Calif. Parents Whose Baby Boy Was ‘Snatched’ by Police Tell Their Unbelievable Story on TheBlaze TV; Lawsuit ‘Absolutely’ Forthcoming

By on May 1, 2013

Following a Monday court ruling, Anna and Alex Nikolayev are one step closer to regaining full custody of their infant son. As previously reported by TheBlaze, the Russian couple, currently living in Sacramento, Calif., had their baby “snatched” up by police and Child Protection Services (CPS) after they say they took the child to another hospital to get a second opinion.

On Tuesday, the couple joined Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV to discuss their case. A court ruled Monday that the baby boy, Sammy, would be transferred to the Stanford Medical Center for further medical evaluation. The couple must follow all future reasonable medical advice and a county social worker will make regular house visits to check on the child even after he returns home.

“It was awful,” Alex Nikolayev told TheBlaze TV, recalling the traumatic incident. “It’s like we had no rights whatsoever. They just came in, assaulted us and kidnapped our child.”

The child’s mother, Anna, said she has never seen a government act in such an unreasonable manner, even back home in Germany. Her husband is from Russia.

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