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  • Mike Norris TRUNEWS 06/22/16 Mike Norris | Rick’s Back! -

    Where was Hillary the night Benghazi burned? After five days away from the microphone Rick uploads with both barrels of the TRUNEWS shotgun on Comrade Clinton, Trump’s promise to kill the 501c3 muzzle on churches, and the latest intel about the Orlando massacre. In part 2, Mike Norris joins the program to discuss spiritual warfare, the battle for America’s soul, and his latest movie Amerigeddon.

  • Mario Murillo TRUNEWS 06/21/16 Mario Murillo | Those Days Will Be Over -

    Today on TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles will report from the exclusive meeting with the presumptive nominee in NYC. In part 2, Evangelist Mario Murillo joins the program to share his take on Hillsong-gate, Islamic terror, and the short-fall of seeker friendly churches.

  • Mike Berry TRUNEWS 06/20/16 Mike Berry | Death by Political Correctness -

    Is political correctness killing America? Today on TRUNEWS co-hosts Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall break down the sheer lunacy enveloping the nation as NATO stockpiles bullets and ballistic missiles on Russia’s doorstep. Mike Berry from First Liberty drops in to discuss the religious persecution of Oscar Rodriguez, and the team shares the latest from the Orlando Massacre.

  • Philip Haney TRUNEWS 06/17/16 Gregg Jackson, Philip Haney | Christian Response to Chaos -

    Has Obama succeeded in fundamentally changing America? Today on TRUNEWS co-hosts Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall will discuss the disastrous effect of mass Muslim migration, and will speak to DHS whistleblower Philip Haney about the Orlando Massacre. In part 2, Gregg Jackson will explain how Christians should respond to growing chaos in our world.

  • Gregg Jackson TRUNEWS 06/16/16 Gregg Jackson | All Have Sinned -

    Where will Obama’s jihadists attack next? Today on TRUNEWS, co-hosts Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall will detail the spread of Muslim terror, and the smoking guns in the Orlando massacre. In part 2, Gregg Jackson will join the crew to discuss the subject of sin in the church, and what the Bible teaches about sanctification of the saints.

  • Gregg Jackson TRUNEWS 06/15/16 Gregg Jackson | The Plan is in Place -

    Is the plan to topple America culminating in a summer crescendo? Today on TRUNEWS co-hosts Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall discuss the latest from the Orlando Shooting, the Fed’s rumblings of negative rates, and the Left’s march toward gun control. In part 2, Gregg Jackson joins the crew to break down the incredible opportunity these dire times pose for Christians to preach the gospel.

  • TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 06/14/16 America Under Siege Through Jihad -

    Following the worst mass shooting in US history, has America been brought to its knees through incompetence or complicity? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will categorically dismantle the mainstream media’s propaganda surrounding Omar Mateen, the Left’s spin for gun control, and the REAL threat facing the nation from radical Islamic terror.

  • Tom DeLay TRUNEWS 06/13/16 Tom DeLay | The Day America Changed -

    With jihadists roaming freely, and US leaders paralyzed by political correctness, has our nation turned into a full blown banana republic? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will break down the systematic incompetence and complicity of the Obama administration in what will soon be known as the day that changed America. In part 2, Tom Delay, the former majority leader of the House of Representatives, will join Rick to discuss his thoughts on the growing constitutional crisis.

  • Mary Colbert TRUNEWS 06/12/16 Mary Colbert | 13 Women Your Should Never Marry -

    In a special weekend edition, TRUNEWS correspondent Kelly Sloan speaks with Mary Colbert, the wife of Dr. Don Colbert, about her new book, “13 Women You Should Never Marry”, detailing wisdom she believes every single man should possess before heading to the altar.

  • Tom Horn TRUNEWS 06/11/16 Tom Horn | Vatican’s Last Crusade -

    In a special weekend edition of TRUNEWS, co-hosts Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall will speak with prophecy historian Tom Horn about his latest book, “The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic AntiChrist, And The Vatican’s Last Crusade”. Listen as Mr. Horn shares the final entry to his 4-year investigation into the Vatican, freemasonry and the emergence of a One World Religion.

  • EU TRUNEWS 06/10/16 War With Russia, Destruction of the EU, and Global Fascism -

    Should Russia perceive NATO’s B-52 bombing drills on their border as an act of war? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will discuss the crazed and erratic behavior of the Western elite as the EU project crumbles before their eyes. Rick will also address the financial warnings of a bond supernova, and the alarming shift toward global fascism and technological enslavement.

  • Jeanine Pirro TRUNEWS 06/09/16 Judge Jeanine Pirro | Trump, Russia, and the Enemies of the Elite -

    Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will be joined by America’s most ferocious Judge, Justice Jeanine Pirro, to discuss Donald Trump, his looming showdown with Comrade Clinton, and why this election may be the closest in world history. In part 2, Rick and the team will break down the latest bombastic rhetoric being used by the EU elite to drive the West toward a war with Russia, as they themselves insulate from the impending economic collapse.

  • Terry Sacka TRUNEWS 06/08/16 Terry Sacka | What the Billionaires Know -

    Why are billionaires like Carl Icahn shouting warnings of an impending economic collapse? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will be joined by special guest Terry Sacka, President of Cornerstone Asset Metals, to dissect this growing trend; the banking elites obsession with blockchain; and the tie in with NATO’s suicidal mission to bait Russia into World War 3.

  • Philip Haney TRUNEWS 06/07/16 Philip Haney | America’s Jihadist Infiltration -

    Will Hillary’s new Armani wardrobe successfully distract the voters from Benghazi, server-gate, and her limp primary performance? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will break down the latest developments in Election 2016, and the looming showdown between Comrade Clinton and Donald Trump. In part 2, Rick will be joined by DHS whistleblower Philip Haney to discuss the extent of America’s jihadist infiltration, detailed in his new book “See Something Say Nothing.”

  • TRUNEWS 06/06/16 Dr. Kelli Ward | Summer of War TRUNEWS 06/06/16 Dr. Kelli Ward | Summer of War -

    Are the powers of the world posturing for Syria round two? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss the ominous and overt signs that the U.S. and its allies are not only already engaged in grizzling combat with Russian Spetsnaz, but are laying the groundwork for the next World War. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Dr. Kelli Ward, the fierce senate candidate from Arizona, eyeing to dethrone the GOP’s oldest War-Horse, John McCain.

  • Sherry Gorslin TRUNEWS 06/03/16 Sherry Gorslin, Janet Porter | Hanging by a Thread -

    With sexual immortality, political insanity, and zionist mentality conquering the minds of our leaders, is America hanging by a thread? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will discuss Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride parade, Obama’s spell of lunacy, and the Christian right’s Israeli blindspot. In part 2, Sherry Gorslin of Truth Ministry joins Rick to share a message about America’s looming fate. Lastly, Janet Porter of Faith2Action chimes in about the nationwide Target Transgender Bathroom protest being held this Saturday.

  • Benjamin Faircloth TRUNEWS 06/02/16 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth | America’s Last Breath -

    Today's edition of TRUNEWS covers something that even after 18 years of end times reporting, has managed to send Pastor Wiles’ weirdness meter off the charts. Our news team will discuss the deeply occultic symbolism behind the Gotthard Train Tunnel opening ceremony in the Swiss Alps. In part 2, Pastor Benjamin Faircloth tells Rick about a prophetic dream he received from the Lord on our ministry's anniversary, detailing how the sins our nation have brought America to its last breath.

  • Dan Forest TRUNEWS 06/01/16 Lt. Gov. Dan Forest | Transgender Tyranny -

    Today's edition of TRUNEWS includes a frank discussion about the strength of the LGBT movement in Israel, and a blunt commentary about the recent outrageous stage performance at Hillsong Church New York. In part 2, North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest tells Rick that his state was deliberately targeted by the LGBT militants to launch a national propaganda campaign in support of transgender toilet rights.

  • TRUNEWS 05/31/16 Roger Stone | Trump, Target, and Trans-censorship TRUNEWS 05/31/16 Roger Stone | Trump, Target, and Trans-censorship -

    Have 71% of Democrats pondered how Hillary will shake hands if she’s in handcuffs? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will address the growing disconnect between voters and the rule of law, as nations succumb to the turbulence of the unrest cycle, and the madness of secular morality. In part 2, Rick will be joined by trusted Trump confidant Roger Stone to discuss the upcoming heavyweight bout between traditional American capitalism and Clinton’s crony communism.

  • Lt Col 'Buzz' Patterson TRUNEWS 05/30/16 Lt Col ‘Buzz’ Patterson | Dereliction of Duty -

    In a classic episode of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles returns to an interview aired Memorial Day 2003. Lt Col 'Buzz' Patterson reveals the amazing and cavalier disregard with which Bill Clinton treated our nation's most sensitive military secrets, the lives of our men and women in uniform, and the integrity of the office of president.

  • TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 05/27/16 | Defy The Masters -

    Does the public know that six powerful corporations now control the media? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will slam the filth that these soul-robbing barons willfully promote; and call for the outright repudiation of American Protestant leaders who have compromised to this satanic apostasy. Rick will also address Obama’s visit with Shintoism, Yellen’s ‘probable’ rate hike, and why Britain must defy the EU.

  • Edward Haslam TRUNEWS 05/26/16 Edward Haslam | One Crisis From The Mark -

    Is the globe one major crisis from accepting implantable microchips and a cashless society? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will address the eery spike in propaganda directing the public toward accepting technology resembling the mark of the beast. In part 2, Edward will speak to Edward Haslam, the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, a thrilling literary expose which links Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination, and a CIA bioweapons program to the emerging global epidemic of Cancer.

  • TRUNEWS 05/25/16 Ron Panzer | Industry of Death TRUNEWS 05/25/16 Ron Panzer | Industry of Death -

    Has the Medical Industrial Complex in America transformed into an industry of death? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles speaks with the President of Hospice Patients Alliance Ron Panzer to document the grizzling extent of stealth euthanasia across hospices throughout the nation. In part 2, Edward and Doc will discuss Comrade Clinton’s email audit, Deutsche Bank’s derivative detonation, and Obama’s Shinto worship in Japan.

  • TRUNEWS 05/24/16 Mat Staver, Terry Sacka | Jesus Christ is America’s Only Hope TRUNEWS 05/24/16 Mat Staver, Terry Sacka | Jesus Christ is America’s Only Hope -

    Who would have thought 17 years ago that TRUNEWS would still be broadcasting a message of repentance to America? Today, going into our 18th year as the premier end times newscast, Rick Wiles will joined by Terry Sacka of Cornerstone Asset Metals to discuss why the US oligarchs are stealthily and dictatorially transitioning investors accounts from money market to insolvent Government Cash Reserves. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Liberty Council’s Mat Staver to share how Chief Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore has been judicially decapitated by a cross dressing transvestite.

  • Gregg Jackson TRUNEWS 05/23/16 Gregg Jackson | The Evangelical Industrial Complex -

    Is the Western globalist cabal resurrecting the War in Syria? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will analyze how US General Joseph Votel’s secret visit to Syria could be a precursory event to a Saudi-Israeli led invasion of Damascus and Baghdad. In part 2, Gregg Jackson joins Rick to discuss how the systematic failures of the Religious Right have resulted in the cultural loss of America’s Christian foundations.

  • Adonis and Danika Alston TRUNEWS 05/20/16 Adonis and Danika Alston | Endure Until The End -

    What does it mean to be in-it for the long haul as an end times ministry? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will recount the revelations God placed on his soul almost 18 years ago to this day, and how winning souls and preaching a message of repentance is foundational to the continual work of Flowing Streams. In part 2, Adonis and Danika Alston will join Rick to share an amazing story about how the Lord used Brad Medd’s prophetic message and a Fire Vision baseball bat to reignite a discouraged pastor.

  • Clayton Llewellyn TRUNEWS 05/19/16 Clayton Llewellyn | Economic Collapse and WW3 -

    Could the monolithic economic collapse and earth-shaking nuclear war Rick Wiles has been warning about for 17 years be months from fruition? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick will discuss how US banks have further tightened the noose around American expats; how Saudi Arabia has begun amassing munitions for a new invasion force; and the beginning whispers of a live Jade Helm 2016. In part 2, Heaven’s Harvest owner Clayton Llewellyn joins Rick to share his new bug-out-ready seeds perfect for times like these.

  • Curt Schilling TRUNEWS 05/18/16 Curt Schilling | Toilet Wars and Spiritual Decline -

    Has America been ideologically colonized by a Nazi Gaystapo, armed with the scythe of political correctness and spiritual chaos? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss Bolshevik Bernie’s dethronement of comrade Clinton; an ex-NATO chiefs warning of imminent nuclear war; and Pope Francis equivocating Christ’s Great Commission to the satanic genocide of ISIS. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Christian baseball icon Curt Schilling to share how opposing Obama’s transgender toilet agenda cost him his job at ESPN.

  • David Daleiden TRUNEWS 05/17/16 David Daleiden | Babylon’s Baby Butchers -

    After 43 years of allowing the wholesale killing of defenseless children through the murder-mills of Planned Parenthood, does the United States deserve judgement? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by David Daleiden, the pro-life crusader behind The Center for Medical Progress’ scathing series exposing the indefensible crimes of America’s abortion industry. In part 2, Rick will address the gathering storm of corruption, maleficence, and debauchery teetering our nation on the brink of outright collapse.

  • TRUNEWS 05/16/16 Agustin Blazquez | Cultural Chaos and Communism TRUNEWS 05/16/16 Agustin Blazquez | Cultural Chaos and Communism -

    Will the world gravitate toward the mercy of the Cross, or the tyranny of the sword? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles rebukes Obama’s suggestion that the Nordic nations — already overrun by Muslim jihadists and godless humanism — should lead the New World Order. In part 2, Rick speaks with Cuban-American Agustin Blazquez to share his first-hand experience of living through the Castro led communist revolution, and what its dire parallels with the US signifies for Christians today.

  • Chris Steinle TRUNEWS 05/13/16 Chris Steinle | Federal Transgender Blackmail -

    Are the American people going to allow Obama to sexually pervert their children? Today Rick Wiles condemns the satanic proclamation from the imposter-in-chief, as he attempts to establish babylonian law in the public school system. Will he succeed in blackmailing the states into accepting legalized institutional transgenderism? In part 2, Rick speaks with former TRUNEWS CFO Pastor Chris Steinle about his assertion; that aside from the US, most Christians around the globe believe in a Post-Tribulation Rapture.

  • Allan Favish TRUNEWS 05/12/16 Allan Favish | Vince Foster’s Clinton Arkancide -

    What secrets did the Clinton’s attempt to bury with the Arkancide of family confidant Vince Foster? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by LA attorney Allan Favish to discuss his role in digging up Hillary and Bill’s skeletons of the past. Was Kenneth Star paid off? Where was the blood splatter? Why did the Supreme Court vote to seal the evidence? You won’t want to miss this exposé, which could topple the Little Rock crime dynasty.

  • Rick Dalton TRUNEWS 05/11/16 Rick Dalton | A Nation Divided -

    How can America remain united as communist propaganda leaves its soul divided? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles breaks down the marxist push for artificial immortality, the Democrat’s revolution against comrade Clinton in favor of bolshevik Bernie, and the latest in the transgender showdown. In part 2, Rick Dalton joins in to discuss the growing schism between local and federal law enforcement, and what this means for a nation divided.

  • David Virtue TRUNEWS 05/10/16 David Virtue | News Manipulation -

    Just how manipulated is the news we read daily? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will shed light on the overt censorship surrounding the Munich Islamic jihadist stabbing; Facebook’s selective silencing of conservatives; and the lefts assault against God and morality. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Christian blogger David Virtue to discuss the chilling proclamations of a pro-LGBTQI Bishop and the Wall Street funded movement to supplant the Gospel with apostasy.

  • Peter Temple TRUNEWS 05/09/16 Peter Temple | Facebook Fascism -

    Are the fascist technocrats at Facebook carrying out an agenda of censorship against Christians online? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will dissect how Zuckerberg’s Frankenstein has been caught attempting to control reality. Rick will also discuss London falling to the Muslim hordes and the Trump division among evangelicals. In part 2, Peter Temple joins Rick to explain how fibonacci number cycles can predict the future of markets, climate and the geopolitical landscape.

  • Christopher J. Farrell TRUNEWS 05/06/16 Christopher J. Farrell, Judicial Watch | Clinton Email Scandal -

    Two weeks after 9/11,TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles ruinously documented the incestuous connections between the Bush dynasty, Bubba Clinton and the Osama bin Laden cartel. Fast forward to 2016, this same guild of thieves may have ended Cruz’s bid and are fighting tirelessly to preserve the ring of secrecy behind the Clinton email server and the classified 28 pages. To discuss Hillary Clinton’s play in this generational deception, Rick will be joined by Christopher J. Farrell of Judicial Watch.

  • TRUNEWS 05/05/16 Mark Rossini | The 28 Page Indictment TRUNEWS 05/05/16 Mark Rossini | The 28 Page Indictment -

    Will the FBI indict Hillary Clinton? Was Guccifer extradited to cement the case of the century? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will dissect James Comey’s potential battle plan to bring down America's most famous crime syndicate. In part 2, Rick will be joined by former FBI agent Mark Rossini to share how he and others tried to prevent the 9/11 attacks, and what may be contained in the classified 28 page report.

  • Jim Marrs TRUNEWS 05/04/16 Jim Marrs | Cruz, Oswald and the CIA -

    Well its official, Ted Cruz has made Donald Trump the unofficial GOP nominee. Could a potential CIA connection between Rafael Cruz Sr and Lee Harvey Oswald be the culprit of this abrupt withdrawal? Investigative author Jim Marrs joins TRUNEWS to discuss the plausibly of that theory, and how the JFK assassination holds the keystone to America’s past and future.

  • TRUNEWS 05/03/16 | The Cruz Conspiracy TRUNEWS 05/03/16 | The Cruz Conspiracy -

    And just when you thought Election 2016 couldn’t get any stranger, today accusations began circulating through the international media that Rafael Cruz Sr may have connections to the JFK assassination. Was Ted Cruz's father in a photograph with Lee Harvey Oswald? Don’t miss Rick Wiles and the TRUNEWS staff unmask the depths of this conspiracy.

