Gold shipment worth $625,000 vanishes from Miami International Airport

By on May 17, 2013

A $625,000 shipment in gold bars has mysteriously vanished from Miami International Airport.

American Airlines Flight 902 arrived in Miami early on Tuesday morning carrying the pricey products from Guayaquil, Ecuador. A box containing the gold bars was apparently stolen minutes after it was unloaded from the plane, NBC reports.

Five airport workers loaded the box onto the tarmac along with the rest of the plane’s cargo. It was then driven to the other side of the plane and left there. It’s unclear who moved it.

According to a police theft report, a motorized luggage cart pulled up to the box. It rumbled over to another gate, then to an alleyway and out of the sight of surveillance cameras.

The cart was discovered an hour later. By that time, the gold was gone.

The police report did not disclose who owned the pricey shipment. It is also unclear where the box was headed.

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