Healthcare experts say premiums could go up in January

By on May 3, 2013

Lawmakers are hearing the dire warnings about the possibility of big hikes in your health insurance premiums in January.

Senator Chuck Schumer was one of those who voted for the Affordable Health Care Act. So was Congresswoman Louis Slaughter. Both were in town Thursday and News10NBC asked them what can be done to protect people from skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Some healthcare experts are warning that  premiums could go up by more than 10% on January 1 when Obamacare kicks in across the country. This is on top of the annual increases we’ve seen in insurance premiums. It’s going to mean less money in your paycheck. Less money for groceries. Less for gas. Less for your family.

Insurance companies in the Rochester area haven’t announced their premium increases yet for next year. One local expert says the public is very much in the dark about healthcare and 2014 is fast approaching. He says substantial health insurance pricing increases in 2014 and beyond seems to be more of a reality with each passing day. News10NBC put that to Senator Schumer and Mrs. Slaughter.

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