  • Martin Armstrong TRUNEWS 05/02/16 Martin Armstrong | Cycles in Play -

    Puerto Rico defaulting; Wall Street testing digital dollar replacements; Warren Buffett slandering negative rates. Is the American financial system breaking apart at the seems? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by renegade economist Martin Armstrong to discuss how the business, civil unrest and war cycles are setting the stage for a new type of governance in the US by 2032.

  • Faircloth TRUNEWS 04/29/16 Pastor Faircloth, Brad Medd | Brace For Impact -

    ISIS threatening New Yorkers; Sweden fortifying Eurovision; Belgium issuing Iodine. Are crazed jihadis on the cusp of committing mass genocide in the West? Today on TRUNEWS Rick Wiles will discuss the gathering storm with Pastor Benjamin Faircloth, and his dream about bracing for impact. In part 2, Rick will be joined by long time friend Brad Medd, to remind fellow listeners that now is the time to get in the game, as Rick shares plans for the future of the ministry.

  • Dr. Andrew Wakefield TRUNEWS 04/28/16 Dr. Andrew Wakefield | Vaxxed, Autism Exposed -

    Why would you donate half a million dollars to your competition? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will analyze the latest action in Election 2016, as well the shocking news that 51% of millennials embrace socialism. In part 2, Rick will be joined by persecuted doctor Andrew Wakefield to discuss his new documentary "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”, which delivers a shot of truth to the deathly real link between Big Pharma’s vaccines and Autism.

  • 042716show TRUNEWS 04/27/16 Dr. Don Colbert | Food Be Thy Medicine -

    Could the foods we’re eating be making us sick? New York Times Bestselling author and health evangelist Dr. Don Colbert joins Rick to explain how simple changes to a daily diet can empower the body to heal the way God intended. Rick will also share his analysis on Trump’s foreign policy address; the re-ignition of war in Syria and Ukraine; and the ominous warnings pointing to economic chaos in June and July.

  • Jim Willie TRUNEWS 04/26/16 Jim Willie | Dollar Death by Gold -

    Hat Trick newsletter publisher Jim Willie joins Rick for a riveting 90+ minute explosive interview about the implosion of the Western financial empire and the rise of the Eurasian empire. Could the US Petrodollar end this summer? This is the best Jim Willie interview of 2016!

  • 042516show TRUNEWS 4/25/16 – Joel Gilbert | Obama’s Marxist Ties -

    Rick and Doc discuss retailer Target’s intensifying hostility toward Christianity and moral values. Target announced its restrooms and dressing rooms are now gender-neutral. Rick calls on all Christians to permanently stop shopping at Target stores. Rick and Doc also discuss the Mack Daddy’s meddling in Britain’s upcoming referendum to exit the European Union, and the possible link between the release of the 9/11 Saudi documents and today’s warning to banks that hackers will use SWIFT to steal vast sums of money. In Part 2, filmmaker Joel Gilbert talks about his close call with the Federal Election Commission over his documentary film that reveals Obama’s lifetime association with known Marxist Communists.

  • Greg Hunter TRUNEWS 04/22/16 Greg Hunter | Unparalleled Fraud -

    How crooked is the global economic system? How much does the mainstream media actually lie? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by veteran investigative journalist Greg Hunter to discuss the unparalleled level of fraud strangling Western society; and how it has bred a generation of crony criminal elite.

  • Lawrence Wilkerson TRUNEWS 04/21/16 Col. Lawrence Wilkerson | Military Industrial Empire -

    Are the Western elite plotting a nuclear war to save the petrodollar? On today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss the latest US provocations against China and Russia as well the domestic assault against free speech and Christianity. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Retired US Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson to share the insidious history of the military industrial complex.

  • Michael Snyder TRUNEWS 04/20/16 Michael Snyder | Discussing the Pre-Trib Rapture -

    What does the Bible teach about the end times tribulation? Can the Body of Christ have an honest debate about pre, mid, and post rapture doctrine without erupting into virulent opposition? That’s the subject of today’s edition of TRUNEWS, as Rick Wiles is joined by author and publisher Michael Snyder; to discuss how we can best serve the Lord until our last days.

  • Steve Quayle TRUNEWS 04/19/16 Tom Horn, Steve Quayle | Biblical Giants -

    People often dismiss giants as a legend of the past, but is there proof that giants are more than a myth? Today on TRUNEWS, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle join Rick Wiles to delve not only into this subject, but the luciferian agenda; conspiring globally to hide the past, open demonic portals, and wage war against the Saints.

  • Mark Taylor TRUNEWS 04/18/16 Mark Taylor | God’s Man -

    Some pious people say casino owner Donald Trump is not a godly man. Should we, however, ask: Is Donald Trump God's man? Retired firefighter Mark Taylor claims the Lord has chosen Mr. Trump to pull America back from the cliff. Rick Wiles interviews Mark about his amazing 2011 prophecy that Donald Trump has been marked by God to lead America.

  • Robert Wittman TRUNEWS 04/15/16 Dave Kranzler, Robert Wittman | Nazi Diaries -

    Is a new global Bretton Woods system on the precipice of release? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by Dave Kranzler to analyze the unprecedented frequency of high-profile events occurring from Washington D.C. To Riyadh. In part 2, Rick will talk with Robert Wittman, the author of “The Devil's Diary: Alfred Rosenberg and the Stolen Secrets of the Third Reich.”

  • Dr. Peter Vincent Pry TRUNEWS 04/14/16 Dr. Peter Vincent Pry | Financial Bombs and EMPs -

    Is something big about to happen to the global economy? Has the scheme to dethrone the US petrodollar finally emerged? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will break down the flashing warning signs which indicate a shift to the East and a complete reorganization of the Bretton Woods system. In part 2, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry will join Rick to discuss how North Korea’s recent threats to annihilate the West could come from a satellite delivered EMP strike over North America.

  • Etai Friedman TRUNEWS 04/13/16 Etai Friedman | The Next Great Depression -

    Has the next great depression begun? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss how Obama’s war on coal, the oil glut roulette, and the choking credit squeeze are driving the World to ruin. In part 2, Rick will be joined by Etai Friedman, the CEO of Eyal Capital Management, to break down how the growing global debt crisis could crash the stock market 80% in 2016.

  • Amerigeddon TRUNEWS 04/12/16 Mike Norris | Amerigeddon, You Were Warned -

    Could the United States ever go dark? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will greet Christian film maker Mike Norris to share his yet-to-be released blockbuster, Amerigeddon. In this new film America becomes victim to an EMP false flag terror event — and in the subsequent chaos — martial law is declared and UN soldiers enforce gun confiscation. Rick and the news crew will also discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s digital prosperity gospel and the latest attack on free speech from the LGBT lobby.

  • 041116show TRUNEWS 04/11/16 Discern | Pray | Expose -

    Are the ruling elite attempting to crush what’s left of Western society? What responsibility does the Body of Christ have in these dark times? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will preach a battle cry of Jericho — against the satanic communist revolution fermenting across the globe. Rick will also expose the striking similarities between Democracy Spring and the Jacobin French Revolution, both of which draw energy from the spirit of the antichrist.

  • 040816show TRUNEWS 04/08/16 Curtis Ellis | Shadow Government -

    Is there a supranational entity pulling the strings behind open borders, the TPP and satanic culture? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will reveal the globalist agenda of this nefarious shadow government with Curt Ellis, WND’s UN correspondent and the Executive Director of American Jobs Alliance. Rick will also address the radical left’s growing war against Christianity, the extradition of Guccifer — hacker of Hillary's email server — and Japan’s plan to unveil a biometric currency for 2020.

  • Todd Marshall TRUNEWS 04/07/16 Dr. Todd Marshall | Web of Control -

    Could Satan be using social media technology to create a one world language similar to the Tower of Babel? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick speaks with educator and former missionary Dr. Todd Marshall about that ghoulish prospect, and how digital evangelists can re-engineer this powerful tool for the Kingdom of God. Rick will also address the explosion of paganism in America, the emergence of the Petro-ruble and Project Prometheus.

  • Mormonism TRUNEWS 04/06/16 Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson | Mormonism: Christian or Cult? -

    Is Mormonism a branch of Christianity or a religious cult? Why are some conservative churches inviting Glenn Beck to speak from their pulpits? In today's edition of TRUNEWS, Rick devotes the entire program to an informative discussion of the origin of Mormonism and the actual doctrines taught by the LDS. Joining Rick today are Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson from the Mormon Research Ministry in Salt Lake City, UT.

  • David Haggith TRUNEWS 04/05/16 David Haggith | Beast’s Mark -

    On Tuesday’s edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles is joined in studio by Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall. The team will discuss the unfolding globalist plot to force mass repatriation of U.S. capital, while publicly slandering the practice of offshore asset protection which they themselves use to fund their war on humanity. In Part 2, David Haggith joins Rick to expand on how the elite are morphing their centrally controlled economic system to bring forth the cashless society discussed in Bible prophecy.

  • Dan Golvach TRUNEWS 04/04/16 Dan Golvach | Executive Invasion -

    Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall gather in the TRUNEWS studio to dissect the globalists plot to crown a supranational taxation system, radically redefine America through Supreme court rubber-stamped amnesty, and herald in draconian Chinese style Grid Management. In Part 2, Dan Golvach joins Rick to discuss how Obama’s illegal immigration invasion enabled a four-time deportee — high on cocaine — to kill his son Spencer in cold blood.

  • Todd Nettleton TRUNEWS 04/01/16 Todd Nettleton, Justin Butterfield | Rise Against Persecution -

    Special guest Terry Sacka joins Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, and Edward Szall in the TRUNEWS studio, as they discuss the Saudi mafias plan to sell ARAMCO, their not-so-secret donation to McCain, ISIS infiltrating both the Brussels airport and the White House’s video editing team, and the death threats against Trump. In Part 2, Todd Nettleton and Justin Butterfield join Rick to share a frontline report from the battlefield of Christian persecution across America.

  • James Rickards TRUNEWS 03/31/16 James Rickards, Terry Sacka | Days Are Numbered -

    Global economist and insider James Rickards joins Rick Wiles for Thursday’s edition of TRUNEWS. James and Rick discuss the central banks 10 year master scheme — which began in 2010 — to dethrone the US dollar’s world reserve currency status and herald in its replacement, the IMF-printed SDR. In Part 2, special guest Terry Sacka and Edward Szall will join Rick in studio to decipher through the powerful intel shared in that interview.

  • John Kilpatrick TRUNEWS 03/30/16 Pastor John Kilpatrick, Terry Sacka|Biblical Currency -

    Special guest Terry Sacka joins Rick Wiles and Edward Szall in the TRUNEWS studio. Terry, Rick, and Edward discuss the necessity for the Body of Christ to revert from unconstitutional fiat money and build a community around the Biblical currency of precious metals. In Part 2, John Kilpatrick, the senior pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, will join Rick to discuss his prophetic words for 2016 — which include the launch of a digital Christian media platform.

  • Terry Sacka TRUNEWS 03/29/16 Tom Ertl, Terry Sacka | Nuclear Beheading -

    Terry Sacka joins Rick Wiles in the studio to discuss N. Korea’s nuclear threats and recent beheadings. Pt. 2 Tom Ertl shares a Christian analysis of Trump.

  • Sujit Thomas TRUNEWS 03/28/16 Sujit Thomas | Repent Before Destruction -

    Rick Wiles will greet Sujit Thomas to discuss the prophetic words the Lord shared with him regarding America's destruction and our stubbornness to repent.

  • Pretender TRUNEWS 03/25/16 Pretender in Chief’s Tango With Islam -

    Rick Wiles will address Barry Soetoro’s courtship with islamic terrorism, the latest in pretender in chief’s reign and praise and worship from the team.

  • Simon Black TRUNEWS 03/24/16 Simon Black | Descending Into Chaos -

    Rick will be joined by Simon Black of Sovereign Man to discuss asset diversification and central bank insolvency. Pt. 2 The rise of satanism in America.

  • Larry Pratt TRUNEWS 03/23/16 Larry Pratt, Steve Stockman | Islam Fractures Europe -

    Rick will be joined by Larry Pratt and Steve Stockman to discuss Merrick Garland and gun control, and will hear from Brussels eye witness Rocky Gathright.

  • Ray Moore TRUNEWS 03/22/16 Chaplain Ray Moore|Paralyzed West -

    Rick Wiles greets Pastor Ray Moore to discuss the communism inside common core and breaks down the Islam's assault on Brussels.

  • TRUNEWS 03/21/16 Peter Temple |  Biblical Cycles Converging TRUNEWS 03/21/16 Peter Temple | Biblical Cycles Converging -

    Rick Wiles greets cycles expert Peter Temple to discuss the convergence of the climate, unrest and war cycles and Obama’s vacation to communist Cuba.

  • William Murray TRUNEWS 03/18/16 William Murray, Juliana Taimoorazy | Communism and Genocide -

    Rick greets William J. Murray to discuss communism in America and Juliana Taimoorazy to convey the persecution of Assyrian Christians in the Middle East.

  • Felix Imonti TRUNEWS 03/17/16 Felix Imonti | GOP Trump Coup -

    Rick reveals the establishment's ultra-devilish plot to stop Donald Trump AFTER he wins in November. Stock up on food and supplies now! In Part 2, geopolitical analyst Felix Imonti gives Rick his perspective on why Vladimir Putin suddenly withdrew Russian military forces from Syria.

  • Diana West TRUNEWS 03/16/16 Diana West, Pastor White | Tyrannical Censorship -

    Rick Wiles greets Diana West, David White, and Josh Troester to discuss how the far left is aggressively shutting down Christian free speech across America.

  • Rodney Howard-Browne TRUNEWS 03/15/16 Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne | The New Petro-Ruble -

    Rick Wiles greets Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne to discuss Trump and election 2016, and hosts a roundtable on the possibilities of a Russian petro-ruble.

  • Islam's new war TRUNEWS 03/14/16 ROBERT SPENCER | RAYMOND IBRAHIM “ISLAM’S NEW WAR” - On today’s TRUNEWS, Rick welcomes back to the program previous guests Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) and Islamic special correspondent Raymond Ibrahim, and they come together to discuss the rising war of Muslims against Christians.  Rick also analyzes the latest headlines, including remarks about the civil unrest associated with the current election cycle. Robert Spencer | […]
  • Philip Haney TRUNEWS 03/11/16 Philip Haney | “Koran’s Jihad Exposed” -

    On today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles greets DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney to obliterate the notion that Islam is a religion of peace, while further dissecting what the Koran really says about the extermination of Western society. Can the U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law coexist? Discover how jihadists justify murder, and why ‘Words Matter’ is the war cry which will collapse the religion of political correctness.

  • Michael Snyder TRUNEWS 03/10/16 Michael Snyder | Terry Sacka “Digital Fiat Currency” -

    Rick Wiles hosts economic roundtable with Michael Snyder and Terry Sacka to discuss the Fed's move to digitize debt and currency.

  • Brandon Judd TRUNEWS 03/09/16 Brandon Judd | Brett Redmayne-Titley “Criminal Apathy” -

    Rick Wiles greets National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd and journalist Brett Redmayne-Titley to discuss the Obama's lawless border and mass apathy.

  • Arthur Berman TRUNEWS 03/08/16 Arthur Berman | “Israel’s Pivot East” -

    Rick Wiles greets petroleum geologist Arthur Berman to discuss bankruptcy in U.S. oil, and breaks down the Obama Netanyahu row.

  • Peter Schiff TRUNEWS 03/07/16 Peter Schiff | “America’s Last Chance” -

    Rick Wiles interviews Peter Schiff to discuss his predictions for 2016. Rick will also address the rising madness permeating from Election 2016.

  • Greg Locke TRUNEWS 03/04/16 Pastor Greg Locke | “Nation Under Madness” -

    Rick Wiles greets Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church to discuss digital evangelism. Rick talks with Clayton Llewellyn of Heavens Harvest, and shares a vision from Pastor T.D. Hale.

  • Rick Milby TRUNEWS 03/03/16 Kevin Jessip | Pastor Rick Milby “Works for Christ” -

    Rick Wiles greets Kevin Jessip of United Cry DC16 and Pastor Rick Milby of Corpus Christi Cross, soon to be the largest cross in America.

  • Philip Haney TRUNEWS 03/02/16 Philip Haney | “Words Have Meaning” -

    Rick Wiles is joined by DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney to discuss the islamic infiltration of the U.S. government by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Gerald Celente TRUNEWS 03/01/16 Gerald Celente | “Super Tuesday’s Billionaire Bout” -

    Rick Wiles covers the lineup for Super Tuesday, hosts Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute, and discusses the forecasts for 2016.

  • Dr. Peter Hammond TRUNEWS 02/29/16 Dr. Peter Hammond “Islam: The Military Arm of Satan” -

    Rick Wiles discusses the relationship between the radical left and the followers of Islam. Rick also greets Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship.

  • Kevin Sorbo TRUNEWS 02/26/16 Kevin Sorbo, Rod Hembree “God’s Not Dead” -

    Rick Wiles interviews actor Kevin Sorbo, and discusses his film "God's Not Dead." Rick also greets Rod Hembree of Bible Study TV.

  • Kim Davis TRUNEWS 02/25/16 Jeremy Wiles, Kim Davis, The Klein’s, and Bishop Canon Andrew White “Christians Under Persecution” -

    Rick Wiles interviews Jeremy and Tiana Wiles, Kim Davis, Aaron and Melissa Klein, and features a speech from Bishop Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad

  • Prazor TRUNEWS 02/24/16 Ken Ham “Answers in Prazor” -

    Rick Wiles interviews Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, unveils Prazor to the public at NRB, and speaks with TRUNEWS fans visiting Tennessee.

  • PRAZOR TRUNEWS 02/23/16 Dane Wigington “PRAZOR debut” -

    Rick Wiles unleashes Prazor at NRB in Nashville. Rick greets Dane Wigington to discuss the state of weather warfare around the globe.

  • Prazor TRUNEWS 02/22/16 Paul McGuire “Prazor Unleashed at NRB” -

    Rick Wiles unleashes Prazor at NRB in Nashville. Rick greets Paul McGuire to discuss the growing wave of secular chaos.

