Daily Recap: March 27, 2017

Daily Recap: March 27, 2017

Need a summary of what the FakeNews media won’t report on? Here’s the TRUNEWS Daily Recap for March 27th, 2017 

(VERO BEACH, FLA) Streets in Russia erupt in huge demonstrations against corruption. But are they really a Deep State ploy to crush Putin? And the founder of Tesla Motors believes the only way to stop an A.I. apocalypse may be to merge with them through cybernetic implants. Plus China has plans to build a mega city that could be larger than New England.

Kushner to head White House Office of American Innovation

Religious Left taking action against Trump

John Podesta has unreported stock in Russia funded business

8,000+ refugees have come into U.S. while Trump’s ban in court

Pence confirms discussions about Israel embassy move to Jerusalem

Jing-Jin-Ji: China’s future 130 million man megacity

Trump to sign executive order easing energy regulations

First “genderless” person legalized in U.S.

Elon Musk’s revolt against futurist-led A.I. Apocalypse

March 27th Edition of TRUNEWS Streamcast - Rick Wiles: Pedophile Elite Driving Russia to War

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