Ferdinando Imposimato: “There Bilderberg behind the strategy of tension”

By on April 12, 2013

But Imposimato also talks about the unsolved killings in Italy: “I found a document that left me appalled, where when it comes to slaughter it also speaks of the Bilderberg Group. A document held by a terrorist of the New Order, Ventura. I believe in this document. I did some tests and I can say that behind the strategy of tension and the massacres there is also the Bilderberg group, a sort of Big Brother is above, maneuver, uses terrorists blacks and Masons. ”

“Falcone e Borsellino – says Imposimato – were also killed because they found out who maneuvered procurement of major infrastructure projects, including the Table I knew them and had discovered that in public procurement were the Mafia and some large enterprises in North, also on the Tav, one of the great works that saw bribes divided among mobsters and criminals. ”

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