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 6.08.55 PM TRUNEWS 02/19/16 – “Shining Light on Justice Scalia” - Rick Wiles sheds a spotlight on the official story being reported by Mainstream media, and potential suspects, about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Who is the mysterious mutual friend of John Poindexter and the Justice, and who are the other 35 anonymous guests? Rick will also explain why every Christian with a […]
  • Mena Lee Grebin TRUNEWS 02/18/16 Mena Lee Grebin “Mr. Pope, tear down that wall” -

    Rick Wiles has a sharp message for the Jesuit Pope, and greets Mena Lee Grebin to discuss Zika, Obama extending his Presidency, and chaos in the U.S.

  • Richard Thompson - Prazor TRUNEWS 02/17/16 Richard Thompson “Prazor Unveiled” - Rick Wiles opens the program by cataloging the latest escalations in the west’s march to open war in Syria, and geothermal nuclear war across the globe. Rick also greets the President and Chief Counsel of Thomas More Law Center Richard Thompson, to discuss how a retired marine discovered his daughter was being indoctrinated by islamic […]
  • David Curry TRUNEWS 02/16/16 David Curry “War Drums Sound” -

    Rick Wiles describes the chaos forming, as Saudi Arabia begins amassing an invasion force for Syria. The world now sits milliseconds from midnight. Rick will also be joined by David Curry of Open Doors USA.

  • Steve Quayle TRUNEWS 02/15/16 Steve Quayle “The Death of Justice” -

    Rick Wiles greets Steve Quayle to discuss the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the many discrepancies involved with the official story.

  • David Lankford TRUNEWS 02/12/16 David Lankford “Arab Armageddon, Kissinger’s Death Pact” -

    Rick Wiles greets David Lankford of The Voice of Evangelism to encourage Christians to stay strong during these times, and discuss the Saudi 350k army.

  • Mario Murillo TRUNEWS 02/11/16 Mario Murillo “Hope Amidst Turmoil” -

    Rick Wiles greets Mario Murillo to discuss how modern preachers have distorted the Gospel and are afraid to preach repentance.

  • Raymond Ibrahim TRUNEWS 02/10/16 Raymond Ibrahim “Islam’s New War on Christianity” -

    Rick Wiles greets Raymond Ibrahim to discuss how a weakened west is emboldening Islamic extremism, the NH primaries and the Pope's visit to Mexico.

  • Ron Holland TRUNEWS 02/09/16 Ron Holland “Global Banking Collapse” -

    Rick Wiles greets Ron Holland to discuss the global banking crisis, and will breakdown the push by Saudi Arabia to lead an arab coalition inside Syria.

  • Graham Summers TRUNEWS 02/08/16 Graham Summers “Negative Rates, Cashless Society” -

    Rick Wiles greets Graham Summers to discuss the bond bubble, NIRP, and the push toward a cashless society.

  • Bob Maginnis TRUNEWS 02/05/16 Ms. Patricia Oliver and Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis -

    Rick Wiles greets Ms. Patricia Oliver to discuss the LA gas leak, and Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis to talk the push to put women in frontline combat.

  • Pastor Rafael Cruz TRUNEWS 02/04/16 Pastor Rafael Cruz “Bring America Back to God” -

    Rick Wiles greets Bill Holter to discuss the credit markets and Pastor Rafael Cruz, to explain why American must return to our Judeo-Christian values.

  • Wayne Jett TRUNEWS 02/03/16 Wayne Jett “Dollar Crash in Motion” -

    Rick Wiles greets Wayne Jett to discuss the burden of a strong U.S. Dollar, and the real culprits of The Great Depression.

  • Stephen Gordon TRUNEWS 02/02/16 Stephen Gordon “The Common Core Conspiracy” -

    Rick Wiles greets Stephen Gordon to discuss the Common Core Conspiracy, and will dissect the aftermath of the Iowa Caucus.

  • Rob Kirby TRUNEWS 02/01/16 Rob Kirby “The Slush Fund of the NWO” -

    Rick Wiles greets Rob Kirby to discuss the Exchange Stabilization Fund and will break down the latest in Zika, Hillary’s emails and the Iowa Caucus.

  • Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV TRUNEWS 01/29/16 Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV ‘Battlefield of Souls’ -

    Rick Wiles greets Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV to discuss medical evangelism in U.S. hospitals, the Zika virus pandemic, and Merkel's suicide of the EU.

  • Steve Quayle TRUNEWS 01/28/16 Steve Quayle ‘Satanic-Blitzkrieg’ -

    Rick Wiles greets Steve Quayle to discuss global nazification, its alliance with radical Islam and how the Muslims are being used to bring in a new dark age

  • Benghazi TRUNEWS 01/27/16 Benghazi Roundtable -

    Rick Wiles hosts a roundtable on Benghazi with LTC Haney, and the mother and uncle of one of the brave men that died that day in Libya, Sean Smith.

  • Michael Pento TRUNEWS 01/26/16 Michael Pento -

    Rick Wiles greets economist Michael Pento to discuss the imploding bond market, and will share wisdom from the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes.

  • James 'Ace' Lyons, Jr. TRUNEWS 01/25/16 Ret. Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons, Jr. -

    Rick Wiles greets Retired U.S. Navy Admiral James 'Ace' Lyons, Jr. to discuss the islamic infiltration, and Obama's new push toward martial law.

  • shooting TRUNEWS 01/22/16 Archbishop Peter Jensen -

    Rick Wiles greets Archbishop Peter Jensen to discuss the turbulence in the Anglican Church and will host a roundtable on the infiltration of Islam in U.S.

  • Nelson Lee TRUNEWS 01/21/16 Nelson Lee ‘God’s Judgement by Fire’ -

    Rick Wiles greets Nelson Lee to share dreams of fiery judgement, will discuss Clinton’s meeting with muslim supporters, and Biden’s DAVOS LBGTQ comments.

  • Terry Sacka TRUNEWS 01/20/16 Terry Sacka and Julie Higgins -

    Rick Wiles greets precious metals expert Terry Sacka to discuss global market volatility, and Julie Higgins to share her dreams of America in flames.

  • David Barton TRUNEWS 01/19/16 – David Barton -

    Rick Wiles greets revered historian David Barton to discuss his new book ‘The Jefferson Lies’ and 1 billion Islamic migrants flooding Europe by 2020.

  • F. William Engdahl TRUNEWS 01/18/16 – F. William Engdahl -

    Rick Wiles greets oil and geopolitics expert, F. William Engdahl, to discuss how American oligarchs are responsible for the destruction of America.

  • T.L. Lowery TRUNEWS Rick Wiles TRUNEWS 01/15/16 – T.L. Lowery -

    Rick Wiles greets legendary evangelist, T.L. Lowery, to discuss the moral decline of America. Rick will also address the global economic slowdown.

  • St. Kitts and Nevis TRUNEWS 01/14/16 – St. Kitts and Nevis -

    Rick is joined by the TRUNEWS staff to talk about the latest headlines and give a detailed update on our ministries work in St. Kitts and Nevis.

  • Jim Bakker TRUNEWS 01/13/16 – Jim Bakker -

    Rick Wiles hosts today's show from St. Kitts Island, where he is joined by Jim Bakker to discuss the history, and promising future, of Christian media.

  • Dr. Franklin Graham TRUNEWS 01/12/16 – Dr. Franklin Graham -

    Rick Wiles hosts today's show from Saint Christopher Island, and gives commentary on Franklin Graham’s speech from the steps of the capitol in Tallahassee.

  • Dr. Robert Norton TRUNEWS 01/11/16 – Dr. Robert Norton -

    Rick gives a commentary on the world financial crisis and talks to Dr. Robert Norton who outlines the potential for food and agri-terrorism attacks.

  • Theodore Karasik TRUNEWS 01/08/16 – Theodore Karasik -

    Rick opens with the stunning Kuwaiti news report that Barack Obama is plotting to replace Ban Ki Moon as U.N. Secretary General. Pt. 2 with Theodore Karasik

  • murray_show TRUNEWS 01/07/16 – Robert Murray, Obama’s War on Coal -

    Rick Wiles introduces to the audience Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, and outspoken opponent of the tactics of the Obama Administration against coal.

  • Matt Smith TRUNEWS 01/06/16 – Matt Smith, Poem of a Fractured Nation -

    Rick Wiles greets Lakeland Church Musician, Minister and husband, Matt Smith, to share the prophetic vision he received before Christmas 2015.

  • Larry Pratt TRUNEWS 01/05/16 – Larry Pratt and Rachel Baxter -

    Rick Wiles greets Larry Pratt to discuss gun control. Rachel Baxter joins Rick to share a prophetic message about false flags and the start of World War III

  • Jim Willie TRUNEWS 01/04/16 – Jim Willie ‘The Reset Has Begun’ -

    Rick Wiles is joined by Jim Willie, the Author of the Hat Trick Newsletter &, to discuss economic fascism and the global financial reset.

  • James “Ace” Lyons Jr. TRUNEWS 01/01/16 – Maj. Gen. Jerry Curry & Adm. James “Ace” Lyons Jr. -

    Rick Wiles greets U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jerry Curry, and Adm. James “Ace” Lyons Jr. to discuss the moral decay of America, and Obama's connection to terror.

  • Alex Abella TRUNEWS 12/31/15 – Alex Abella, RAND Corp. Exposé -

    Rick Wiles greets New York Times notable Book Author, Alex Abella, the first journalist to ever be granted full access to the elusive RAND Corporation.

  • Tyrone Williams TRUNEWS 12/30/15 – Tyrone Williams ‘To Hell and Back’ -

    Rick Wiles greets Sacramento Barber, Tyrone Williams, to discuss his visions of hell, after he flatlined from a car accident on July 5th, 2001.

  • Dr. Laurence White TRUNEWS 12/29/15 – Dr. Laurence White -

    Rick Wiles greets Dr. Laurence White. Rick and Pastor White will magnify how America has spiritually and physically transformed into Hitler's Nazi Germany.

  • New Wine in The End Times TRUNEWS 12/28/15 – New Wine in The End Times & The Harlot Church -

    Rick Wiles shares prophetic words from The Lord, encapsulating God's vision of New Wine in The End Times, as well as verbally condemning The Harlot Church.

  • Pat Boone TRUNEWS 12/25/15 – Christmas w/ Pat Boone -

    Rick Wiles greets Legendary Singer & Owner of The Golden Label, Pat Boone, to talk about his now, 60 year music career, and the love and power of God.

  • Christmas TRUNEWS 12/24/15 – Christmas Eve -

    Rick Wiles and his Wife Susan greet their Daughter Karissa, her Husband Marshall, their Son Jeremy, his Wife Tiana, converge as a family for Christmas Eve.

  • Joanie Stahl TRUNEWS 12/23/15 – Joanie Stahl -

    Rick Wiles greets Z3News Writer & Self Proclaimed Vassal of The Holy Spirit, Joanie Stahl, to speak about her recent Prophetic Dreams from the Lord.

  • Jessica M. Vaughan TRUNEWS 12/22/15 – Jessica M. Vaughan & Chris Chmielenski -

    Jessica M. Vaughan & Chris Chmielenski dissect impending disaster facing the United States through the unmitigated influx of illegal mass migration

  • Dr. Ted Baehr TRUNEWS 12/21/15 – Dr. Ted Baehr & Trace Embry -

    Rick, Dr. Ted Baehr & Trace Embry discuss how electronics are ravaging the minds of the millennial generation. Rick also talks about Islamic Extremism.

  • Stephen Quayle TRUNEWS 12/18/15 – Stephen Quayle -

    Stephen Quayle discusses the shocking revelations exposed in his new book "Empire Beneath The Ice: How The Nazis Won World War II"

  • Monckton TRUNEWS 12/17/15 – Lord Christopher Monckton & Mark Morano -

    Lord Monckton & Mark Morano on Agenda 2030, Climate Change fraud, and the COP21. Round table on Fed Reverse repo scam & World War 3 escalations.

  • Mike Huckabee TRUNEWS 12/16/15 – Mike Huckabee & Terry Sacka -

    Rick Wiles greets Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee, to discuss the muslim migration crisis & Terry Sacka to talk about the Feds rate hike.

  • John Guandolo TRUNEWS 12/15/15 – John Guandolo -

    John Guandolo, to explain how radical muslims have successfully infiltrated the United States Government and are planning 'Zero Hour' attacks.

  • Avi Lipkin TRUNEWS 12/14/15 – Avi Lipkin - On the Monday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles greets Israeli Avi Lipkin to the Trunews office, on the last day of his U.S. speaking tour. Avi answered a wide range of Middle East-related questions posed by Rick, Doc Burkhart, and Bob Biermann. Avi offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of Islam is the number […]
  • trunews_pic TRUNEWS 12/11/15 – TRUNEWS Roundtable - On the Friday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles and the team discuss the sobering headlines from the day, including the latest updates on possible terror preparations in the Midwest, and the increasing tensions in the Middle East. Download MP3
  • trunews_pic TRUNEWS 12/10/15 – TRUNEWS Roundtable - On the Thursday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles is joined by members of the TRUNEWS team as they discuss the latest ministry developments, before diving deep into the latest headlines and the stories behind them. Download MP3
  • Katherine_Albrecht_Paul_Cole_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 12/09/15 – Dr. Katherine Albrecht and Paul Cole - On the Wednesday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles welcomes two dynamic guests. In Part 1, listener favorite and long-time TRUNEWS ministry friend, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, joins Rick in the studio to discuss the now common acceptance of microchip technology, and also to share regarding her children’s book ‘I Won’t Take the Mark’. In part two, […]
  • TRUNEWS_ROUNDTABLE TRUNEWS 12/08/15 – TRUNEWS Roundtable - On this Tuesday edition of program, host Rick Wiles and the Trunews team cover the latest news stories and respond to the recent remark by Donald Trump to ‘ban Muslims’ from entry into the US. Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS_ROUNDTABLE TRUNEWS 12/07/15 – TRUNEWS Roundtable - Rick and the in-house Trunews team devote the hour to a lively discussion of late-breaking news: The Supreme Court’s semi-automatic rifle decision, Londoners shouting a politically-correct slogan to a Muslim as he slashes throats of innocent people in a subway train station, and Vladimir Putin’s order to have his Doomsday plane ready in two weeks. […]
  • Senator_Mike_Bell_Jack_Jack_Devine_CIA_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 12/04/15 – Tennessee Senator Mike Bell and Jack Devine - Rick goes ballistic on the establishment news media’s feeding frenzy inside the house of the two jihadists who murdered 14 Americans in California. Tennessee State Senator Mike Bell comments on the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s political correctness absurdity by attempting to regulate campus Christmas parties. Later in the program, former Acting Director of the CIA Jack […]
  • Professor_Alan_Sked_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 12/03/15 – Alan Sked - In segment one, Rick and the Trunews team outline the common thread of insanity connecting the LGBT movement, Islamic extremism, and the radical left. In segment two, London School of Economics professor and UKIP founder, Alan Sked, joins Rick to discuss the nefarious history and precarious future of the European Union. Professor Alan Sked | […]
  • Canon_Andrew_White_Keith_Fournier_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 12/02/15 – Canon Andrew White and Keith Fournier - Rick opens the program with the latest news updates from the Russian defense ministry’s proof of Turkey’s illegal oil smuggling, the Hungarian Prime Minister exposing a secret plan to resettle refugees to Europe, and the continuing destruction of the United States under our jihadist President. In Part 2, Anglican Canon Andrew White gives an update […]
  • Dr_Joanthen_Hansen_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 12/01/15 – Dr. Jonathan Hansen (Part 2) - Rick opens the program with a powerful 15-minute update of the latest news from World War III now underway in Syria. In Part 2, Dr. Jonathan Hansen returns to discuss the prophetic vision he received many years ago about an invasion of the USA. Dr. Jonathan Hansen | World Ministries International Download MP3
  • Dr_Joanthen_Hansen_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/30/15 – Dr. Jonathan Hansen - On this Monday edition of Trunews, Rick and the team spend the first segment of the program recapping the breathtaking events talking place in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere – All of which are pointing to major global conflict on the horizon. In part two, Rick is joined by Dr. Jonathan Hansen of World […]
  • Jim & Rick Wiles TRUNEWS 11/27/15 – Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show Pt. 2 - In a continuation of yesterday’s program, this Friday edition of Trunews features select excerpts from Rick Wiles’ most recent appearance on the Jim Bakker show. Topics discussed include the prevalent spirit of rebellion in the American church, the demise of United States economic and geopolitical dominance, and the opening acts of WW3 which are taking […]
  • Jim & Rick Wiles TRUNEWS 11/26/15 – Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show - This Thanksgiving Day edition of Trunews features select excerpts from Rick Wiles’ most recent appearance on the Jim Bakker show. Topics discussed include the undeniable threat of an EMP attack on the U.S., end time earth changes, ISIS infiltration of the West, and much more. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/25/15 – Rev. Douglas Bazi - Rick’s newscast includes an unconfirmed report that Israeli jets destroyed Russian-built missiles near Damascus, Syria. He revisits a September 27, 2012 interview with Avi Lipkin who talked about Barack Obama’s scheme to import millions of Middle Eastern Muslims into the USA. In Part 2, Rick talks with Rev. Douglas Bazi, a Chaldean Catholic Church pastor, […]
  • David_Limbaugh_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/24/15 – David Limbaugh - Rick reiterates today his adamant belief that World War III has begun. Rick is joined in the studio by two Trunews team members to discuss the stunning news that Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, killed the pilots, and blew up a rescue helicopter. In Part 2, author David Limbaugh discusses his journey to the […]
  • Robert_Jeffress_TRUNEWS_ TRUNEWS 11/23/15 – Pastor Robert Jeffress - As we start a new week here on TRUNEWS, program host Rick Wiles welcomes special guest, Pastor Robert Jeffress, of First Baptist Church of Dallas. Pastor Jeffress has gained media attention lately because of his outspoken stand regarding radical Islam and the security of the US border. Robert Jeffress | Pathway to Victory Download MP3
  • Logan_Albright_Charlie_Daniels_TRUNEWS_2 TRUNEWS 11/20/15 – Charlie Daniels and Logan Albright - Country Music legend Charlie Daniels stops by Trunews to express his opinion about Islamic terrorism, the refugee resettlement program, and political correctness. Freedom Works policy analyst Logan Albright alerts Rick about a proposed IRS regulation to require churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations to supply to the IRS the names, addresses, and SSNs of donors. Charlie […]
  • SQ1 TRUNEWS 11/19/15 – Steve Quayle - Rick returns to the studio today, and hosts another ministry roundtable with TRUNEWS staff. The focus of the first half of the program is the infiltration of ISIS into the US; the conclusion is they are already here! In the second half, Steve Quayle joins the conversation, and together with Rick challenge the church in […]
  • Mario_Murillo_TRUNEWS2 TRUNEWS 11/18/15 – Mario Murillo - On the Wednesday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles talks with Evangelist Mario Murillo, who provides an update on the recent revival and outpouring in Branson, Missouri. They also discuss the state of the modern church in light of rapidly escalating end times events. Mario Murillo | Ministry Website Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS_ROUNDTABLE2 TRUNEWS 11/17/15 – TRUNEWS Roundtable - On the Tuesday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles welcomes back friends and staff to discuss the latest fallout from the Paris Terror attacks. Joining the program in the first half is Terry Sacka, who gives his take on the impact of world events on markets. In Part Two, Rick welcomes TRUNEWS Headlines anchor Kelly […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/16/15 – Ministry & World News Update - On the Monday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles is joined by staff members and friends as he introduces the ministry’s latest addition, News Director Bob Page. Silver analyst Terry Sacka also joins in on the discussion, as the group weighs the impact of the Paris Terror attack as it relates to decisions being made […]
  • Mark_Davidson TRUNEWS 11/13/15 – Mark Davidson and Chris Mantei - On this Friday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick is joined by Mark Davidson and Chris Mantei for an in-depth discussion on prophecy. The conversation centers on the book of Daniel and in particular, Mark Davidson’s book “Daniel Revisted: Discovering the Four Mideast Signs Leading to the Antichrist.” Mark Davidson | The Four Signposts Chris Mantei | […]
  • Paul_Mucguire_Troy_Anderson_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/12/15 – Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire - On today’s program, Rick spends the hour with Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire, authors of “Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery.” The interview delves into the the powerful forces at work to create a global government, cashless society, and universal religion as predicted by the prophets of old. Paul McGuire | Official […]
  • John_Ramirez_TRUNEWS_2 TRUNEWS 11/11/15 – John Ramirez - Why did the U.S. Navy test-fire two ballistic missiles last week off the California coast? Rick suggests one possibility today. He replays a segment of an interview recorded earlier this year in which a specific date was seen in a dream. In Part 2, former Satanist John Ramirez talks about his new book Unmasking the […]
  • Steve_Quayle_Peter_Navaro_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/10/15 – Steve Quayle and Peter Navarro - Geopolitical commentator Steve Quayle joins Rick today to discuss the unprecedented preparations for nuclear war. In Part 2, University of California-Irvine Professor Peter Navarro – author of Crouching Tiger – talks with Rick about China’s aggressive military buildup. Steve Quayle | Official Website Peter Navarro | Crouching Tiger Download MP3
  • Trevor_Loudon_Dr_Kirk_Elliott_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/09/15 – Trevor Loudon and Dr. Kirk Elliott - Is Senator Bernie Sanders a harmless socialist who wants social equality or is he a hardcore communist? Communist-watcher Trevor Loudon tells Rick the true story about Bernie Sanders. In Part 2, Dr. Kirk Elliott and Rick discuss the precarious state of the global financial system. Trevor Loudon | Official Website Dr. Kirk Elliott | Processing […]
  • Dr_Paul_Jehle_Dr_Tody_Walsh_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/06/15 – Dr. Paul Jehle and Dr. Toby Walsh - Plymouth Rock Foundation Executive Director Dr. Paul Jehle and Rick talk about the Biblical roots of America, the erosion of God’s influence in the lives of modern citizens, and the imperative for revival to save the Republic. In Part 2, Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Toby Walsh calls in from Australia to tell Rick why thousands […]
  • Dane_Wigington_Yigal_Carmon_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/05/2015 – Dane Wigington and Yigal Carmon - Geoengineering whistleblower Dane Wigington returns to answer Rick’s questions about the Daily Mail report that U.K. military scientists are conducting research on infecting spider webs with Ebola and Plague. In Part 2, former Israeli counter-terrorism advisor Yigal Carmon tells Rick that Iran never ratified Barack Obama’s nuclear deal. He said the U.S. news media is […]
  • Steven_Coughlin_Sharia_Patrick_Poole_PJ_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/04/15 – Stephen Coughlin and Patrick Poole - Rick’s guests today are Mr. Stephen Coughlin, former Pentagon expert on Sharia law, and PJ Media journalist Patrick Poole. Today’s topic is the unprecedented mass migration of Muslims out of Northern Africa and the Middle East into Western nations. Stephen Coughlin | International Assessment and Strategy Center Patrick Poole | Unconstrained Analytics Download MP3
  • Will_Potter_CMU_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/03/15 – Will Potter - Investigative journalist Will Potter gives Rick an update on the U.S. Federal government’s new prisons known as CMUs (Communications Management Units). This is a must-hear interview. Also, Columbian missionary Russell Martin Stendall gives Rick a brief report on his missionary work and recent kidnappings. Will Potter | Official Website Download MP3
  • Dane_Wiginton_Daniel_Fazzina_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 11/02/15 – Dane Wiginton and Daniel Fazzina - As we start a brand new week on the program, TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles talks with extreme weather expert Dane Wigington as they sort through the layers of lies that the climate change movement continues to promote; then, in part two, Daniel Fazzina, host of “Divine Intervention” joins the program to talk about true-to-life miracles […]
  • Carl_Teichrib_Pastor_Jamie_Morgan TRUNEWS 10/30/15 – Carl Teichrib and Pastor Jamie Morgan - Forcing Change’s Carl Teichrib gives Rick an update on his attendance at the world Parliament of religions in Salt Lake City. In part two, Pastor Jamie Morgan tells Rick why she advises her Assemblies of God congregation to abstain from Halloween festivities. Carl Teichrib | Forcing Change Pastor Jamie Morgan | Life Church | Williamstown, […]
  • Pete_Hoekstra_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/29/15 – Pete Hoekstra -

