man attempting to gain access to the children's area of local church buildings. Earliar that summer over 500 residents living in the predominatly Republican area were placed on an ISIS kill list

Regardless of the threats, TRUNEWS will remain both vigilant and unwavering in our mission to report the truth about radical Islam, the global persecution of Christianity, and the Muslim invasion of the West.

Romans 8:31 KJV: "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"

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