Fireball Streaks Across the Sky in Alabama

By on September 10, 2013

Skygazers in Alabama were stunned by a fireball meteor that streaked across the sky.

The meteor moved southwest across the sky at a velocity of 76,000 miles per hour. Marshall Space Flight Center official Bill Cooke has confirmed that it was a baseball-sized fragment of a comet.

A meteor is classified as a fireball when it is brighter than the planet Venus, which Cooke said, “The fireball seen [on] Monday night was 15 times brighter than Venus.”

The phenomenon was only visible for 3 seconds, as the meteor disintegrated in Earth’s atmosphere over the town of Woodstock, Ala. The video below shows a montage of the lone fireball as it shot across the sky.

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  • MeanieHoney

    Right place at the right time? Doubt it. I couldn’t move my camera fast enough to capture that image…

    I’m sure there satellites with arms that can set natural objects in space into position – thereby making it look like a natural occurrence. Imagine releasing a massive boulder or from a payload and being able to predict it’s coordinate. The force would be like Hiroshima.

    Hmm I should patent that idea.

  • Thomas

    We need more and bigger ones!!

  • Stephen Persaud

    and this is the real reason for all the political theatre in the USA (shut down) it is a distraction from earth changes……just like the bull crap war on terror