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  • pentagon lgbt
    Pentagon Caves To Allow Transgender Troops

    The Pentagon has announced the repeal of its ban on openly serving transgender service members, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the change Thursday. The repeal would come five years after a 2011 decision to end the U.S. military’s...

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  • gay homosexual, gay bar
    Gay Bar Gets National Parks Service Status

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio helped to unveil the Stonewall National Monument sign at a designation ceremony in front of the historic gay bar, the Stonewall Inn on Monday. President Barack Hussein Obama on Friday...

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  • brexit
    UK the First to Fall in EU Breakup Following Brexit Vote

    Financial blogger David Haggith says the breakup of the EU is inevitable now that the first domino of the United Kingdom has fallen in the historic Brexit vote. Haggith laid out his analysis for these conclusions in...

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  • russia nicaragua
    Russia Makes Western Hemisphere Move To Nicaragua

    (TRUNEWS)  Russia has begun to make strategic military and financial alliances in the Western Hemisphere, beginning with a military partnership with Nicaragua in Central America to build a military base.  This is a direct challenge to the...

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  • civilization
    The End of Judeo-Christian Civilization Is Fast Approaching

    It was a beautiful summer evening, with an occasional gentle breeze preventing it from becoming stifling. I was sitting on a restaurant patio with my wife, sipping ice-cold water and chatting about the week’s events while waiting...

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  • trump prophecy
    Is ‘The Trump Prophecy’ Coming to Pass?

    (TRUNEWS) On Tuesday, Presidential candidate Donald Trump had the opportunity to meet with nearly 1000 Evangelical leaders, seeking to build bridges and ease concerns of his ability to lead the United States.  Some came with reservations, others...

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    LGBT Support Now Unanimous Across EU Policy

    The 28 member states of the European Union reached a broad agreement last week in support of “LGBTI equality” that will promote the homosexual activist cause across Europe, monitor LGBT rights in European countries, and “combat discrimination...

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  • north korea martyr
    Being a Martyr for Christ a Reality for North Korean Pastor

    Today we see fewer people who would give up their life for what they believe in. But somewhere in China, along the border of North Korea, Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol did just that. Knowing the risks of what...

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  • mario murillo marriage
    Evangelist Shares A Story of Restoration, Hope

    (TRUNEWS) On the June 21st, 2016 edition of TRUNEWS, Evangelist Mario Murillo joined the program to share his burden for the lost of America.  In many ways, America has become divorced from God, and has abandoned its...

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  • negative interest
    Zombie Politicians and Negative Interest Rate Fantasy

    David Haggith, financial commentator, TRUNEWS guest, and author of ‘The Great Recession Blog’ shares his insights on why negative interest rate policy is a fantasy, and how the brain-dead zombie leadership is going along with the story....

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