Finally it is said - Trump is the worst nightmare of the NWO TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles Finally it is said - Trump is the worst nightmare of the NWO

Finally it is said – Trump is the worst nightmare of the NWO

By on March 15, 2016

(TRUNEWS) As GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to win primaries, people are speculating on why his popularity is soaring.

Some experts claim the American people are enamored with Trump because he is not being controlled by special interests. Others believe it is because Trump’s bluntness is refreshing for voters who are tired of “political correctness”.

Charismatic Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne offered another theory – Trump is the New World Order’s worst nightmare.

“The hold of the global agenda is being thrown out of sync,” he said

Last weekend, TRUNEWS reported on a group of elitists and Republican establishment officials met in secret to discuss ways to prevent Trump from getting the nomination.

Many GOP lawmakers have said they would vote for the Democratic contender if Trump gets the nomination.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke out recently about why the Republican establishment hates Trump – because he is not a member of a “secret society”.


Howard-Browne, has now officially endorsed Trump after he thoroughly investigated each Republican candidate.  He was interviewed Tuesday on TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles and revealed Ohio Gov. John Kasich has received money from “the likes of people like George Soros” and doesn’t have plans to help Americans.

He also pointed out that Marco Rubio would be a puppet for the NWO, because he will do what they want. Ted Cruz has ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs.

Too many people are falling for the NWO agenda, Browne said, because they are being dumbed down, falling for the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media, and they don’t understand the real history of America.

While Howard-Browne believes Trump is the best person for the job, he also thinks his life may be in danger. He referenced John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan as two examples of how the NWO tries to deal with presidents who don’t follow their agenda.

“You know what they did to JFK, and you know what they tried to do to Reagan,” he said.

He said the Democratic and Republican parties are two heads of the same snake.

Browne believes Trump can buy some time for the U.S., but ultimately Americans are too distracted, unlike other countries, and are not hungry enough for God for any real change to take place.

Howard-Browne is a charismatic preacher who has spread the word of God all over the country. He moved to the U.S. with his family in 1987.  To hear the full interview, go to the TRUNEWS website or mobile app and click on “listen now”.

  • Ken Faivor

    I don’t think Trump is the worst nightmare of the NWO, in fact, I think he is just what the witch doctor ordered.
    He will rouse the people and entice them to use the arm of the flesh and will be the catalyst for the civil war that the NWO desire. Trump will not be allowed to take the office of presidency and He and those that follow him will not take that sitting down. What a plan to finish off America, and to establish babylon the great.

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    • Jon

      Then please approve mine

  • ONeill

    Wrong JJ! That is the western version of Rev. The bible is very geographic and very nationalistic. It is a middle eastern book written about the middle east. Your line of thinking is a recent phenomenon being taught by those who hate the true Church. Truth is, what I explain further is more in line with the original thinking of the early church leaders. Rome is not a part of the middle east……….However, are you aware that the last part of the Roman Empire, even after Rome fell, was Turkey and the Ottoman Empire (MOSLEM).

    The bible speaks about the fact that Babylon has fallen, has fallen when it does get wiped off the map. And sailors from the RED SEA will see it “the harlot” burning. the RED SEA is no where near ROME…….ah but is very near MECCA. The apostle John states in Rev “and the spirit took me to the Desert”. No desert in Rome or the Vatican. Every country that our Lord and Savior comes to fight when he returns to earth are today Moslem dominated countries………Rome is not, nor will it ever be, dominated by Moslems. ISIS, Moslem brotherhood and others have stated that they want ROME and JERUSELEM in their caliphate hands. FYI

  • Jon

    Trump is every bit a part of the nwo as Obama is. When the mainstream news reports a “secret” meeting of people wanting to block trump it’s because it’s no secret. And when an elitist Insider like newt gringrich makes comments about him not being part of the Secret Society it’s because they want you to think he’s not. Think about it… and it’s really sad to hear people Trump trump up he is just as bad as every other candidate. Makes me think of the movie Now You See Me and the four horsemen magicians look over here at this ridiculous presidential race while Obama completes the destruction of America!

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  • Tom Collier

    It is so great to read words of total wisdom, although terribly frightening to a huge number of people. Please continue, we are nearing the end.

  • mews

    Cruz is not eligible to be President any more than Obama was. I despise the Republican party for running him.

  • mews

    Which verse says fallen Red Sea?

  • Dingoguy

    News flash for the NWO: In the end, Jesus wins.

    • Dee Wins


  • Cruz is a CFR puppet to the core of his boogers and lies…

  • Dee Wins

    Amennnn! !!!!

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