Benghazi Was About 400 Surface-to-Air-Missiles Stolen by ‘Some Very Ugly People,’ DiGenova Says

By on August 14, 2013

Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, who now represents one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told a Washington radio station Monday that the real scandal in Benghazi is the theft of 400 surface-to-air missiles by some “very ugly people.” The Obama administration fears those missiles will be used to shoot down an airplane or blow up one of our embassies, he said.

Speaking to WMAL on Monday morning, DiGenova blasted President Obama for revealing, at his Friday news conference, the existence of a sealed indictment against a Benghazi suspect or suspects.

“We had troops ready to deploy in Croatia to go (to Benghazi) that night of Sept. 11, 2012 to rescue Americans. We have learned that one of the reasons the administration is so deeply concerned — we have been told there were 400 surface-to-air missiles stolen, and that they are on or about in the hands of many people, and that the biggest fear in the U.S. intelligence community is that one of these missiles will be used to shoot down an airliner.”

DiGenvoa said the information came to him as a result of his legal representation of Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson.

“This information comes from former intelligence officials who stay in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community. And it is pretty clear that the biggest concern right now are the 400 missiles which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten into the hands of some very ugly people. And they worried specifically, according to theses sources, about an attempt to shoot down an airliner.”

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  • Lannyboy

    These supposedly “stolen” missiles can be tracked anywhere they go. The Big P knows exactly where they are at any time. Russian officials have stated that the Big P is providing these missiles to the forces fighting against the Syrian army. Of course, the Big P denies this is happening.
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  • DemolitionMan57

    This was all designed to happen by our Marxist-Muslim leadership so that these and other weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. That way it would look like it happened accidentally and not intentionally. And the American people would be none the wiser.

  • Thomas

    The missiles were not stolen, they reached the intended recipients. The Ambassadors became aware of the intended recipients, and after not wanting the weapons to fall into such enemy hands, they were murdered by the “enemy within the gates.” The only “CHANGE” since 2008 was in changing a “s” for a “b” in the head of Al Qaeda, from Osama to Obama!! Obama is 666, Obama is Dajjal!!

  • frankfan42

    So is this really a theft that was not a theft, but a “Gift” to those who would do us harm ?