    Rick blasts Chick-fil-a over the Southern Baptist company’s betrayal of Biblical principles by donating to LGBT activities. Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra tells Rick that Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over the destruction of Libya.

  • Kevin_Shipp_CIA_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/28/15 – Kevin Shipp -

    Rick Wiles comments on the madness of sending U.S. Green Berets into Syria to fight Russian Spetsnaz and Iranian Revolutionary Guard commandoes. In Part 2, former CIA officer Kevin Shipp responds to Rick’s questioning about the mental stability of Barack Obama.

  • Felix_Imonti_Dr._Peter_Hammond TRUNEWS 10/27/15 – Felix Imonti and Dr. Peter Hammond -

    Rick questions Barack Obama’s mental stability in light of the news that the U.S. Navy provoked China today in the South China Sea, and will send U.S. Special Forces to Syria to kill Russian Spetsnaz commandoes. Geopolitical commentator Felix Imonti tells Rick about Latin American mercenaries in Yemen fighting for Saudi Arabia. Later in the program, Frontline Fellowship leader Dr. Peter Hammond talks about the pagan origin and occult spiritual meaning of Halloween.

  • Billy_Caldwell_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/26/15 – Billy Caldwell -

    Rick tells us why he thinks 2015 is the winner of the Year of the Weirdest News Headlines. In Part 2, petroleum geologist Dr. Billy Caldwell talks about his book Geology in the Bible.

  • PCTRE TRUNEWS 10/23/15 – Doug Stringer and David Kupelian -

    Rick commends Michael Savage for telling the truth about Barack Obama’s reverse invasion strategy. Doug Stringer tells Rick that The Response events are attracting thousands of Christians to intercede for their nation. In Part 3, investigative journalist David Kupelian and Rick discuss the drugging of the American people and the loss of the nation’s sanity.

  • James_Bailey_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/22/15 – James Bailey - Rick invited editor James Bailey to revisit several prophetic dreams in received in 2014 and 2015. The dreams may provide clues linking Congressional action on the NDAA’s funding of military operations in Ukraine with a U.S. market panic. James Bailey | Z3 News Download MP3
  • Dr. Katherine Albrecht poses in the public library in Nashua, N.H., Monday, July 30, 2007.(AP Photo/Jim Cole) TRUNEWS 10/21/15 – Dr. Katherine Albrecht -

    Privacy rights crusader Dr. Katherine Albrecht and Rick Wiles discuss the recently announced enforcement of the Real ID Act.

