Criminal Terror Charges Filed Against Obama

By on November 12, 2013

Several prominent media sources in Egypt are now reporting that Egyptian lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against the president’s half-brother Malik Obama.

Malik Obama is quickly becoming a person of interest in Egypt for his alleged management of funds for a terrorist organization based in neighboring Sudan. A group of Egyptian lawyers, meanwhile have charged President Obama with crimes against humanity for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The charges come as the criminal trial against former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is scheduled to begin in Egypt in January 2014. Morsi facing charges that he supported the Muslim Brotherhood in acts of violence directed against the Egyptian people.

President Obama is likely to be a subject in Morsi’s criminal trial because of evidence the Obama administration used the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to provide direct financial support to key Muslim Brotherhood political operatives, with the full knowledge and complicity of the Morsi government, as WND was first to report in August.

Criminal complaints filed at ICC

The Egyptian newspaper El Watan has reported a group of Egyptian lawyers has submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, charging Obama with backing the group that incited widespread violence in Egypt both before and after what is known in Egypt as the “June 30 Revolution.” The Egyptian army coup d’état removed Morsi from the presidency July 3.

As first reported by CBN News, the complaint names several top-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leaders, beginning with the head of the organization, Muhammad Badie, as well as Mohamed al-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian and Safwat Hegazi.

The complaint charges that Obama coordinated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity in the period from March 7 through Aug. 18 in Egypt.

The complaint specifies the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt persecuted the country’s Christian minority, including the torching, destruction and plundering of some 85 Christian churches. The regime also scapegoated the Christian Copts in Egypt for their support of the June 30 Revolution and the removal of Morsi from the presidency, the complaint asserts.

The complaint alleges Muslim Brotherhood incitement against the Copts resulted in the murder of a 10-year-old girl who was shot and killed as she walked back from Bible class, the murder of a young Coptic priest who was shot in front of his church in the Egyptian Sinai with his body found mutilated and beheaded, and the murder of two girls, aged 8 and 12, who were riddled with bullets as they attended a Christian church wedding.

The complaint further alleges that since the Muslim Brotherhood denounced the Copts, entire towns and villages have been emptied of Christians. More than 100 Christian families, for example, have been driven from the North Sinai city of El Arish.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters are accused of extorting Copts by making them pay tribute money to Islamic overlords, while those unwilling to pay were attacked, with their wives and children being beaten or kidnapped.

In a YouTube video, CBN News contributor Raymond Ibrahim reported from Egypt details of alleged atrocities committed by Muslim Brotherhood members against Christians in Egypt.

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  • TroySavary

    Now if only the Americans would put him on trial.

    • Enki-Ea

      Just as long as I am the Judge.

  • abbygirl08

    WOW!….. So Barry and Malik are declared terrorists and Egypt wants them on the “no fly” list. I know little to nothing about the ICC, but I’m hoping they take the case. (The crimes surely seem to fit the criteria). It would be impossible then for the MSM to ignore it.

    • Enki-Ea

      I love you too Abbygirl!!

  • Donald Gaines

    Perhaps he will take another trip to a country who will give him to Egypt.

    • Enki-Ea

      Planes do get hit by lightning and crash now and then. :)

  • maxxem

    Oh man! Now he will be on Interpol’s most wanted list and wont be able to go over sea’s… LOL …Man now that’s taking action

    • Enki-Ea

      Interpol will protect Obama, not act upon your or my behalf.

  • MBH

    Sounds like a worthy cause.

  • Walter Penn

    Impeachment time. I only hope our law makers do something about this. How can we knowingly let a terrorist stay in office? The blood of mutilated innocent Christians covers Obamas hands..

    • Xman357

      beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for
      it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
      Romans 12:19

      • Enki-Ea

        I hope you do not abuse the context of that verse to say that you, yourself will not fight them PHYSICALLY when they come to your doorstep. Let it be like Bunker Hill, and put the “Cross” between them whites.

        • Xman357

          Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

          Psalm 46:10

      • william mony

        Yes Our Lord God most high will not be mocked
        No one in DC will get away with anything
        They all will have to account for their actions to the king of kings Jesus
        I suspect there will be alot of weeping and gnashing of teeth

  • Michael Stanley

    Lord let your will be done. Thank You God.

    • william mony

      Yes we need to.pray hard for our country to be free of this evil

  • frankfan42

    Is it not about time SOMEONE calls Obama out for his crimes against humanity?
    While it is regrettable indeed that our house and senate are not the ones doing this, it is good to know that some will risk his wrath by calling him out. Will be very interesting to see how this progresses.

  • Michael Stanley

    Also it’ll be interesting to see how many of our media sources carry this story. This will measure the amount that our Progressive Government is controlling the media; most likely through tyranny. So much for free press. Please get this news out to everyone with every form of communication available this is true news that America needs to be aware of and be able without a doubt see how corrupt this current Administration is!

    • Enki-Ea

      If I wrote what I really felt I would get kicked off here, like I have been off infowars.

  • Keith Kampschaefer

    If it were as simple as ‘getting Obama.’ Our political leadership has been involved in unspeakable crimes and atrocities for years. The last good man running this country was taken out 50 years ago this month.

    Jesus, I’m tired. If You’re ready, I’m ready.

    • Enki-Ea

      All ready here, and glad you are too.

  • John Bouchet

    some bomb will go of somewhere or Iran will attacked and Mr president will be the hero to save the day!
    and all this will be water under the bridge.

    • Enki-Ea

      No it will be fuel to keep the Lake of Fire burning forever and ever. Revelation 20:12

      • william mony

        Obama is a judgement on the USA
        Everything he does hurts our country
        This also is treason as he gave money to.our enemies
        He is so dirty that even the press can’t scrub him clean anymore

  • Enki-Ea

    I have judged him already: GUILTY AS THE DAY OF THE LORD IS LONG!! Obama: you are sentenced to eternity in the Lake of Fire, as Revelation 20:12 states you and your followers are going.
    Come on NSA!! Come cross the property line here!! I dare you!!

  • Diana

    Great! Get him, Egypt!


    Arrest him now!!!!! ARAB SPRING??? HELL NO… Arab blood bath. Christians murdered and he said nothing to his buddies in Egypt ,the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

  • Boss pimp

    I just wish they would send Obama or Barry to my side of the town. I would love to put my foot up his well you all know I’d end up feeding him to my dogs but all in all I just don’t think anything will come from this but still it’s good to know people are calling him out on his carp. Praise GOD

  • Michael Stanley

    Please continue to make this an issue; It’s our job and duty as Americans not to let Obama off. Although media sources are already in the Government hands we can spread the truth. This is one issue where the internet can be used to show the world who Obama he really is. This is also a message that God gave us from the Christian blood that has been poured out on the ground along with innocent

    This is God’s hand that he has crossed the oceans with a Country that also wants to hold Obama accountable for his actions. Let’s continue to fight the Good fight and now we have Egypt backing us. Pray and Believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  • Diana

    We must pray, pray, pray for these wonderful people. Articles:
    Islamist mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war after six hours looting church school and replacing cross with banner resembling Al Qaeda flag 08/19/13 Where are the Chrislamists when you need them – hiding in the tall grass?
    The list of Christian churches, schools, institutions, shops torched by the Muslim Brotherhood in just THREE DAYS TIME 08/17/13:
    107 Churches and schools
    Burned buildings owned by Christians
    •1. 58 houses.
    •2. 85 shops.
    •3. 16 pharmacies.
    •4. 3 hotels (Upper Egypt)
    •5. 75 buses and cars.
    7 Victims (killed) 17 kidnapping and hundreds injured.