Kurds accuse Turkey of supporting ISIS in Syria TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles Kurds accuse Turkey of supporting ISIS in Syria

Kurds accuse Turkey of supporting ISIS in Syria

By on February 18, 2016
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(TRUNEWS) A Kurdish commander claims to have proof Turkey is supporting ISIS.

The Express has reported the ISIS has received weapons from the Turks, Saudis and Qatar according to the co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Murat Karayilan.

“Along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey has been sponsoring jihadists [in Syria] that emerged from Al-Qaeda… These states backed and armed radical Salafi groups, which base all of their actions on sharia [law],” he said.

Karayilan accuses Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of posturing in Syria in order to become a regional leader.


He also points to differences in lifestyle, as the Syrian Kurds are more secular, as the reason Turkish politicians and Muslim extremist groups hate the Kurds in Syria.  There is also a fear that if Syrian Kurds gain independence, 20 million Turkish Kurds would try to follow suit.

TRUNEWS reported recently on Sarin gas being supplied to ISIS by Turkey. Russia has claimed Ankara also buys oil from ISIS.

“We’re 100 percent positive Turkey is maintaining contact with IS, we’ve seen it with our own eyes,” the PKK leader said, according to RT.

He also said Turkey and Saudi Arabia have stopped Kurds from being invited to Geneva for the Syria peace talks.

  • Turkey is ISIS, thats NOT new, and Obama is well aware. ISIS is his JV after all.

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