  • Bill_Holter_Steve_Stockman TRUNEWS 10/20/15 – Bill Holter and Steve Stockman - Rick opens the program with some bizarre news stories including the CERN super-collider possibly opening a parallel universe. Financial commentator Bill Holter reacts to Harry Dent’s advice last week on Trunews to hold U.S. dollars, not precious metals. Later in the program, former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman bashes the insanity of political correctness. Bill Holter […]
  • Ann_Corcoran_Jessica_Vaughan_Immigration_TRUNEWS_2 TRUNEWS 10/19/15 – Ann Corcoran and Jessica Vaughn - Rick comments on the stunning news story that CIA Director John Brennan uses an AOL account – and it was hacked by a teenager who posted documents on the Internet to prove he was inside the CIA chief’s account. In Part 2, Refugee Resettlement Watch founder Ann Corcoran and Center for Immigration Studies’ policy director […]
  • Ciff_Harris_Climatology TRUNEWS 10/16/15 – Cliff Harris - Rick gives a World War III update regarding Iranian troops in Syria and missiles on launching pads in underground tunnels. Long-range weather forecaster Cliff Harris joins Rick to discuss extreme weather events and Bible prophecies. Cliff Harris | Download MP3
  • Harry_Dent_Peter_Spencer_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/15/15 – Harry Dent and Peter Spencer - Demographic expert and financial advisor Harry Dent tells Rick why he is convinced U.S. markets will suffer a series of dramatic plunges over the next year. Filmmaker Peter Spencer calls in to share with Rick his inspiration to produce the critically acclaimed movie “Return to the Hiding Place.” Harry Dent | Dent Research Peter Spencer […]
  • Terry_Sacka_TRUNEWS_cornerstone TRUNEWS 10/14/15 – Terry Sacka - Rick probe’s Terry Sacka’s knowledge of world events in a wide-ranging one-hour interview. Rick begins the interview asking Mr. Sacka why so many global institutions such as the IMF and Goldman Sachs are suddenly warning that a “third stage” of the global financial crisis will arrive soon. Terry Sacka | Cornerstone Asset Metals Download MP3
  • Mena_Lee_Grebin_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/13/15 – Mena Lee Grebin - Rick’s 2-part interview last May with Charlotte-based Mena Lee Grebin set the all-time record for the most listened-to Trunews programs. Mena Lee Grebin returns for a one-hour chat with Rick to follow-up on her prophetic dreams and visions about chaos in the United States in the last stage of Barack Obama’s second term. Mena Lee […]
  • safe_image TRUNEWS 10/12/15 – Curtis Ellis - Rick opens the program with the latest headlines showing the US and NATO allies are headed for a military confrontation with Russia. This isn’t going to have a pretty ending. In Part 2, globalist-watcher Curt Ellis joins the program to discuss the Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty’s serious threat to national sovereignty. Curtis Ellis | […]
  • Zachary_King_Satanist_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/09/15 – Zachary King - On this Friday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick first covers the latest news before being joined by former Satanist, Zachary King, who shares about his 26-years in the occult and his involvement in ritual abortions. After joining a coven at 10 years of age, King spent his adolescence and adulthood ascending the ranks of the dark […]
  • Stephen_Coughlin_TRUNEWS_Shariah_Islam_Jihad TRUNEWS 10/08/15 – Stephen Coughlin - After expanding on the comments he made yesterday concerning the quickly changing legal landscape of journalism in the U.S., Rick is joined by Islam and Sharia law expert, Stephen Coughlin, to discuss to the deliberate foreign policy shift of the United States to embrace radical Islam. Mr. Coughlin is the author of “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding […]
  • andrew_hoffman_trunews TRUNEWS 10/07/15 – Andy Hoffman - Rick gives an update on the Russian military offensive against ISIS jihadists who have butchered Christians. He also discusses Matt Drudge’s stunning revelation to Alex Jones. In Part 2, precious metals expert Andrew Hoffman and Rick discuss the ongoing meltdown of the Post-World War II financial system. Andrew Hoffman | Miles Franklin Download MP3
  • Lt_Gen_Jerry_Boykin_Paul_Louis_Cole_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/06/15 – Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.) and Paul Louis Cole - Rick opens the program with the question, “Why aren’t American Christians supporting Russia’s attack on ISIS jihadists who are beheading Christians?” Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin comments on the rising number of violent attacks on Christians in America. Christian Men’s Network president Paul Louis Cole calls in from Berlin, Germany to report how the Holy […]
  • United States Secretary of State John Kerry (L) meets with Mohammad Javad Zarif,  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, at the United Nations in New York, September 26, 2015. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith Iran Bomb Brokers Contenders for Nobel Peace Prize - (REUTERS)- The team of negotiators behind the Iran-world powers nuclear deal, which was agreed on July 14, could be a contender for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The secretive five-member Norwegian committee will announce the winner of the eight million Swedish crown ($955,000) prize on Friday (October 9) at 0900 GMT. Nobel Prizes in years […]
  • Nigel_Farage_Edward_Klein_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/05/15 – Nigel Farage and Edward Klein - Rick gives an update on the Russian-Chinese-Iranian war in Syria. UKIP leader Nigel Farage calls in from Great Britain to report on the ongoing campaign to compel the British government to hold a referendum on exiting the European Union. Later in the program, author Edward Klein discusses accusations that Hillary Clinton possesses a volatile temperament […]
  • Sovereign_Man_Simon_Black_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/02/15 – Simon Black - Rick rips the silence of Barack Obama, the establishment news media, and the Democratic Party Far Left over the execution of Christian students yesterday in Roseburg, Oregon. He asks, “Do white Protestant Christian lives matter?” Rick also wants to know if the gunman was a frequent visitor to Rick also reports that Chinese fighter […]
  • Bradlee_Dean_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 10/01/15 – Bradlee Dean - Rick opens the program with the question, “Is Ezekiel 38’s prophecy on the verge of being fulfilled in Syria?” In Part 2, youth evangelist Bradley Dean and Rick energetically discuss the complacency of many Christians as world headlines shout Biblical prophecies, and the summoning of the Saints of God to shine brightly for Jesus Christ […]
  • Jim_Willie_TRUNEWS_this_month TRUNEWS 09/30/15 – Jim Willie Pt. 2 - Rick recently recorded nearly two hours with statistical analyst Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter. Topics include the takedown of Glencore and Volkswagen, the Fed’s hidden $1 Trillion of QE per month, the impact of Iranian oil on oil prices, Vlad Putin’s checkmate of Barack Obama’s Syrian War strategy, the shortage of physical […]
  • Jim_WIllie_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 09/29/15 – Jim Willie Pt. 1 - Rick recently recorded nearly two hours with statistical analyst Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter. Topics include the takedown of Glencore and Volkswagen, the Fed’s hidden $1 Trillion of QE per month, the impact of Iranian oil on oil prices, Vlad Putin’s checkmate of Barack Obama’s Syrian War strategy, the shortage of physical […]
  • Grunge flag of United nations, image is overlaying a detailed grungy texture TRUNEWS 09/28/15 – United Nations Round Table: Gary Kah, Curtis Ellis, Tom DeWeese, and Alex Newman - Rick gathers a panel of four experts to discuss the recent UN summit on sustainable development and Agenda 2030. The panelists are Gary Kah, Curtis Ellis, Tom DeWeese, and Alex Newman. Gary Kah | Official Website Curtis Ellis | American Jobs Alliance Tom DeWeese | American Policy Center Alex Newman | The New American Download […]
  • Kim_Hilton_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 09/25/15 – Kim Hilton - On this Friday edition of TRUNEWS, Author and Bible teacher Kim Hilton shares two recent prophetic messages she recently received for the Body of Christ. Kim Hilton | Official Website Download MP3
  • jimmarrs2 TRUNEWS 09/24/15 – From JFK to Agenda 2030 with Jim Marrs - Rick’s guest today is veteran investigative journalist Jim Marrs. Rick and Jim discuss a wide variety of topics including population control, fascism, Agenda 2030, and the JFK assassination. Jim Marrs | A View from Marrs Download MP3
  • Cliff_Kincaid_Rick_Rule_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 09/23/15 – Cliff Kincaid & Rick Rule - Conservative journalist Cliff Kincaid and Rick discuss the establishment news media’s outrage over Dr. Ben Carson’s comments that he would not support a Muslim for President. In Segment 2, Sprott USA Holdings Inc. CEO Rick Rule shares with Rick his perspective on the state of the global economy. Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy In Media Rick […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/22/15 – Dr. Stephanie Seneff & Naghmeh Abedini - In Segment 1, Rick talks about the convergence of the financial crash cycle, the war cycle, the sunspot cycle, and other cycles – and how they explain the “gloom and doom” attitude that grips the world today. In Segment 2, MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the harmful effects of glysophate in Monsanto’s Roundup. In […]
  • hqdefault TRUNEWS 09/21/15 – Rob Kirby - Rick’s top headlines today include Benjamin Netanyahu’s rare trip to Moscow. Is there a Russian-Israeli alliance forming? He also discusses China and Britain’s stunning announcement today about possibly merging the London and Shanghai stock markets. In Part 2, Toronto-based financial analyst Rob Kirby tells Rick that the game is over for the U.S. Federal Reserve. […]
  • Rick_Wiles_Jim_Bakker TRUNEWS 09/18/15 – Rick Wiles at the Ready Now Expo Pt. 2 - On the Friday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles presents a second day of television highlights from the recent Ready Now Expo sponsored by “The Jim Bakker Show.” Download MP3
  • Rick_Wiles_Jim_Bakker TRUNEWS 09/17/15 – Rick Wiles at the Ready Now Expo - Recently, TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles had the opportunity to join with other watchmen from around the country to discuss signs and preparation for events occurring in the fall of 2015. This was part of the Ready Now Expo hosted by The Jim Bakker Show. Download MP3
  • Phil Robertson, left, and Al Robertson address the crowd at Calvary Church in Hilltown during a question-and-answer event May 10. Photo courtesy of Teri Klinger TRUNEWS 09/16/15 – Phil & Al Robertson - Duck Dynasty stars Phil Robertson and Al Robertson tell Rick why they refuse to be intimidated by the establishment news media, Hollywood, and leftist political thugs who despise Christianity. Phil & Alan Robertson | Duck Commander Download MP3
  • 562x3161386275135MarioMurillo_562x316 TRUNEWS 09/15/15 – Evangelist Mario Murillo - Rick discusses North Korea’s threat to nuke America, Pope Francis’ visit to the UN, and Agenda 2030. Evangelist Mario Murillo calls in from Branson Missouri to call upon Christian saints to rise up in the strength of Jesus Christ to respond to the onslaught of evil unleashed by Hell. Mario Murillo annually conducts approximately 50 […]
  • Gerald_Celente_Jim_Roger_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 09/14/15 – Gerald Celente & Jim Rogers - Rick kicks off the first Trunews edition on Sirius XM satellite radio with Trends Research publisher Gerald Celente and international investor Jim Rogers. Gerald Celente | Trends Research Institute Jim Rogers | Official Website Download MP3
  • John_Price TRUNEWS 09/11/15 – John Price - Former Indiana attorney John Price – author of End of America – calls in from Costa Rica. John shares his perspective on what the persecution of Kim Davis means for the rest of the Christians in America. John Price | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/10/15 – Andrew Gause - In part 1, Rick revisits an unusual interview he recorded last summer in which an anonymous Wall Street insider relayed a plan he heard from a 4-Star General to release the bubonic plague as a pretext for crashing the economy, enacting martial law, and ultimately replacing the dollar. In part 2, monetary historian Andy Guase […]
  • Terry_Sacka_Bo_Polny TRUNEWS 09/09/15 – Terry Sacka and Bo Polny - Rick breaks down America’s metamorphosis into the end time entity known as Mystery Babylon. Following this, Cornerstone Asset Metals founder Terry Sacka stops by the TRUNEWS studio to expand on the accelerating global economic paradigm shift and how people can protect themselves. In part 3, Bo Polny returns to the program to provide his prognosis […]
  • Dr-Paul-Williams TRUNEWS 09/08/15 – Dr. Paul Williams - Rick explains why he is at full alert this month. He is particularly troubled by the unusual disabling of air surveillance systems over the Southeastern USA this month. In Part 2, Dr. Paul Williams talks about preparedness when plans fail. Dr. Paul Williams | When All Plans Fail Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS 9/7/15 Arthur Blessitt | “Walking the World For Christ” - On this special Labor Day edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles share one of the most compelling interviews of the past year: Arthur Blessitt, who has literally taken the cross around the world. Arthur Blessitt | Website Download MP3 How To Listen To TRUNEWS Here on our show pages, there are two ways to listen […]
  • Harvey_Organ_Pastor_Rick_Hertless TRUNEWS 09/04/15 – Harvey Organ & Pastor Rick Hertless - In part 1, Rick extrapolates on Barack Obama’s ongoing cultural revolution and the spirit of lawless being invoked by America’s sinister leader. Then in part 2, precious metals pundit Harvey Organ drops by for a gold and silver update. Lastly, Pastor Rick Hertless joins the program to discuss the prayer gathering he’s hosting next week […]
  • Col_Allen_West TRUNEWS 09/03/15 – Lt. Colonel Allen West (Ret.) - Rick denounces the outrageous jailing of an elected Kentucky county court clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. It is the beginning of the criminalization of Christianity in Mystery Babylon, formerly known as the United States of America. Retired Lt. Colonel Allen West comments in Part 2 about Chinese warships off the […]
  • HarryDent TRUNEWS 09/02/15 – Harry Dent - Rick shares his personal perspective on the likelihood of a devastating series of market plunges over the next 12 months that will wipe out 75% to 90% of the Dow Jones. Demographic expert Harry Dent joins the 2nd part of today’s program with stunning predictions about a mega-crash by early 2017, and suggestions on how […]
  • Dr_Theresa_Deisher_Rev_Frank_Pavone TRUNEWS 09/01/15 – Dr. Theresa Deisher & Rev. Frank Pavone - Rick connects multiple “death crosses” on Wall Street to Planned Parenthood’s baby butcher shops and fetal meat markets. Judgment is rendered. Innocent blood demands justice. Dr. Theresa Deisher tells Rick that vaccine’s contain contaminants from the cells and DNA of aborted babies. Priests for Life leader Rev. Frank Pavone joins the program in Part 3 […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/31/15 – Mena Lee Grebin - On the Monday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick features a segment of one of our most popular broadcasts of recent months. Mena Lee Grebin shares her heart and the vision that the Lord gave her regarding the impending judgement on America, and host Rick Wiles provides updated commentary and insight on what has happened since Mena […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/28/15 – John Shorey - Bible prophecy teacher John Shorey – author of The Window of the Lord’s Return – and Rick discuss fast-moving world events as we move toward the end of the 7-year Shemitah cycle and into a Year of Jubilee in September, the dangerously fragile state of the world’s financial system, and push for global governance. Rick […]
  • Admiral_James_Lyons_Richard_Fisher_Janice_Stillman TRUNEWS 08/27/15 – Adm. James Lyons (Ret.), Richard Fisher, and Janice Stillman - Retired U.S. Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and national security policy expert Richard Fisher, tell Rick why Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran must be stopped. They also talk about China’s rapidly expanding military power – including space-based weaponry. In Part 2, Old Farmer’s Almanac editor Janice Stillman tells […]
  • Gen_Vallely_LTC_Haney_Kendrick_Brothers TRUNEWS 08/26/15 – Pt. 1: Alex & Stephen Kendrick | Pt. 2: Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) & Lt. Col. Dennis Haney (Ret.) - After briefly covering the ongoing disintegration of the global financial system, Rick welcomes brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick to discuss their prescient new film, “War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Weapon.” Then in part 2, ) Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) and Lt. Col. Dennis Haney (Ret.) join the program to shed some light on […]
  • Bill_Holter_Alveda_King TRUNEWS 08/25/15 – Bill Holter and Dr. Alveda King - Rick explains that Wall Street got its “dead cat bounce” today for most of the day before the corpse fell back on the pavement. No amount of QE will revive this kitty. Precious metals expert Bill Holter joins Rick in Part 2 to give us his perspective on the ongoing financial meltdown, and the possibility […]
  • Rick_Wiles TRUNEWS 08/24/15 – Rick Wiles - Rick goes solo on Monday’s edition of TRUNEWS, first addressing the steep slump in global financial markets and how it’s potentially connected to a series of mysterious explosions that have occurred in China, Russia, and now at a U.S. military installation in Japan. In part 2, Rick discusses an essential list of items that should […]
  • rick-wiles-evening-service-2-630x420 TRUNEWS 08/21/15 – Rick on the Jim Bakker Show Pt. 3 - In this Friday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick opens the program by covering an array of news items including the massive sell off in U.S. markets, the unraveling of Hillary Clinton’s treasonous conduct while Secretary of State, Kim Jung-Un’s preparations for war, and much more. Then in part 2, more previously un-aired excerpts from Rick’s most […]
  • Larry_Edelson_Chris_Carolan TRUNEWS 08/20/15 – Larry Edelson and Chris Carolan - Today’s program covers the precarious condition of the global financial system. In part 1, Rick speaks with Money and Markets expert Larry Edelson on the looming sovereign debt crisis. In Part 2, Elliott Wave International’s Asian and European forecast editor Chris Carolan shares his insight with Rick about his financial projections for 2015 and beyond. […]
  • Joe_Schimmel_Joel_Richardson TRUNEWS 08/19/15 – Joe Schimmel & Joel Richardson - Pastor Joe Schimmel and Bible prophecy teacher discuss the historical origins of the secret pre-tribulation rapture false doctrine. Left Behind or Led Astray Download MP3
  • Rick_Wiles_Jim_Bakker TRUNEWS 08/18/15 – Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show Pt. 2 - With Rick returning from Branson, Missouri and the Ready Now Expo, TRUNEWS presents part two of his recent appearance on The Jim Bakker Show, with content that did not make it to the television broadcast. Download MP3
  • Rick_Wiles_Jim_Bakker TRUNEWS 08/17/15 – Rick Wiles on the Jim Bakker Show - With Rick in Missouri to speak at Jim Bakker’s Ready Now Expo, today’s program features select excerpts from his most recent appearance on the Jim Bakker show. Download MP3
  • David_Barton_George_Barna_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 08/14/15 – George Barna and David Barton - Is it too late for America to make a U-turn and avoid falling into the trash bin of world history? Historian David Barton and religious researcher George Barna talk with Rick about their new book “U-turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots. Rick also talks with attorney Jeremy Dys about the City of […]
  • Pastor_Shane_Warren_Erik_Castleberg TRUNEWS 08/13/15 – Pastor Shane Warren & Dr. Erik Castleburg - Today’s program features two important interviews recorded in Fall 2012. Each guest experienced prophetic dreams about America and/or Barack Obama’s role in bringing destruction to the nation. The first interview is with Pastor Shane Warren. The second interview is with Dr. Erik Castleburg. Rick believes both prophetic dreams must be heard again in 2015. Pastor […]
  • Katherine_Short_Larry_Grossman1 TRUNEWS 08/12/15 – Catherine Short & Larry Grossman - Rick’s opening remarks highlight preparations by NATO members and Russia, China, and Iran for World War III. His guest in Part 2 is attorney Catherine Short who is representing the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life group that documented Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby parts. In Part 3, Sovereign International Pension Services director Larry […]
  • JohnRamirez TRUNEWS 08/11/15 – John Ramirez - Rick opens the program with his thoughts about the projection of a Hindu goddess’ image onto the Empire State Building. In Part 2, former Satanist John Ramirez tells Rick about his days as a Santeria overlord in New York City, and his conversion to Jesus Christ. John’s new book will be released next month: Unmasking […]
  • 041411_fb_pento_FBN_041411_12-12 TRUNEWS 08/10/15 – Michael Pento - Rick welcomes financial analyst and listener favorite, Michael Pento, to the program in part 1. In part 2, Rick reviews an important program from December 2014 regarding world events we are seeing unfold now. Michael Pento | Pento Portfolio Strategies Download MP3
  • Tom_DeWeese_Mark_Hancook TRUNEWS 08/07/15 – Tom DeWeese & Mark Hancock - Rick opens the program with a warning that the global financial system’s indicator lights are flashing red. In Part 2, American Policy Center President Tom DeWeese talks with Rick about the Marxist roots of Agenda 21. In Part 3, Trail Life USA chief executive officer Mark Hancock tells Rick why Trail Life is the Biblical […]
