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Kissinger’s Meeting With Putin: The Pitch to Bring Russia into the New World Order

By on February 12, 2016

(TRUNEWS) Russian insider, Alexander Sobyanin, believes Henry Kissinger pitched Vladimir Putin to join the New World Order during their Feb 3 meeting, in exchange for Russia agreeing to bail out western banks and facilitate the Vatican led push for a one world religion.

Alexander Sobyanin, a member of the advisory board of the Center for Strategic Environment and a member of the Russian-Iranian Council for Public Affairs, made these comments during an interview with Pravda while describing his analysis of the meeting between the former US Secretary of State and the Russian President.

When asked about the objectives of Kissinger’s visit to Moscow, Sobyanin noted that people like Kissinger don’t make visits for personal reasons and said “such events always happen for the sake of global and complicated issues, such as issues of Russian-American actions in the world, wars, global markets and revolutions.”

Sobyanin said Kissinger and Putin most likely discussed the Middle East, Russia, oil prices and Ukraine, though he emphasized that these issues did not require Kissinger’s presence in Moscow. Sobyanin said “in the Middle East, we can now eyewitness the establishment of the balance of all global forces,” possibly inferring that Russia’s military intervention in Syria evened the playing field.

Sobyanin mentioned that Putin and Kissinger met before in 2013, and said that the U.S. Diplomat represents “a certain group of the US political elite that includes the Bush clan.” He continued by saying “the world is rapidly moving towards the destruction of the current financial system. In these circumstances, those who own budgets of entire nations are looking for opportunities to save their money so that this money works when the current financial system disappears and a new financial system emerges.”

Henry Kissinger and former U.S. President Richard Nixon – Reuters

 “It should be understood that while the whole world and, unfortunately, Russia is involved in conflicts and political games, the Americans believe that it is them who set the rules of these games,” Sobyanin said, highlighting that he believes the U.S. Is “elaborating the rules” for when the petrodollar comes to an end.

Ironically, Kissinger was instrumental in the negotiation of the petrodollar with Saudi Arabia in 1974 under the Nixon administration, which saw the beginning of oil being denominated in U.S. dollars and nations holding large dollar cash reserves for trade.

Sobyanin continued by explaining that he believes that the U.S. is now trying to transition the global economy to a “post-dollar world”, one which in his words is “no longer global.” He said this involves Putin because, the U.S. intend to establish tandem cooperation with Russia, despite what he called “extremely aggressive political rhetoric against Russia.”

“The US and Russia still cooperate on vital issues in most sensitive areas, including war, oil, investment, technology, etc” Sobyanin said, continuing to explain that the BRICS alliance and the Transatlantic Partnership trade agreements are examples of “economic associations” which the U.S. is currently working on actively.

“In this battle, due to the fact that the US debt is snowballing, rescuing the US economy is impossible even if the whole Middle East is set on fire, we can see the two clans fighting to death – the Bushes and the Clintons.” Sobyanin said, before ominously proclaiming that the upcoming elections in the US will probably be the last, “because America may change to become an absolutely different nation.”

Sobyanin expanded on this point by explaining that Henry Kissinger is currently in the Bush clan and represents their interests, while Hillary Clinton, who he refers to as “Madame Clinton”, has branched off in this battle, and is stronger.

Sobyanin believes Kissinger came to Putin to find out which he found more attractive, a new global world order led by Hillary Clinton, or a more nationally-oriented position of the his Bush clan.

“Clearly, the new world order according to the Clintons and all sorts of societies such as the Soros Foundation are less acceptable for Russia,” Sobyanin said, while transitioning his explanation to the global economy and the sovereign debt crisis. “Henry Kissinger came to Russia at the time of the brutal struggle between two groups of bankers. The loser will have to deal with tens of trillions of dollars of US debt.” While America, he noted, is looking to destroy “someone inside” as the scape goat for their overwhelming debts which are drowning the nation.

“Russia is a small, but an extremely important player on the world stage. We have not participated and will never participate in their domestic events, but it was Russia that became a key factor for the appearance of the United States and the Federal Reserve,” Sobyanin said, inferring that Russia’s default on government securities in the 1990’s enabled and greatly expanded the power of the Fed to use global monetary policy in their manipulation of the real economy.

Sobyanin believes that now is the epochal moment when Russia can determine the fate of the United States, hence Kissinger’s visit, for he represents the U.S. Elite.

“The Bush clan needs Russia’s money, Russia’s armed forces, Russia’s political support to defeat the Clintons to subsequently destroy the entire group of bankers and making them responsible for the US national debt. For their part, they are ready to give Russia a weighty support in different areas.”

Shifting the conversation, Pravda asked Sobyanin’s opinion on the rumor that Kissinger had instead visited to support Putin in the wake of the UK report by the inquiry chair Sir Robert Owen, which stated that there was a “strong circumstantial case” that the Russian state was behind the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko.

Alexander Litvinenko, then an officer of Russia's state security service FSB, attends a news conference in Moscow in this November 17, 1998 file picture. REUTERS/Vasily Djachkov/Files

Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of Russia’s state security service FSB -REUTERS/Vasily Djachkov/Files

 Sobyanin responded that he had heard the rumors, and noted that though Kissinger has the right to negotiate and make decisions on the spot, “he is not a sherpa.” He also stated that he sees no opposition to Putin from the Russian elite, joking that based on the response the president received from his speech in Munich, the leader doesn’t need any extra support for his public image.

On the subject of Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, meeting with Pope Francis in Cuba, Pravda asked Sobyanin why he believes top players in the United States, the Vatican, Germany, and France have suddenly begun to seek mutual understandings with Russia.

Sobyanin responded that:

“this is definitely a landmark event that has its nuances, such as, for example, the fact that the Vatican Bank suffered from the attack of US banks. The Catholic financial system needs to ensure its security, and Russia can help them. The most important thing in the forthcoming meeting in Cuba is the meeting between the two Churches. The leaders of the Churches will speak about the need to renounce proselytism, ecumenism for the sake of understanding and union against the backdrop of two major threats. It goes about the loss of religious meaning in human life and aggressive movements in Islam. The most important goal is to bring faith back to people’s lives. In recent history, there was a precedent, when in 2010, a delegation of the Roman Catholic Church, on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI, gifted relics of St. Andrew to the Metropolitan District of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan.”

Sobyanin’s accusations regarding the liquidity of the Vatican Bank, which is shrouded in as much secrecy as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), have been raised in past by many including Pope Francis himself. Following the Scarano scandal in 2015, the pope ordered strict reforms to the Vatican banking structure. Another major scandal which pre-dated this reform was in 2012, when the former head of the Vatican bank Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was ousted dramatically by the bank’s board, which said he had not properly carried out his functions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) listens to Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill during a reception commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of the death of Grand prince Vladimir I (Vladimir the Great) at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, July 28, 2015. REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill -REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin 

Sobyanin’s comments regarding the Orthodox and Catholic church renouncing proselytism, a district characteristic of evangelical Christians, and adopting ecumenism, the belief that all religions worship the same God, echoes the push already underway by Pope Francis shown in this video, for the one world religion headed by the antichrist described in the Bible.

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    This is really crap. When one is “waking up” it doesn’t mean that you have to believe everything people are writing about on the net. It’s truly amazing when we see heads of state or the elite meeting, and instantly somebody knows why they met and what the topic was about. Really, do you read minds too?

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