Launching the Internet of Everything One Startup at a Time

By on May 17, 2013

With our May 16 Techonomy Lab: Man, Machines, and the Network in Menlo Park this week, we look at five startups delivering connectivity to consumers in various aspects of their lives.

BERG Cloud of London pivoted from design consultancy to cloud service with its own connected products. In 2006 BERG built the Availabot, a puppet-like, vaguely humanoid USB-plug-in gadget that notifies users when their contacts are available to chat by standing up, and then falling down when contacts go offline.

Since then, CEO Matt Webb says the company has developed several connected products including #FLOCK, a cuckoo clock integration with Twitter that notifies users of action on their Twitter accounts, and Little Printer, a device that uses the BERG Cloud platform to print customized miniature newspapers out of Web content.

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