  • Clayton Jennings TRUNEWS 08/06/15 – Clayton Jennings - Rick’s guest today is the dynamic young evangelist Clayton Jennings. Clayton tells Rick that Millennials are searching for God as Western society becomes more debased and superficial. Clayton’s passion for Jesus Christ shines in this interview. Clayton Jennings | Official Website Download MP3
  • James_Wolsey_Peter_Vincent_Pry2 TRUNEWS 08/05/15 – R. James Woolsey & Dr. Peter Vincent Pry - Former CIA director R. James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry join Rick for a chilling and indepth conversation about the very real threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse attack on North America. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry | EMPact America James Woolsey, Jr. | Foundation for Defense of Democracies Download MP3
  • Jonathan_Falwell_Alex_Newman TRUNEWS 08/04/15 – Alex Newman and Rev. Jonathan Falwell - New American magazine investigative journalist Alex Newman tells Rick that the Obamanista regime is training Chinese PLA soldiers on American military bases. In Part 2, Rev. Jonathan Falwell tells Rick that Thomas Road Baptist Church will never conduct same-sex marriages. Alex Newman | The New American Rev. Jonathan Falwell | Thomas Road Baptist Church Download […]
  • Charles_Hugh_Smith_Steve_Stockman TRUNEWS 08/03/15 – Former Rep. Steve Stockman & Charles Hugh Smith - Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman and Rick discuss the outrageous news that the Obamanista regime will prosecute Navy Lt. Commander Timothy White for firing his personal Glock inside a federal facility while trying to stop Muslim jihadist Mohammad Youssef Abdulaleeze’s slaughter of four Marines and a sailor. In Part 2, financial blogger Charles Hugh Smith […]
  • trunews pic TRUNEWS 07/31/15 – “Stephen in Panama” - With Rick on the road in Branson with The Jim Bakker Show, TRUNEWS welcomes listener favorite ‘Stephen in Panama’ as guest host. Along with his ministry partner David, the two discuss the challenges and the blessings that families have encountered as they have been obedient to the Holy Spirit to leave the United States, and […]
  • Nathan_Leal TRUNEWS 07/30/15 – Nathan Leal - Watchman’s Cry prophetic voice Nathan Leal is Rick’s guest today for the full program. Rick opens the interview with the question, “Will America’s watchmen be unemployed soon?” Rick’s view is that a nation doesn’t need watchmen after divine judgment has started. Nathan describes some of the dreams he has experienced about a massive financial collapse. […]
  • Jim_Willie TRUNEWS 07/29/15 – Jim Willie - Rick devotes the full one-hour to delivering a blockbuster interview with financial analyst Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter. Jim discusses the rapid drying of the Treasury bond liquidity market, the introduction of a new U.S. currency very soon, the BRICS challenge to the London-New York financial power base, criminal activity in financial […]
  • Dr_Kent_Hoving_R_Scott_Clark TRUNEWS 07/28/15 – Dr. Kent Hovind and Dr. R. Scott Clark - Rick opens the program with a denunciation of Planned Parenthood’s Nazi-like harvest of baby organs from the infants they murdered. In Part 2, Creation science advocate Dr. Kent Hovind tells Rick that God-haters must deny the Creator because they are driven to deny that God will destroy the Earth again as He did in Noah’s […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/27/15 – Pastor Ray Thomann & Dr. Rick Perrin - Rick issues a heads-up warning on a fast-approaching financial crisis. Ray Thomann shares with Rick an urgent prophetic warning given to him last night. In Segment 3, World Reformed Fellowship chairman Dr. Rick Perrin talks with Rick about the three things we must know and do during a financial meltdown. Pastor Ray Thomann | HIA […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/24/15 – Dr. Ephraim Herrera and Rev. Rick Hertless - Rick reveals today that Mr. Obama’s sweetheart deal with Iran obligates the United States to defend Iran against Israel. Islamic jihad expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera calls in to Trunews from Israel to discuss the lunacy of the Obama-Kerry deal that gave Iran everything it demanded. In Part 2, Baptist pastor Rev. Rick Hertless invites Trunews […]
  • Aaron_Klein_Dr_David_Jockers TRUNEWS 07/23/15 – Aaron Klein & Dr. David Jockers - Rick blasts the communist cultural cleansing of American history that is being carried out by the Obamanista revolutionaries. In Part 2, persecuted small businessman Aaron Klein gives the Trunews audience an update on his fight against Oregon’s anti-Christian hostility toward anybody who opposes same-sex marriage. In Part 3, Dr. David Jockers talks with Rick about […]
  • Dr.Robert.McHugh TRUNEWS 07/22/15 – Dr. Robert McHugh - This is a must-listen-to program. Financial analyst Dr. Robert McHugh tells Rick that the world is months away from “the mother of all crashes.” Dr. Robert McHugh | Main Line Investors, Inc. Download MP3
  • Bo_Polny_Chris_Gordon TRUNEWS 07/21/15 – Bo Polny and Pastor Chris Gordon - Rick compares Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby organs to the atrocities committed against humanity by the Nazis. In Part 2, cycles expert Bo Polny tells Rick not to be concerned about the rout in gold prices. Bo says the cycle charts say gold is gearing up to soar through 2016. In Part 3, Pastor […]
  • Bill_Keller_Erich_Pratt_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 07/20/15 – Erich Pratt and Bill Keller - Gun Owners of America executive Erich Pratt discusses the latest Obamanista gun-grabbing scheme to take guns away from 4.2 million Social Security recipients. In Part 2, founder Bill Keller discusses the establishment news media’s vehement bias against Christian viewpoints. Erich Pratt | Gun Owners of America Bill Keller | Download MP3
  • America_Babylon_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 07/17/15 – John Phillips - Rick’s guest today is John Phillips, uncle of Columbine High School martyr Rachel Scott. Rick and John discuss America’s slide into Babylon, the persecution of saints, and the necessity of obeying the Lord’s instructions in the Last Days. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/16/15 – Aaron & Julia Brickman - Rick takes a break today from the usual discussion of world news. Instead, he and close friends Aaron and Julia Brickman talk about the pursuit of God and how each of them hear their Heavenly Father’s voice. Download MP3
  • Gregg_Jackson_Charlie_Smith_SOFTWAR TRUNEWS 07/15/15 – Gregg Jackson & Charlie Smith - In part 1, Rick is joined by a fired up Gregg Jackson to discuss the longstanding strategy of impotence used by the religious right to combat moral degeneracy in the United States. In part 2, journalist and SOFTWAR president Charlie Smith drops by to discuss the current FBI-Encryption debate. Gregg Jackson | Official Website Charlie […]
  • Avi_Lipkin_Larry_Nichols TRUNEWS 07/14/15 – Avi Lipkin & Larry Nichols - Israeli activist Avi Lipkin gives Rick his perspective on Jihad Barry Obama’s sweetheart nuclear deal with Iran. In Part 2, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s nemesis from Arkansas Larry Nichols tells Rick he will haunt the Hillary Clinton campaign throughout 2016 by telling voters what he saw and heard while working with the Clintons when Bill […]
  • TRUNEWS 07/13/15 – Rev. David Manning - Rick welcomes Trunews’ newest big-city affiliate – AM 1100 – in Atlanta, Georgia. He sadly breaks the news that the Pentagon is preparing to integrate transvestites into the Armed Forces. In Part 2, Rev. David Manning joins the discussion about Barack Obama’s satanic assault on America’s morality. In Part 3, longtime missionary Rev. Bill Bathman […]
  • TRUNEWS 07/10/15 TRUNEWS 07/10/15 – TX Rep. Giovanni Capriglione & Juliana Taimoorazy - Texas Representative Giovanni Capriglione reveals to the Trunews audience a stunning new revelation about the Texas gold depository that will be built soon.  In Part 2, Iraqi Christian Relief Council President Juliana Taimoorazy and Rick listen to a portion of a prophecy spoken in Aramaic by a 81-year-old Assyrian Christian grandmother. TX Rep. Giovanni Capriglione […]
  • replace TRUNEWS 07/09/15 – Moshe Greenshpan, Dr. Helen Caldicott, and Robert Alvarez - Rick interviews Israeli software developer Moshe Greenshpan who is marketing the Churchix facial recognition software to American churches. Nuclear expert Robert Alvarez and anti-nuclear campaigner Dr. Helen Caldicott talk with Rick about the current status of the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Moshe Greenshpan | Churchix Facial Recognition/Face-Six Dr. Helen Caldicott | Crisis Without End Robert Alvarez […]
  • holter monckton morano TRUNEWS 07/08/15 – Bill Holter, Lord Monckton & Marc Morano - Financial analyst Bill Holter and Rick discuss the Shanghai stock market crash, the NYSE suspension of trading, and the U.S. Mint’s suspension of the sale of silver coins. In Part 2, Lord Christopher Moncton and Mark Morano discuss Pope Francis’ embrace of the global warming agenda and his call in Quito for the world’s resources […]
  • Nomi_Prins_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 07/07/15 – Nomi Prins - Financial writer Nomi Prins and Rick discuss the breakup of the global financial system, and the likely form of the new system. Nomi Prins | All The President’s Bankers Download MP3
  • Pastor Aubrey Shines TRUNEWS 07/06/15 – Pastor Aubrey Shines - Today’s program opens with a powerful statement by Rick describing what the Lord told him on the Fourth of July about America. In Part 2, Florida Pastor Aubrey Shines tells Rick that Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage has shocked and dismayed Black Christians who voted for him. Pastor Shines said the country is headed […]
  • Final_Neil Howe_5856_HR TRUNEWS 07/03/15 – Neil Howe - On today’s broadcast Rick spends the hour historian, economist, and demographer, Neil Howe. The two discuss the stunning accuracy of Howe’s 1991 co-authored title, “The Fourth Turning: An American Crisis.”. Neil Howe | The Fourth Turning Download MP3
  • Chris_Farrell_Judicial_Watch_Pete_Baklinski_Life_Site_News TRUNEWS 07/02/15 – Chris Farrell and Pete Baklinski - Rick’s guests today are Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell who talks about FBI documents showing that Valerie Jarrett’s family members were hardcore communist agitators, and reporter Pete Baklinksy who tells Rick he was threatened with a lawsuit for reporting that militant homosexuals and lesbians were teaching Toronto-area pre-schoolers disgusting and perverted sexual material. Chris Farrell […]
  • David_Lankford_Paul_Blair_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 07/01/15 – Pastor David Lankford and Pastor Paul Blair - Rick recalls the 2013 prophetic warning by Rev. George Pennicuff that Barack Obama would viciously attack religious freedom in his second term. Rick also shares where Jade Helm 15 is found in the Bible. Evangelist David Lankford calls in to talk about divine chastisement in response to the Supreme Court decision. In Part 3, Oklahoma […]
  • Clare_Lopez_Kim_Riddlebarger TRUNEWS 06/30/15 – Clare Lopez & Dr. Kim Riddlebarger - Rick opens program with somber admonition that American Christians are imminently facing severe persecution. In Part 2, former CIA operations manager Clare Lopez discusses the astounding news that the Obama administration has Shiite Muslim militiamen and American soldiers are sharing an Iraqi military base. In Part 3, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger answers Rick’s questions about the […]
  • Gerald Celente TRUNEWS 06/29/15 – Gerald Celente - Rick reveals what he personally read aloud in Washington D.C. last Friday hours after the Supreme Court issued its Sodom & Gomorrah ruling. In Part 2, Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente and Rick discuss the breakup of the global financial system that is underway. Gerald Celente | Trends Research Institute Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/26/15 – Jim Dodge & Dr. Dale Sides - Is the celestial event on June 30 the reappearance of the Star of Bethlehem? Rick talks with Jim Dodge and Dr. Dale Sides about great signs in the sky in 2015. Jim Dodge | The Christmas Star Dr. Dale Sides | Liberating Ministries for Christ Download MP3
  • 2754-jim-bakker-show-rick-wiles TRUNEWS 06/25/15 – Rick and Jim Bakker - On today’s program Rick presents some previously un-aired excerpts from his appearance on the Jim Bakker show. The Jim Bakker Show Download MP3
  • Chuck_Tatelbaum_John_Barry TRUNEWS 06/24/15 – Chuck Tatelbaum & John Barry - Rick rattles off a list of five big things that will happen next Tuesday – June 30 – including the reappearance of the Bethlehem Star. In Part 2, commercial bankruptcy lawyer Chuck Tatlebaum gives Rick an update on the staggering number of U.S. retailers closing stores. In Part 3, New York Times best-selling author John […]
  • Peter_Eliades_Norm_Geisler TRUNEWS 06/23/15 – Peter Eliades and Dr. Norman Geisler - Rick opens the program commenting on the lunacy of American leaders plotting war with Russia and China. Market cycles expert Peter Eliades shares with Rick his analysis that we are in the final days of a market top, and may enter a historic market low starting this fall that could last for 10 to 15 […]
  • Eric_Sprott_Bill_Holter_Greg_Hunter TRUNEWS 06/22/15 – Eric Sprott, Bill Holter and Greg Hunter - As Greece teeters on bankruptcy and being booted out of the European Union, Rick assembled a panel to discuss the unraveling of the present financial world order. Billionaire Eric Sprott, founder and chairman of Sprott Asset Management, financial analyst Bill Holter, and investigative journalist Greg Hunter join Rick for an informative one-hour discussion of […]
  • William_Jasper_Bob_Chapman2 TRUNEWS 06/19/15 – William Jasper & Dr. Bob Chapman - Rick talks about the insolvency of Greek banks, the Pentagon preparing for a Russian missile attack, and China’s plans to beef up its navy with civilian ships. In Part 2, New American editor William Jasper talks about Barack Obama’s top secret Pacific trade pact. Later in the program, Australian evangelist Bob Chapman and Rick have […]
  • Steve_Hocheberg_Scott_Clark TRUNEWS 06/18/15 – Steven Hochberg & Dr. Scott Clark - Elliott Wave International president Robert Prechter recently issued an ominous warning about a major plunge in the U.S. stock market. Elliott Wave’s chief analyst Steven Hochberg gives Rick the projected date for the market debacle and the magnitude of the crash. Later in the program, theologian and church historian Dr. R. Scott Clark answers questions […]
  • TerryBennett1 TRUNEWS 06/17/15 – Terry Bennett - Terry Bennett returns to give an update on the prophetic message he was given in 2001 about three sets of seven years between 2008 and 2029. Terry believes “shakings” in the political realm will start in August 2015. Terry Bennett Ministries Download MP3
  • John_Whitehead TRUNEWS 06/16/15 – John Whitehead - NATO is building its armament along the Russian border, and Vlad Putin is building more nukes. Is anybody paying attention to this madness? And what about China’s repeated testing of its super-secret nuke-launching glider? On today’s program, Rick also repeats his question: Is the economy on track to repeat 1937’s “depression in a depression”? In […]
  • John_Casey_NASA TRUNEWS 06/15/15 – John Casey - Rick welcomes back the 16-station Life FM radio network that was overwhelmed by emails and phone calls to reinstate Trunews. Rick gives his perspective on the timing of the financial meltdown that is presently underway. In Part 2, former NASA space scientist John Casey tells Rick that Planet Earth has entered a period of heightened […]
  • Bo_Polny_Leslie_Wickman TRUNEWS 06/12/15 – Bo Polny & Dr. Leslie Wickman - Commenting on Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade, Rick said we now know why God calls Jerusalem “Sodom and Gomorrah” in the Last Days. In Part 2, cycles expert Bo Polny tells Rick his financial forecast for 2015-16. Later in the program, space scientist Dr. Leslie Wickman tells Rick why there is no conflict between science and […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/11/15 – Dr. Laurence White - Rick talks about the Bilderberg Boys’ interest in artificial intelligence. He also dives deeply into explaining the magnitude of the global transition we are witnessing, and the challenge to us to carry the Cross regardless of the turbulence in the world. He also briefly talks about his views regarding true Israel and the Chosen People […]
  • Matt_Barber_Bishop_Mark_Kariuki TRUNEWS 06/10/15 – Matt Barber & Bishop Mark Kariuki - Rick celebrates his achievement of being canceled by a radio station after only 3 days on the air. Was it something he said? He also talks about ISIS building a radiological dirty bomb, and how easy it will be to bring it over the Mexican border thanks to Barack Obama. Fukushima radiation over the West […]
  • John_Embry_Mark_Gubrud TRUNEWS 06/09/15 – John Embry and Mark Gubrud - Rick reiterates yesterday’s comments about the danger of expecting a secret pre-tribulation rapture of Christians before persecution arrives in America. In Part 2, Sprott Asset Management’s chief strategist John Embry discusses the disintegration of the existing global financial system. In Part 3, Professor Mark Gubrud talks about artificial intelligent killing machines on battlefields. John Embry […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/08/15 – Bill Holter - Rick opens today’s program with his perspective on the timing of the breakup of the U.S. financial system. In Part 2, financial writer Bill Holter and Rick talk about the disintegration of the old world order and the emergence of the New World Order. Bill Holter | Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/05/15 – Pt. 1: T.D. Hale & Jim Bailey Continued | Pt. 2: Chelsea Hansen - Rick shares the remainder of his conversation with Pastor T.D. Hale and editor James Bailey that was not broadcast yesterday. Rick also gives Trunews supporters an important update on expansion plans. Later in the program, Rick interviews Chelsea Hansen, the mother of a toddler who prophesied that the “King is Coming!” T.D. Hale | […]
  • TD_Hale_James_Bailey_Trunews_Z3News_Prophecy_Dreams_Visions TRUNEWS 06/04/15 – T.D. Hale & Jame Bailey - Pastor T.D. Hale returns to Trunews with a fresh, new prophetic dream about America. editor James Bailey joins the discussion with Rick and Pastor Hale. This is a one-hour conversation you’ve got to hear. T.D. Hale | Calvary Christian Center | Gallipolis, OH James Bailey | Z3 News Download MP3
  • 2754-jim-bakker-show-rick-wiles TRUNEWS 06/03/15 – Rick & Jim Bakker - Last week, God opened the door for Rick to appear on the nationally televised Jim Bakker Show. Today’s edition of TRUNEWS features select highlights from that groundbreaking experience. The Jim Bakker Show Download MP3
  • Chuck Crismier TRUNEWS 06/02/15 – Chuck Crismier - Rick opens the program with his perspective on the competition between the West and East for control of the world in the 21st Century. In Part 2, Viewpoint radio host Chuck Crismier discusses how Barack Obama is repeating history in his persecution of Christians. Chuck Crismier | Save America Ministries Download MP3
  • Chris_Farrell_Mark_Barclay TRUNEWS 06/01/15 – Chris Farrell and Pastor Mark Barclay - It is the biggest scandal in American history, yet nobody whispers it in Washington! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton armed, trained, and funded al-Qaeda and ISIS. It makes the Iran Contra scandal look silly in comparison. At least Ronald Reagan was trying to kill communists in Central America. Judicial Watch official Christopher Farrell, a former […]
  • Trunews Dark Freedom image TRUNEWS 05/29/15 – Chris Steinle - Has the world entered the age of lawlessness as predicted in the Holy Bible? C.W. Steinle returns to Trunews for a power-packed one hour discussion with Rick about the rise of lawlessness in Western nations. Chris Steinle | Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness Download MP3
  • 562x3161386275135MarioMurillo_562x316 TRUNEWS 05/28/15 – Mario Murillo - Bill Gates fears a global plague that kills a billion people. Does Bill know something about the bird flu virus? In Part 2, Mario Murillo lets loose with both barrels firing away at timid and compromising ministers in the Church. He even personally verifies that a major Christian TV network has censored bold preachers from […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/27/15 – Pastor Greg Sempsrott - War with China? War with Russia? Bird flu virus mutation? Rick discusses the news that CNN and Fox News won’t discuss. In Part 2, Pastor Greg Sempsrott shares Biblical insight into the consistent, faithful life of Daniel as a Babylonian captive. Pastor Greg Sempsrott | First Church of God | Vero Beach, FL Download MP3
  • Megan_Heimer_David_Jockers_TRUNEWS TRUNEWS 05/26/15 – Megan Heimer and Dr. David Jockers - As three Jim Bakker Show interviews are televised nationally in America, Rick issues a somber warning today that world war is imminent. Prepare your hearts for a consuming fire. In Part 2, Megan Heimer tells Rick why she thinks Focus on the Family is remiss in promoting the safety of vaccines and by not exposing […]
  • PaddyHereon_AngusBuchan_SundarSelvaraj TRUNEWS 05/25/15 – Paddy Heron, Angus Buchan and Sundar Selveraj - On this Memorial Day edition of TRUNEWS, the theme is calling America back to God, and remembering the heroes of faith gone before. Three voices speaking repentance are present; listener favorite, endtimes Irish evangelist Paddy Herron, South African minister Angus Buchan, author of “Faith Like Potatoes”, and Sundar Selvaraj, a prophetic voice from Chennai, India. […]
  • AnneGrahamLotz_RichardFisher TRUNEWS 05/22/15 – Anne Graham Lotz and Richard Fisher - Anne Graham Lotz opens today’s program with an urgent “Mayday” warning of impending disaster striking America. In Part 2, longtime Washington-insider Richard Fisher talks with Rick about the dangerous showdown that is brewing in the South China Sea between the PLA Navy and the U.S. Navy. Anne Graham Lotz | Angel Ministries Richard Fisher | […]
  • Professor_Ronald_Rychlak TRUNEWS 05/21/15 – Professor Ronald Rychlak - Rick’s guest today is University of Mississippi Professor Ronald Rychlak. He is coauthor of the new book Disinformation. Professor Rychlak coauthored the book with former Romanian intelligence chief General Ion Mihai Pacepa. General Pacepa said the Soviet KGB infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church with communist agents acting as priests, and by promoting Liberation Theology as […]
