Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor

By on September 6, 2013

South Carolina U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’s convinced that Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

Graham told reporters in Goose Creek on Tuesday that taking action against Syria in response to the situation is not a question of yes or no, but rather a question of bad or worse choices.

He says if there is no U.S. response, Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.

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  • frankfan42

    There are no coincidences in politics. It just so happens that nuclear warheads have been reported moved from Dyess Air Base in Texas and are enroute to South Carolina. Add to this the fact that Fema is also having a drill at this time in Zone 3, which includes South Carolina. Recall that there was a War Gaming operation going on during 9=11, operation “Vigilant Guardian.” More recently recall the Boston Bombing had reports of “Drills” being conducted during the event. I can think of two possible scenarios with these nukes-
    1 They may be used on a false flag event to drum up support for war. Interesting that Graham mentions a specific place is it not?
    2. They could be used in the middle East and blamed on the “Insurgents.”
    Pray for peace, get your soul at peace with God. May HIS will be done.

    • d hef

      You’ve heard of hurricanes, right Frank? They happen on the east coast this time of year. Perhaps FEMA is just preparing for what happens this time of year, every year, over there.

      • frankfan42

        Yes, your scenario is very possible. It is also possible that something evil is coming our way.

        • d hef

          An act of evil could be around every corner, just as an act of good can be. Too many evil acts happen every day all over the world veiled in the idea that they are being carried out for the good of god, allah, christ… name your deity. You say “get your soul at peace with god”. I wonder how your god will look at all the evil acts carried out under his/her/its veil, only to have people ask for forgiveness for a particular sin. There have been many throughout the centuries. What is his will anyway?

          • Thomas

            Your religious ignorance d hef is beyond ridiculous. You just have no clue about Who Made Who, and not just a good song by AC-DC.

          • d hef

            Too much hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy in religion for me Thomas. If your god did indeed make me, you and all others, well he sure as hell screwed up. But I seriously doubt that we were all created by an egotistical deity that demands our unquestioning devotion. Just saying!

  • Thomas

    He is right!! To paraphrase the title: “Graham: ‘Nukes In Obama’s And My Hands Have Resulted In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor.”
    Impeach this TERRORIST Lindsey Graham!! He is already GUILTY of TREASON!!! No trial necessary in my Court!!

  • baldy2

    This guy is a complete moron all Him McCain & Obama want to do is get us in that war, so they can make money.

  • pammylou

    He’s a made for TV senator like the rest of the politicians.
    OOGA BOOGA kids. I’m a senator (on TV)
    He’s a goof in a suit.