Global mission: atheist ‘church’ launches in USA

By on July 22, 2013

The “atheist church service” launched in London this year has expanded across the Atlantic.

The Sunday Assembly, founded by comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, has set up a monthly event in New York, with outposts to follow soon in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle.

Some 600 non-believers have gathered at York Hall, Bethnal Green, since January to listen to inspirational talks, sing songs accompanied by a live band, make friends and volunteer for good causes. Meetings are about to move from monthly to fortnightly.

The New York event was held on 30 June. It brought the first protester — a man with a home-made placard reading: “Demonaic [sic] heathens #1 Jones #2 Pippa Evans.” And the organisers only realised the venue was a bikini bar, employing scantily clad waitresses, when they came to book it. However, the event was a big success, with more than 100 people  turning up.

The Sunday Assembly was created after Jones attended a Christmas carol service and enjoyed the sense of community: “There were so many wonderful things about it, but at the centre of it there was something I didn’t believe in. And for me, life is such an absolute gift so why can’t we talk about that?”

He added: “I’d always thought there’d be people in other parts of the world who would like this. It was picked up by the media and more than 750 people around the world have written to us saying they’d like a Sunday Assembly in their town.” At the New York meeting, the congregation sang songs by the Beatles and Queen, and closed with Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Guest speaker was Chris Stedman, a humanist chaplain at Harvard.

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  • Ren

    Crack pots.

    • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

      like i heard once or twice <> ;)

  • jtrollla

    I think “stupid” pretty much sums them up. I mean, all getting together, singing Beatles songs, partying and all that is completely unremarkable. But why do they have to dress-up their partying as a “church service,” unless their intention is to profane and mock God?

  • Isaiah 58

    Girls in bikinis? Good causes? Sing beatles& CCR songs, plus, you only have to meet once a month? Move your prosperity-preachn’ self aside, joel osteen…give it five years & we’ll see who has the biggest church in america.

    • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

      you get the biggest church when you tell people wath they want to ear………………………..far from The Truth and reality! ;)

  • frankfan42

    Well, doing good works is good. Having fun and comradeship with others is good. But a Church is those things but it involves worship of the God who is higher than we can be, who commands us, who has saved us. We cannot and will not save ourselves and calling this glorified bar a Church does not make it so. Yes, there may be deception and mocking of God here, and God will not take this for long folks. Get right with Him, because the day is coming when you won’t be able to openly.

  • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    i there s no God but many godsssssssssss like u say, why church ? why was a church invented if there is no God? another contradiction on my part i can prove you that there is a God and that the bible (prove ) its the Word of God ! fact fact facts tones of them ! To bad you quit your reearch the truth is that you love your sin=cancer like a pig rolling in his mud and poo !

  • Michael Trofern

    They need to sing Bad Moon Rising by CCR and take it to heart.

  • Michael Trofern

    The Bible contains prophecies, such as the Statue of Liberty and missiles and rockets. If there is no spirit world, how can there be even ONE accurate prophecy? No, there are just ignorant and also stupid people.

  • Boni Biggun

    Classic willfully ignorant sheeple zombies. Enjoy your FEMA camps!

  • Guest

    Hilarious…. So what…? Atheist church…? Now that’s funny. The term
    “church” is over rated anyway. The One and only true God Yahweh does not
    dwell in churches, buildings, houses, temples, synagogues, mosque’s,
    etc. made by human hands anyway…. as the prophet said…’heaven is my
    throne, and the earth a footstool for my feet. What kind of house will
    you build me?’ says the Lord; ‘or what is
    the place of my rest? Didn’t my hand make all these things?’

    church is nothing but a building of material; 1st church of Satan, 1st
    church of atheist, 1st church of Wicca…etc. etc. et. al., whatever!

    The real church is in the [heart] of the believer where Yahweh dwells in spirit and truth.

    Don’t be so offended… overcome evil with good.