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TRUNEWS 06/27/14 – Jim Willie

By on June 27, 2014

Jim Willie fires both barrels on today’s program regarding the implosion of the Western banking system, the disappearance of large quantities of gold bars, a possible Chinese foreclosure of the U.S. Fed, the Saudi plan to end the U.S. Petro Dollar, and the Chinese-Russian timetable to unveil a gold-backed currency.

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  • w1deopen

    Sounds like he’s about to have a big breakdown or an aneurism. Or go bonkers.

  • w1deopen


  • Geezer

    Terrible times are coming. Repent, get saved, get raptured.

    • shtwv_lstnr

      You DO know that you’ll have to endure to the very end of all events to be “Raptured”, right?

    • Blitzkrieg

      It doesn’t make sense to have a tribulation when all the believers are taken up. Who will be around to spread the word and knowledge of Christ and give the possibility of being saved? Your thinking is dangerous for non-believers.

    • Steve

      If your faith can stop bullets then you will be fine.

  • John Szewczyk

    Terrible times are here now,and will get worse.

  • carolyn

    I wonder since there is no more gold in the U.S. to back the dollar, how long will it be before there is no food in the grocery stores? Will food prices be to high to buy anything? will stores shut down because people will steal? I feel you are right rick and your guest speaker is too! When we allow a society to be drug ridden, who will back our cause to keep good in balance? If the good people are consider bad, and they receive punishment, and there is no good left, won’t a kingdom divided against it self fall? I believe your guest speaker is right, the economy is false. When this whole thing fails, I wonder how crazy people will become when there are no jobs and no government assistants. They have beaten people down mentally so they cannot function. Now, they rely on the government who are the elected officials, and they really hate people beneath them. At the first opportunity those elected officials will due them in! I’m really glad I never had children! What does not exist, will never be a slave. To me that is winning the battle, all the in-betweens and the final war. Even if they kill me, they do not have any off spring they can kill. With no slaves they just can’t make money! That to me is true freedom! What does not exist is free from being a slave.

  • James Donaldson

    They do not need many slaves! Most they just want to rape, murder and rob!

  • Blitzkrieg

    The recurring common theme here is that the United States has already collapsed. The people are just too deaf, dumb and blind to read the writing on the wall and also unwilling to do anything about it. That’s why the ‘silent majority’ is called just that.

    It’s 5 ’til midnight. I encourage all to get right with God before the clock’s up, physically get out of Babylon as told, if possible, too.

  • Fridge Repairs

    Christendom is about to be destroyed by God.
    God will use the UN to accomplish this (destroy false religion), and then the UN will be destroyed along with the symbiotic entity of commerce and government.

    • OverIt

      On the contrary, we’re doing all this to ourselves, and its ourselves that must get out of the mire. Ridiculous how the brainwashed bring God into their little ego worlds (we left of our own accord and its up to our freewill to return). Regards getting out of the world WE created, it can only be done at the higher spiritual level (within) by seeing the big picture and forgiving it, and remembering that All have the spark of God within despite how lost their manmade ego has become ie recognize Reality rather than the manmade nightmare we have all created.

  • zerrubabel

    B.O.H.I.C.A. (SNAFU + TARFU = FUBAR) Revelation 6 No where to hide for Troglodytes from Meteors and earthquakes.

  • JoyDon

    Amazing interview. Kudos to Rick for having Jim on his show. I did learn so much and I have studied this endlessly. On impeachment….how on earth can you IMPEACH A FOREIGN PLANT? Congress knows and yet plays the game….especially the so called Republicans. What a FARCE. They are all parts of the same Beast System. They are in thanks to NOT THE VOTES OF WE THE PEOPLE, but because the NWO and their leaders……Kissinger and Soros who decides….has decreed it to be so.

    The US is a captured operation….but then so is every country on earth. The Beast System rises for a time and then will implode…for the One Who owns it all….JESUS CHRIST is coming again to take it all back, remake it and those of us who belong to Him will rule and reign with Him over this New Earth and New Heaven……FOREVER! Hang in there for our day is coming…sooner than later!!

  • dress

    This is Jim Willie’s best interview ever! The Jackass on fire!!!

    • Dan Konzior

      😀 Yeah!

  • Nancy

    Jim-Don’t be soooooooooooooooo RUDE! I understand you’re a passionate man, but CHLL already!!!!

    • Luv

      With respect, I think you misinterpret Jim’s directness and concern as rudeness. The picture that he shares is terrifying and leaves little room for a soft touch.

      • Dan Konzior

        I agree.

    • matt lusk

      Nancy, you must be horrible in bed.

      • Nancy

        Uh no, and what does that have to do with anything LOWLIFE?!!!!

  • OverIt

    Excellent crucial knowledge to be gained listening to Jim on vaccines (towards the end). It is the U.S. making the viruses! Marrs virus was directed at Saudi Arabia. Sars virus was directed at China. HIV too was made by U.S. and directed at Africa.

    The Swine Flu too was made by the U.S. (in the US Army Bioweapons lab of Fort Dietricht) – it is the Spanish Flu virus of 1915 – with the help of Nuvartis and the US military that has the Alaskan storage of all kinds of victims frozen who died of Spanish Flu outbreak.
    Note, to confirm these deliberate intents to ‘cull’ humanity – Dr Rima who was treating a female ‘head of State’ (note – with alternate medicine!) was casually and coldly told by her that “it is time for the culling of the useless eaters” after which the Swine Flu vaccine was heavily promoted and even forced, around the world.
    Wake up world and americans, it is the U.S. making the viruses and delivering them with vaccines.
    Warn others of this information because who knows what other vaccine attack will be perpetrated against We, the People of the world. They want the population down drastically (Note, for further confirmation of the Pathocracy’s intent to ‘cull’ humanity, see their Georgia Guidestones with their satanic 10 commandments).

    • OverIt

      It is The Committee of 300 – the aristocrats (the most powerful subfamilies) who controlled the British East India Co, then called the Council of 300 (read “The Committee of 300” by Dr John Coleman for information he gleaned over many years in his work being allowed access to documents in the inner sanctum of the British Museum unavailable to the public. At their head is the Crown Council of 13 – the most powerful families including royalty.

      • WinnieR

        Also on you tube under john coleman



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