  • Leaving Babylon TRUNEWS 05/20/15 – Stephen & Dr. Daniel Daves Pt. 2 - On Today’s TRUNEWS, we continue with the conclusion of a two part event “Leaving to Go-With Purpose”. Rick has invited fellow watchmen Stephen from Panama, Dr. Daniel Daves and their in-studio guests to share what God has been saying to each of them individually through dreams and visions about leaving/going from the United States. Stephen […]
  • Leaving Babylon TRUNEWS 05/19/15 – Stephen & Dr. Daniel Daves - With Rick on a ministry assignment, familiar friends join the broadcast for a discussion with the theme “Leaving to Go-With Purpose”. Has God called us to merely leave, or to go with His purpose in mind? Stephen from Panama and Dr. Daniel Daves guest host TRUNEWS with Day 1 of a powerful two part series, […]
  • Testimony TRUNEWS 05/18/15 – Ministry Update & John Nyhan - On today’s TRUNEWS, Rick opens the broadcast with news of opportunities opening for the ministry, then in part two, he is joined in studio with John Nyhan, who shares the dramatic testimony of his miraculous journey from the Episcopal priesthood to a vibrant power-filled life today. Christ Church Vero Beach | Official Website Download MP3
  • DanielAkbari TRUNEWS 05/15/15 – Anonymous Saint & Daniel Akbari - How close are we to a food shortage? Rick talks about the fast-spreading bird flu virus. In Part 2, Rick interviews a covert organizer of secret home cell groups in Muslim countries. In Part 3, Rick talks with a former Iranian lawyer who is an expert in Sharia Law. He tells Rick that Islamic honor […]
  • Ciff_Harris_Climatology TRUNEWS 05/14/15 – Cliff Harris - In part 1, Rick details the buildup of military tension, technology, and rhetoric among the world’s super powers. In part 2, Rick is joined by climatologist Cliff Harris to discuss how long range weather changes are intertwined into Bible Prophecy and why a coming ice age does not stand contrary to the Word of God […]
  • John Kilpatrick TRUNEWS 05/13/15 – Pastor John Kilpatrick - Rick covers the latest developments in the fast-spreading bird flu that is wiping out a substantial portion of our food supply. He also covers the volatility in the bond markets, and the real possibility Greek will be booted out of the Euro zone. Are these developments connected to Jade Helm? In Part 2, Pastor John […]
  • Pastor_Tim_Sims TRUNEWS 05/12/15 – Pastor Timothy Sims - Is God cutting off America’s food supply? Rick talks about the impact of viruses and drought on food production. In Part 2, Dr. Timothy Sims tells Rick how we can learn lessons from Daniel in how to live courageously for God while held captive in Babylon. Pastor Tim Sims | Bethel Baptist Church | Shelby, […]
  • Aaron_Melissa_Klein_Sweet_Cakes_Herb_Titus TRUNEWS 05/11/15 – Aaron Klein & Dr. Herb Titus - What’s up with Raul Castro’s pledge to go to church? Is it a genuine conviction of his soul, or is liberation theology being re-introduced by the Marxists? Aaron Klein, co-owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, talks to Rick about Oregon’s prosecution of his small bakery over a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Later in […]
  • unnamed (12) TRUNEWS 05/08/15 – Mena Lee Grebin Pt. 2 - Mena Lee Grebin returns to Trunews today for Part 2 of her riveting account of prophetic dreams and angelic visitations warning her to prepare immediately for “the death of money” in America. Today’s program is even more chilling and powerful than Part 1. The King is coming! Mena Lee Grebin | Faithful Walk Healing Ministries […]
  • unnamed (12) TRUNEWS 05/07/15 – Mena Lee Grebin Pt. 1 - Rick interrupts the regular newscast for a two-part interview with Mena Lee Grebin, a Charlotte NC prophetic minister, who was given a series of dreams and visions about a massive economic collapse, martial law, and riots. She believes great trouble will start in September 2015. Part 2 will be broadcast tomorrow. Mena Lee Grebin | […]
  • Heather_Gass TRUNEWS 05/06/15 – Heather Gass - Rick’s eerie 1998 prophecy about an Islamic “war cry” in America may be near to being fulfilled this year. ISIS claims 15 U.S. states will be targeted in the next 6 months for attacks. In Part 2, property rights activist Heather Gass tells Rick how the UN’s Agenda 21 scheme was implemented in the San […]
  • Walid_Shoebat_Sargis_Sangari TRUNEWS 05/05/15 – Walid Shoebat and Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari - In the aftermath of the attempted mass shooting by ISIS in Texas, Rick recaps his prophetic warnings uttered in 1998 that Islamic terrorists would strike in America. Former Palestinian radical-turned-Christian Whalid Shoebat tells Rick why he thinks Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the most dangerous man in the world as he works to form […]
  • Alex Newman TRUNEWS 05/04/15 – Alex Newman - Rick presents a powerful warning recently delivered in Washington by Jonathan Cahn. Later in the program, investigative journalist Alex Newman talks about the “mind masters” who are re-engineering the educational system to capture the minds of millions of students to accept their utopian global regime. Alex Newman | Crimes of the Educators Download MP3
  • dilemma TRUNEWS 05/01/15 – Al Fadi – The Quran Dilemna - In the opening segment on this May Day (World Communist Day), TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles has a message of judgment for President Barack Obama. In Part 2, Rick presents a stunning and timely update on a warning that the secretive source “V” gave in July 2014. Finally, in Part 3, author of “The Quran Dilemna,” […]
  • Ann_Corcoran_Matt_Staver TRUNEWS 04/30/15 – Matt Staver & Ann Corcoran - Rick sounds the warning that a Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage will be in direct defiance of Almighty God – and there will be divine consequences for America. Liberty Counsel founder Matt Staver tells Rick that Christians will be driven to civil disobedience in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage. In […]
  • Gen_Kevin_Ryan_Clint_Jenkin TRUNEWS 04/29/15 – Brig. Gen. Kevin Ryan (Ret.) and Dr. Clint Jenkins - What was really said in a closed-door meeting in Germany last month between retired American and Russian military and intelligence officers? Did Vlad Putin send a message that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia from NATO’s encroachment on Russia’s border? Rick talks with retired Brig. General Kevin Ryan, Director of the […]
  • Tim_Sims TRUNEWS 04/28/15 – Dr. Timothy Sims - Is there a connection between the Baltimore race riot, the bird flu emergency, China’s upcoming revision of its gold reserves, and Jade Helm 15? In Part 2, Dr. Timothy Sims talks about the need for Christians to live courageously for God in Babylon. Dr. Timothy Sims | Bethel Baptist Church – Shelby, NC  Download MP3
  • Dr_Richard_ Jacoby_Lynn_Smith TRUNEWS 04/27/15 – Dr. Richard Jacoby and Prof. Lynn Ingram - Is there a bird flu connection to Jade Helm 15? Rick talks about it today. How severe is the California drought? Professor Lynn Ingram tells Rick this is the worst drought in over 1,200 years. In Part 3, Dr. Richard Jacoby tells Rick why the “sugar crush” is the leading cause of disease and sickness. […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/24/15 – On the Frontline of Christian Persecution - With Rick out of the office to visit a prospective radio station, today’s program is a special presentation of select speakers from last Friday’s United Nations’ event on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The first excerpt is of Rick’s son, Jeremy Wiles. He was invited to the event to speak and share […]
  • Judicial_Watch_Irene_Garcia_Professor_Koltikoff TRUNEWS 04/23/15 – Irene Garcia and Professor Laurence Koltikoff - Rick talks about his worst-case scenario for Jade Helm 15.  Judicial Watch editor Irene Garcia gives Rick an update on the ISIS jihadist camp near El Paso, TX.  Later in the program, Boston University Professor of Economics Laurence Kotlikoff tells Rick that the United States government is insolvent in 2015  – not 25 years from […]
  • pat-wood TRUNEWS 04/22/15 – Patrick Wood - In his opening remarks, Rick clarifies his stance on Dr. Ben Carson and elections in general. The rest of the program is spent with author and researcher, Patrick Wood. The two share in an expansive discussion on the New World Order’s emerging infrastructure of centralized global control as described in Wood’s latest book, “Technocracy Rising: […]
  • John_Embry_John_Philip_Sousa TRUNEWS 04/21/15 – John Embry and John Philip Sousa, IV - PayPal wants to implant passwords in your stomach and your brain; Is this paving the way for the mark of the beast? In part two, John Embry of Sprott Investments drops by to discuss current vulnerabilities in the global financial system and the potential of a Greek bank bail-in. Later, John Philip Sousa, IV shares […]
  • admiral_james_lyons_keith_neumeyer TRUNEWS 04/20/15 – Admiral James Lyons and Keith Neumeyer - Retired Admiral James Lyons, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, accuses Barack Hussein Obama of treason. He also alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the American government. In Part 2, Canadian silver mining executive Keith Neumeyer tells Rick that he believes world leaders are preparing a global financial reset […]
  • rick_wiles_truNews TRUNEWS 04/17/15 – TRUNEWS Listener Event Pt. 2 - Rick and the staff of TRUNEWS recently attended the National Association of Broadcaster’s Convention in Las Vegas, and had the privilege of meeting listeners for an evening of ministry updates, testimonies and questions. Join us for part two of this TRUNEWS broadcast event. Download MP3
  • rick_wiles_truNews TRUNEWS 04/16/15 – TRUNEWS Listener Event - Rick and the staff of TRUNEWS recently attended the National Association of Broadcaster’s Convention in Las Vegas, and had the privilege of meeting listeners for an evening of ministry updates, testimonies and questions. Join us for part one of a two part TRUNEWS broadcast event. Download MP3
  • C.R. & B Annual Meeting TRUNEWS 04/15/15 – Dr. C.R. Oliver - What problem, pain, or challenge are you facing? Want something to sooth the pain or give you the ability to accomplish the feat? Today’s discussion is about grace. Rick describes it as gravy that goes on everything. Fortunately, Dr. C.R. Oliver stops by to give us a more in-depth theology understanding of a heavenly substance […]
  • Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 9.19.34 AM TRUNEWS 04/14/15 – Bishop John Bradosky, Dana Allin and Canon Andrew Gross - Traditional Christianity is under an assault by the forces of Hell. How are Christian denominations responding to the attack on the integrity of God’s word? Rick interviews the top leaders of three mainline denominations – Lutheran Bishop John Bradosky, ECO Presbyterian President Dana Allin, and Anglican Church of North America communications director Canon Andrew Gross. […]
  • bible-prophecy TRUNEWS 04/13/15 – Dr. Daniel Daves, James Bailey, and “Panama Steve” - Rick moderates a roundtable discussion with Dr. Daniel Daves, founder James Bailey, and “Panama Steve,” host of The four men discuss prophetic dreams warning of a calamity during the reign of Barack Obama. Dr. Daniel Daves | Official Website James Bailey | “Panama Steve” | Strength 4 the Journey Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/10/15 – Jeremy Dys & The TRUNEWS Staff - Liberty Institute attorney Jeremy Dys gives Rick an update on the plight of U.S. Navy Chaplain Wes Modder who is facing severe disciplinary actions for upholding traditional Christian doctrine when counseling sailors. In Part 2, Rick gathers the Trunews management team for a big announcement. Jeremy Dys | Liberty Institute Download MP3
  • Marc_Goodman_Anthony_Evans TRUNEWS 04/09/15 – Marc Goodman and Anthony Evans - Rick starts the program by asking why the U.S. military is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain to survive an EMP attack. In Part 2, Singularity expert Marc Goodman discusses the new dark reality of computer hacking. Later in the program, Rev. Anthony Evans tells Rick why many Black churches have broken fellowship with the Presbyterian […]
  • jimwillie TRUNEWS 04/08/15 – Jim Willie - It’s vintage Jim Willie – uncorked! Rick spends the full hour probing Jim Willie’s mind about the unprecedented global financial and geopolitical reset that is presently underway. This is a Jim Willie interview you can’t afford to miss. Jim Willie | The Hat Trick Newsletter Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/07/15 – Trevor Loudon and Dr. Bob Chapman - New Zealand author and political activist, Trevor Loudon, explains his conclusion that the United States is in the final stages of the “Peristroika Deception” detailed by Soviet KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn. In part two, Australian pastor, Dr. Bob Chapman, discusses the immense healing power made freely available to those who follow Christ. Trevor Loudon | […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/06/15 – Gerald Celente and William Lindholm - Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente says the top trend he following in 2015 is the madness of world leaders. It’s vintage Celente on Trunews today. Later in the program, Rev. William Lindholm tells Rick about persecution against Amish families in Wisconsin. Gerald Celente | Trends Research Institute National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS 04/03/15 – Resurrection Day - On the rare occurrence of a blood moon forecast over Good Friday, Passover, and Resurrection Sunday, Rick and the TRUNEWS staff take this special episode to participate in a traditional Resurrection Day service. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/02/15 – Dr. Paul Nyquist & Jennifer LeClaire - Rick reports on the London Times’ stunning report that Russian generals warned NATO reps that Vlad Putin is prepared to nuke the West. Should Western Christians prepare for persecution? Moody Bible Institute President Dr. Paul Nyquist tells Rick that Western society is becoming hostile to Christianity, and Christians must deepen their walk with God to […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 04/01/15 – F. William Engdahl, Ecic Gladen and Shiloh Levine - As the third Blood Moon comes on Passover 2015, are we witnessing the implementation of a diabolical plan by a sinister cabal to set the Middle East on fire? Rick discusses the idea with geopolitical expert F. William Engdahl. In Part 2, filmmakers Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine tell Rick about their film “Trace Amounts,” […]
  • 11_tn TRUNEWS 03/31/15 – Bishop Philip Jones - A Russian nuke attack on the Yellowstone super-volcano? How crazy can the news become these days? Are you ready for the next blood moon this week? Bishop Philip Jones and Rick discuss the reason we celebrate Resurrection Day. Bishop Jones answers numerous questions including his beliefs about baptism, the gifts of the Spirit, miracles, and […]
  • islam TRUNEWS 03/30/15 – Elijah Abraham - Drag queens crashing the NSA gate, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew surrendering to China, the Bank of England stress-testing U.K. banks for a meltdown, and Anonymous’ “cyber-holocaust” threat for April 7. Just another normal slow news day here at Trunews. Former Muslim Elijah Abraham joins the program to discuss Barack Obama’s traitorous aid to Islamic […]
  • hansen TRUNEWS 03/27/15 – Dr. Jonathan Hansen - Rick gives a sweeping summary of the latest news about the stunning freefall of the Middle East’s stability. Dr. Jonathan Hansen – host of Warning Radio – joins the discussion of world events and Bible prophecy. Dr. Jonathan Hansen | World Ministries International Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/26/15 – Larry Edelson and Dr. Bree Keyton - Rick covers the “war of the week” – Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen, Obama’s brazen publication of Israel’s nuclear program secrets, the Jade Helm exercise, and the German co-pilot’s mass murder of 150 passengers. Precious metals expert Larry Edelson talks with Rick about the unprecedented collision of cycles between 2015-2020. In Part 2, missionary Dr. […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/25/15 – Simon Black and Tom Doyle -’s Simon Black gives Rick an update on the Justice Department’s instruction to bank tellers to consider calling the police on “suspicious activity” such as withdrawing $5,000 in cash. In Part 2, church planter Tom Doyle talks about his book Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe. Simon Black | Sovereign […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/24/15 – Cliff Kincaid and Phyllis Schlafly - Accuracy in Media director Cliff Kincaid and Rick discuss Barack Obama’s secret agreement with Iran and his feud with Israel, plus the news media’s support of the homosexual rights movement. Later in the program, the “grand dame” of the conservative movement – Phyllis Schlafly – stops by to discuss Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants, […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/23/15 – Dr. Michael Haykin & Dr. David Jockers - Is JADE HELM 15 another warning sign that calamitous events are near? Could the purpose be preparation for World War III? In Part 2, Rick interviews Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Dr. Michael Haykin about the lessons we could learn from Patrick of Ireland’s revolutionary formula to evangelize a pagan society. In Part 3, Maximized […]
  • phil-robertson_0 TRUNEWS 03/20/15 – Phil Robertson - The United States’ top allies are fleeing from the dollar-backed system in record numbers to join up with China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Is this the beginning of the “Crack-Up” phase mentioned by Reagan economic advisor, David Stockman? In part 2, Rick presents an excerpt from Phil Robertson’s powerful address given today at the annual […]
  • C.R_small1 TRUNEWS 03/19/15 – Dr. CR Oliver - Prompted by the Holy Spirit to be silent today, Rick broadcasts a classic interview he did with Dr. CR Oliver several years back on his powerful book, “Consumed by His Fire.” Download MP3
  • Johnnie_Moore_Chris_Lawson TRUNEWS 03/18/15 – Chris Lawson and Johnnie Moore - Following Barack Obama’s humiliation in the Israeli election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu, Rick talks about David Axelrod’s meddling in Nigeria to elect Boko Haram supporter Muhammadu Buhari as President. Researcher Chris Lawson talks about the occult book Jesus Calling and other New Age deceptions. Filmmaker and author Johnnie Moore tells Rick why Christians must […]
  • photo TRUNEWS 03/17/15 – Juliana Taimoorazy - Rick delivers a robust newscast today with a salty attitude…telling it as it is with no regard as to who it offends. In particular, he zeros in on America’s support of ISIS at the expense of Middle Eastern Christians. When Christians are being crucified and beheaded, why be coy and polite? In Part 2, Rick […]
  • Dr_Martin_Wiess_David_Morgan TRUNEWS 03/16/15 – Dr. Martin Weiss & David Morgan - Vlad Putin is back in town and he ordered a nationwide combat readiness drill. What’s up with that? Rick asks Dr. Martin Weiss if we are in the countdown stage to World War III. Later in the program, silver investor David Morgan talks with Rick about the “crack-up phase” of the global financial system. Dr. […]
  • Chris_Martenson_Dinesh_Dsouza TRUNEWS 03/13/15 – Chris Martenson and Dinesh D’Souza - Is the soaring US dollar a warning sign of another financial crisis? Rick gives a detailed account of the BRICS nations’ 2015-2020 plan to establish a new global financial architecture. Peak Prosperity author Chris Martenson tells Rick why he issued an urgent warning to prepare for World War III. In Part 3, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza […]
  • manna_fest_perry_stone TRUNEWS 03/12/15 – Perry Stone - Is the Putin-is-dead rumor true? Rick talks about it. In Part 2, Bible prophecy teacher Perry Stone talks about America’s broken covenant with God./strong> Perry Stone Ministries Download MP3
  • Capture4 TRUNEWS 03/11/15 – Cliff Harris - Long range weather forecaster Cliff Harris talks with Rick about this year’s extreme winter, the mega drought in the West, the migration of the jet stream in the years ahead, a coming famine, and Bible prophecy. Cliff Harris | Long Range Weather Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/10/15 – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Rick sounds off on the announcement that China will launch in September 2015 its alternative to the SWIFT bank wire system, Obama’s ammo ban, and Hillary’s illegal secret email account. In Part 2, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny tells Rick that Big Pharma’s allies are lobbying state legislatures to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccines. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny […]
  • rick-wiles TRUNEWS 03/09/15 – Rick Wiles Commentary - In a firery solo broadcast, Rick spends the entire hour covering the latest news headlines while also analyzing the geopolitical and prophetic implications of the rapidly deteriorating state of the world. Download MP3
  • JeremyWiles TRUNEWS 03/06/15 – Jeremy Wiles - In part one, Rick discusses an array of news items including the startling uptick in Russia’s preparation for war. In part two, Rick shares a compelling interview he did with his son and filmmaker, Jerermy Wiles, on the fascinating lineage of Noah and the mountain of physical evidence backing up the Biblical account of a […]
  • Capture1 TRUNEWS 03/05/15 – John Price - Jacob Rothschild is worried. Iranian troops are on the Syrian border of Israel, and in Iraq. Libyan oilfields are burning. Perhaps there are clues in Hillary’s secretive emails. Former Indiana attorney and conservative activist John Price, author of the End of America, calls in from Costa Rica to warn that a June 2015 Supreme Court […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/04/15 – Exposing Islam Pt. 4 - Day 4 of our ‘Exposing Islam’ series continues here on TRUNEWS, with an emphasis on how ‘Cultural Jihad’ is being perpetrated on the UK, with implications for the US. An elite panel of experts includes Baroness Caroline Cox, Lord Edmiston, Alan Craig, and Frank Gaffney, all of which bring their personal and political expertise to […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 03/03/15 – Exposing Islam Pt. 3 - Day 3 of our ‘Exposing Islam’ series continues here on TRUNEWS, with an emphasis on the theological challenges facing the Church in response to worldwide jihad. Today’s broadcast features Dr. Michael Youssef of ‘Leading The Way’; Isik Abla, who suffered directly under the hand of radical Islam; and Dr. Erwin Lutzer, taking a strong stand […]
