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  • Napolitano
    Judge Napolitano: “Nobody died until 05:13 in the morning”

    According to the FBI the supposed Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, entering the club around 02:00 AM and began his killing spree. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano points out in this clip, that story — the story based off of the unredacted FBI transcript released Monday — doesn't just directly contradict eye witness testimony, but the FBI’s official narrative itself!

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  • Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., May 17, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
    Famous Evangelical says Trump accepted Jesus Christ

    In an interview with the President and CEO of Godfactor, Michael Anthony, Dr. Dobson said “I think he is listening, theres a lot of people ministering to him personally, a lot of ministers. He did accept a relationship with Christ, I know the person who led him to Christ, and thats fairly recent.”

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  • 2116567473
    Brexit now Texit, UK victory stirs Texas secessionists

    Emboldened by Brexit, U.S. secessionists in Texas are keen to adopt the campaign tactics used to sway the British vote for leaving the European Union and are demanding "Texit" comes next.

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  • EU
    Remain camp petition for 2nd EU Referendum breaks 134,000

    The prospect of being outside of the European Union is too much for some of the 16 million UK residents who wanted their country to ‘remain’. They have set up a parliamentary petition calling for a second referendum, which crashed due to its popularity.

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  • TRUNEWS 06/24/16 Terry Bennett | British Independence Day
    TRUNEWS 06/24/16 Terry Bennett | British Independence Day

    It's official! The British people beat back the New World Order. On today's TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles details how the Brexit may be the first volley in social uprisings as the unrest cycle begins to unfold. In part two, Rick will be joined by Terry Bennett to share a dream he received in 2011, which unknown to him describes the current candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

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  • Brexit
    Whats next? Five questions for the EU and UK post-Brexit

    Britons voted in a referendum on Thursday to leave the European Union. Following are answers to key questions on what will happen next in Britain's relations with the bloc:

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  • Dow Jones
    Dow Jones tanks post-Brexit, Wall St. falls 500 pts

    U.S. stocks plunged at the open on Friday, with the Dow Jones average falling more than 500 points, after Britain's vote to quit the European Union delivered the biggest blow to the global financial system since the 2008 financial crisis.

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  • brexit
    UK the First to Fall in EU Breakup Following Brexit Vote

    Financial blogger David Haggith says the breakup of the EU is inevitable now that the first domino of the United Kingdom has fallen in the historic Brexit vote. Haggith laid out his analysis for these conclusions in his latest article  Brexit: Brits Lead Anti-Establishment Rebellion in European Departure published on The Great Recession Blog. Regardless of

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  • senate bill 1146 lgbt agenda
    Christian Schools Targeted in LGBT California Legislative Move

    (TRUNEWS)  Christian schools and colleges in California have found themselves in the crosshairs of legislative moves of the LGBT agenda to hamstring admissions and even missions of the educational institutions. The day could soon come to pass that students that attend Christian schools would not even have to profess a confession in Jesus Christ. The

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  • lab data
    ‘Disturbing’ Data Manipulation Forces Federal Lab Closure

    Nearly two decades and $108 million worth of “disturbing” data manipulation with “serious and far ranging” effects forced a federal lab to close, a congressman revealed Thursday. The inorganic section of the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Energy Geochemistry Laboratory in Lakewood, Colo. manipulated data on a variety of topics – including many related to the

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