  • Ian_Johnson_John_Loftus TRUNEWS 03/02/15 – Ian Johnson and John Loftus - In Part 2 of a special four day series exposing the dangers of Islam, Rick shares recent warnings from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani; Rick then revisits the links between the CIA, Nazism and The Muslim Brotherhood with guests Ian Johnson and John Loftus. Download MP3
  • Pastor_Paul_Blair_Dr_Mark_Christian TRUNEWS 02/27/15 – Pastor Paul Blair and Dr. Mark Christian - Rick begins today a four-day discussion of Islamic jihad in Western nations to topple Christian civilization. Rev. Paul Blair, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church and president of Reclaim America for Christ, is joined by Dr. Mark Christian (the alias for an Egyptian doctor who renounced Islam). Dr. Christian is the founder and president of the […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 02/26/15 – Robert Jeffress and Juliana Taimoorazy - Obama took control of the Internet today and banned the sale of M855 “green tip” ammo. Rick warns that Obama is now acting like a “dictator in perpetuity.” Baptist Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress discusses the Countdown to Apocalypse. Assyrian Christian humanitarian aid leader Juliana Taimoorazy gives the Trunews audience a chilling report about the Islamic […]
  • Judge Roy Moore TRUNEWS 02/25/15 – Justice Roy Moore - Rick tells us why he thinks Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu may attack Iran before March 17. In Part 2, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore explains why a U.S. federal district judge has no constitutional or legal standing to order Alabama to violate the state’s constitution by issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Download MP3
  • biometric-capability TRUNEWS 02/24/15 – Rick Wiles Guest Hosts the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, Pt. 1 - Is 2015 the year that biometrics officially become mainstream? How close is the federal government to mandating biometric identification for all U.S. citizens? Rick answers these questions as well as listener calls in today’s special retransmission of his guest-host appearance on the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show. Katherine Albrecht | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/23/15 – Dr. Laurence White - Germany was the bedrock of the Protestant Reformation. How did it fall to Nazism in the 1930s? What was the German Church’s sin of silence? Is America repeating Germany’s path into Nazism? Dr. Laurence White, pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, and Rick discuss the American Church’s “sin of silence.” Dr. White | […]
  • DeanBook TRUNEWS 02/20/15 – Prophecy Quake with Pastor Dean Odle - Today’s program is special retransmission of Rick’s recent appearance on “Prophecy Quake,” hosted by Pastor Dean Odle. The two spent the hour discussing an array of topics including economic collapse, world war 3, and the vital need to be in right-standing with the Lord before these events manifest. Dean Odle Ministries Prophecy Quake Online Radio […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/19/15 – Pastor Brent Oliver - Rick talks about the latest set of Russian nuclear bombers to encroach on Britain’s airspace, the battle for control of the world’s banking system, and America’s first war against Muslims in 1801. In Part 2, Pastor Brent Oliver exhorts Believers to shake off their complacency and get involved in Kingdom of God affairs. Brent Oliver […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/18/15 – Col. Allen West and Bishop E.W. Jackson - Is Barack Obama implementing a plan to destabilize the Middle East, provoke a mass exodus of Muslims, and use amnesty for illegal immigrants as a smokescreen to bring millions of Muslims into America as refugees? Rick asks the question to both of his guest today. Colonel Allen West joins the program in Part 1. Bishop […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/17/15 – Global Financial Meltdown - Rick was invited to be the guest on a Global Financial Meltdown special report on a Texas radio network. The participants are Kingdom Keys Radio Network president Ricky Pfeil, and Texas-based financial advisors Dan Heil and Scott Brim. Kingdom Keys Radio Network Scott Brim; Dan Heil | Asset Max Download MP3
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 02/16/15 – Robert Wilcox and Dr. Woodrow Monte - Rick warns that the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians is proof that a New Dark Age has started. Franklin Graham is right. The storm is coming! “Patton” author Robert Wilcox joins Rick to denounce the idiotic political correctness that censors any denunciation of Islamic radicalism. In Part 3, nutrition scientist Dr. Woodrow Monte explains why […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/13/15 – Brett Creamer - Rick talks with Indiana-based evangelist and Bible teacher Brett Creamer about a series of dreams and visions he experienced in which he saw a tsunami wave strike the southeastern United States, and the aftermath of an economic collapse in which private property is seized from middle-class homeowners and given to illegal immigrants. Brett Creamer | […]
  • l1 TRUNEWS 02/12/15 – Walid Shoebat - Rick is joined by long-time friend of the show, Walid Shoebat, to discuss the rise of global jihad at the hands of ISIS and how it is being propelled by Barrack Obama’s deep seated sympathies towards the death cult of Islam. Walid Shoebat | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/11/15 – Dr. Erwin Lutzer & Christine Weick - Legendary Christian author, pastor and broadcaster Dr. Erwin Lutzer joins Rick for an analysis of current events. In part two, Christine Weick describes her experiences in standing up against Islam in the public sector. Download MP3
  • A TRUNEWS 02/10/15 – Gordon Thomas - Prolific author and investigative journalist Gordon Thomas joins Rick from the UK for a compelling broadcast dealing with espionage, ISIS, and Putin’s warnings to the West Gordon Thomas | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/09/15 – James Bailey - Rick opens the program with his perspective on Vladimir Putin’s numerous in-your-face warnings to the New World Order cabal to back off. This is getting downright dangerous! In Part 2, James Bailey and Rick discusses Jim’s prophetic dream about a financial crisis that leads to China declaring war. James Bailey | Z3 News Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/06/15 – Doug Krieger & Chris Putnam - Rick is wrapping up work in the Caribbean with Radio Paradise. Guests today are Doug Krieger and Chris Putnam who discuss today’s polarized church and the battle against God’s Word. Douglas Krieger | The Tribulation Network Chris Putnam | Logos Apologia Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/05/15 – Bill Wiese - Rick is in St. Christopher and Nevis this week to expand Christian radio in the Caribbean islands. Today’s program is his classic 2007 interview with Bill Wiese – My 23 Minutes in Hell. Bill Wiese | Soul Choice Ministries Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/04/15 – Joan Veon - Rick opens with the background of Radio Paradise and goes into an interview with the late Joan Veon, from 2009. Rick and Joan discuss FIAT money and gold. The information shared is amazing in comparison with today’s changing world financial outlook. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/03/15 – Alan Ryskind - Rick opens the program (on location from the Caribbean for business) discussing the possibility of the USA arming the Ukrainian military and how it is leading to WWIII. Then in Part 2 Rick’s guest is Alan Ryskind Author of “Hollywood Traitors”. Alan grew up among the famous of Hollywood elite and has a candid discussion […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 02/02/15 – Peter Hammond - Rick had to make an unscheduled trip to St. Kitts and Nevis to resolve an issue regarding Flowing Streams’ 50,000 watts radio station in the Caribbean. Pray that Rick has favor everywhere he goes on the islands to solve all legal and technical matters so that the Gospel of the Kingdom is declared to the […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/30/15 – Jim Epperlien & Pat Six - Rick talks with Trunews Program Director Jim Epperlein and Trunews Board Member Pat Six about their miraculous cancer healing experiences and the resulting spiritual impact on their lives. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/29/15 – Clare Lopez and Peter Schiff - Rick talks with former CIA special operations manager Claire Lopez about ISIS infiltration in Western countries. In Part 2, Euro Pacific Capital president Peter Schiff gives Rick his perspective on the rapid acceleration of the U.S. Dollar and the worldwide fall of currencies. Clare Lopez | Center for Security Policy Peter Schiff | Euro Pacific […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/28/15 – Zen Honeycutt & Michael White - Is there a link between Monsanto’s RoundUP, vaccines, and autism? Rick discusses the topic with Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America. In Part 2, Rick rebroadcasts a portion of a classic interview with farmer Michael White, author of the 666s Are Inside the Seeds. The full interview is available on the Trunews app. Zen […]
  • Capturse TRUNEWS 01/27/15 – Dr. Michael K. Lake - A global digital currency, global governance, GMO food, robotics, biometric identification technologies, surveillance technologies, transhumanism…..What is the connection between these cutting-edge modern topics and ancient Biblical prophecies regarding the End Times? Rick conducts an in-depth conversation with Dr. Michael Lake, author of The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition’s return. Dr. […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/26/15 – Bill Federer - American historian Bill Federer talks with Rick about the Marxist Communist agitation in Ferguson, MO, the advance of Islam into Western nations, and a 163-year-old prophetic warning spoken by former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Daniel Webster. William J Federer | American Minute Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/23/15 – Michael Pento & Jim Epperlein - Is 2015 the year of the Western financial meltdown? Financial investment advisor Michael Pento and Rick discuss the probability that the central bankers will not be able to pull any more rabbits out of their hats beyond 2015.  Michael Pento | Pento Portfolio Strategies Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/22/15 – Carl Teichrib & Bill Keller - Carl Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, discusses the strategies being used by the elite to ultimately bring about a “one world” technocracy. In part 2, Bill Keller of Live Prayer talks with Rick about the true nature of Islam and the role it will play in the end times. Carl Teichrib | Forcing Change Bill […]
  • Jonathan-Cahn-Charisma-Media-credit-Sean-Roberts TRUNEWS 01/21/15 – Jonathan Cahn - Rick and Pastor Jonathan Cahn, author of the Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah, discuss the likelihood of a severe financial storm in 2015. This is a Trunews program you’ll want to share with everybody! Jonathan Cahn | Hope of the World Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/20/15 – Roscoe Bartlett & Bill Muehlenberg - Former U.S. Congressman and scientist Roscoe Bartlett talks with Rick about his serious concern that America will be devastated by an EMP attack, and why he has built a home in West Virginia that is off the grid. In Part 2, Aussie blogger Bill Muehlenberg discusses the growing trend of devout Christians to drop out […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/19/15 – Financial Roundtable - Rick joins with financial counselors Scott Brim and Dan Heil, and Kingdom Keys Network manager Ricky Pfeil for an in-depth discussion on recent cracks in the world’s perilous financial system, and what it means to the average American. Kingdom Keys Radio Network Dan Heil & Ricky Pfeil | Asset Max Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/16/15 – Jeremy Wiles - Rick surveys the global financial damage done by yesterday’s revaluation of the Swiss Franc. Numerous forex traders have been declared insolvent. In Part 2, Rick rebroadcast a classic interview with his son and filmmaker Jeremy Wiles regarding the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark. It was recorded on December 30, 2010. Jeremy Wiles | The Ark […]
  • Gerald-Celente-300x375-290x310 TRUNEWS 01/15/15 – Gerald Celente - Rick looks at the tsunami of shockwaves sent out by the Swiss National Bank today by decoupling the Franc from the Euro. Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins Rick to discuss the financial and political volatility that will grip the world in 2015. Gerald Celente | Trends Research Institute Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/14/15 – Rob Kirby - Rick discusses the stunning collapse of the global oil market, the idling of oil rigs, the steep drop in the price of copper, Russia’s sell-off of its foreign currency reserves, and other signs that 2015 is the next phase of the Second Great Depression. Toronto-based financial analyst Rob Kirby joins Rick in Part 2 to […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/13/15 – Diana West & Dr. Stephanie Seneff - Conservative author Diana West and Rick discuss how the Far Left is using political correctness to shield Islamic jihadists in Western nations. In Part 2, MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff tells Rick she believes Monsanto’s Roundup is linked to autism. Diana West | Official Website Dr. Stephanie Seneff | MIT Download MP3
  • 734546207001_2759044958001_sus278-alan-and-lisa-robertson-vstill TRUNEWS 01/12/15 – Alan & Lisa Robertson; Reinhard Bonnke - In Rick’s first program back stateside, he is joined by Alan and Lisa Robertson to discuss the moral depravity of the United States as well as their newly released book on marriage, “A New Season.” Later in the show, Rick presents a powerful interview he did with world renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in January of […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 01/09/15 – Rick Wiles & Friends in Boquete, Panama Pt. 2 - In day two of broadcasting from Panama, Rick is joined Dr. Daniel Daves, Erick Enz, Stephen, and David. Each share how the Lord has used prophetic dreams and visions to lead them and others out of Babylon and into new works outside the U.S. Dr. Daniel Daves | Official Website Stephen | Strength for the […]
  • today TRUNEWS 01/08/15 – Rick Wiles & Friends in Boquete, Panama - Broadcasting from Panama, Rick addresses the recent response to the program from Tuesday then he hosts a round-table discussion with Daniel Daves, Erick Enz, and Stephen. Dr. Daniel Daves | Official Website Stephen | Strength for the Journey Download MP3
  • howe TRUNEWS 01/07/15 – Neil Howe “The Fourth Turning” - Today is a travel day for Rick and the staff as they make the transition from Ecuador to Panama.  On today’s broadcast, listeners are informed on the upcoming meeting with Rick in Boquete Thursday evening; then, we go into the TRUNEWS archives for a broadcast from early 2012 with author Neil Howe of “The Fourth […]
  • TRUNEWS 01/06/15 – Rick Wilde in Ecuador - As Rick nears the end of his trip to Ecuador, he and Susan were introduced by Augusto Perez to an American woman with an amazing story regarding a vision about Barack Obama and the USA. Rebecca Sterling, a former International banking professional in Atlanta, experienced a supernatural “download” of revelation in 1999 of a future […]
  • Parker_300 TRUNEWS 01/05/15 – Geoffrey Parker “The Coming Mini Ice-Age” - Still broadcasting from Cuenca, Ecuador, TRUNEWS radio host Rick Wiles anchors an update on the latest news, including the connection between former president Bill Clinton and the exploding pedophile scandal in the UK.  Rick also graciously welcomes fifteen new TRUNEWS radio affiliates.  Later in the broadcast, Geoffrey Parker joins the program to give insight on […]
  • jrchurch-bio-275x300 TRUNEWS 01/02/15 – J.R. Church Tribute - You’ve got to hear this rebroadcast of Rick’s classic interview with the late Dr. J.R. Church regarding Barack Obama’s lineage. Awesome spiritual insight! This program was recorded and broadcast in November 2008 weeks after Barack Obama’s election as President of the USA. Download MP3
  • speakers-crandall@2x TRUNEWS 01/01/15 – Dr. Chauncey Crandall - What better way to kick off the first day of 2015 than a true story about raising the dead! Rick rebroadcast his classic interview with West Palm Beach heart surgeon Dr. Chauncey Crandall. Listen to this awesome true testimony about a man who suffered a massive heart attack, died, was pronounced dead, and came back […]
  • cuenca_panorama TRUNEWS 12/31/14 – Brad Medd & Dr. Erwin Lutzer - Rick closes out 2014 with a broadcast from Cuenca, Ecuador. Canadian farmer Brad Medd joins the program to share with Rick a true experience God gave him on his farm about the Last Days. In Part 2, Rick rebroadcast a classic interview with Dr. Erwin Lutzer on the Seven Lessons of Nazi Germany. Download MP3
  • AgustoPerez TRUNEWS 12/30/14 – Augusto Perez - Trunews from Cuenca, Ecuador! Cuban-American evangelist Augusto Perez joins Rick in Cuenca for a positive, faith-filled exhortation about God’s light rising upon the Saints in 2015 to counter Satan’s darkness that soared in 2014. A great Trunews program to end 2014 with a positive message of hope. The Appearance Ministries Download MP3
  • simple_img_5 TRUNEWS 12/29/14 – Karissa Washburn - Rick is broadcasting from Cuenca, Ecuador until January 7, 2015. Today Rick discusses the cyber attacks on South Korean nuclear power plants and a Ukrainian nuclear plant, the transfer of U.S. military weapons from Afghanistan to Ukraine, Russia’s warning to NATO, and the Obamanista Marxist revolution in the streets of major American cities. In Part […]
  • Picture1 TRUNEWS 12/26/14 – Glenn Guest & Constance Cumbey - TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles is enjoying his Christmas reunion in Ecuador with Susan and the rest of the family.  For today’s broadcast, Rick travels back in time and presents classic interviews with Glenn Guest & Constance Cumbey.  These interviews are as pertinent today as when they were first presented. Pastor Guest’s Website Constance Cumbey’s Blog […]
  • download TRUNEWS 12/25/14 – A Wiles Family Christmas - With Rick and Gator finally in Ecuador and preparing to celebrate Christmas with family, today’s program will be an encore presentation of last year’s Christmas Eve broadcast. Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS 12/24/14 – Pastor Meletious Zafaran - With Rick traveling and experiencing delays, the staff of TRUNEWS provides updates on the latest news headlines, as well as reports from international shortwave listeners. Then, in a classic interview, Rick speaks with Syrian Orthodox Pastor, Meletious Zafaran to discuss the ongoing civil war in Syria as well as to give the TRUNEWS audience a […]
  • 122314 TRUNEWS 12/23/14 – Archbishop Foley Beach & Evangelist Mark Barclay - Rick and Gator are in Ecuador to be with family during Christmas and New Year’s Day. Rick pre-recorded today’s edition of Trunews. Archbishop Foley Beach, newly installed leader of the conservative, Bible-believing Anglican Church of North America, talks with Rick about why he walked out of the apostate Episcopal Church when the denomination repudiated the […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 12/22/14 – Martin Armstrong - As North Korea threatens to attack the White House and Chinese President Xi Jingping tells PLA soldiers to prepare for war, Rick talks with renegade economist Martin Armstrong about the historic collision of the business cycle, the war cycle, and the civil unrest and revolution cycle. Listen to hear what Martin Armstrong – the Cycles […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 12/19/14 – Gregg Jackson & Katherine Albrecht - Rick says World War III has officially started. Russia said today it will respond to new U.S. sanctions. Barack Obama said the U.S. will respond to North Korea’s hack attack on Sony. This is it! The global slug-fest has begun. In Segment 2, Christian businessman Gregg Jackson shares with Rick 40 things we should teach […]
  • Health-Ranger-Jacket-Smile-225 TRUNEWS 12/18/14 – Mike Adams - Mike Adams, founder of, discusses the concerted agenda of Big-Pharma and Big-Agriculture to inflict harm on the health of the world population by controlling what we put into our bodies. Natural News | Mike Adams Download MP3
  • 2013 Hoffman Headshot - low res (520x640) (406x500) TRUNEWS 12/17/14 – Andrew Hoffman - Miles Franklin’s precious metals expert Andrew Hoffman and Rick discuss the stunning plunge of the price of oil, growing signs of a global depression in the making, and the end of fiat money. Andy Hoffman | Miles Franklin Investments Download MP3
  • The Last President Blood Moons  Alan Martin 1971 TRUNEWS 12/16/14 – News, Analysis, & Prophecy with Rick Wiles - Rick delivers a free-style message about the West’s insane destruction of the Russian economy, and the inevitable blow-back from Moscow. Rick also revisits C. Allan Martin’s 1971 prophetic dream about the last U.S. president. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 12/15/14 – Canon Andrew White & Dr. Jerome Corsi - Anglican Canon Andrew White gives Rick an update on the Islamic persecution of Middle Eastern Christians. In Part 2, senior investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi talks to Rick about the Barack Obama’s phony immigration amnesty executive order. According to Dr. Corsi, Mr. Obama never signed it! Rick thinks it may be in the file […]
  • meet-ted-pic TRUNEWS 12/12/14 – Dr. Ted Roberts - Did you know that confidential surveys of church members in the USA reveal that 68% of the men admit they regularly view online pornography? Did you know that confidential surveys reveal that 54% of church pastors in the USA also view online porn? Is there any wonder why there are no signs of revival in […]
  • PeterBoehringer-FB TRUNEWS 12/11/14 – Peter Boehringer - A CIA spokesperson told the Times of London today that George W. Bush signed off on the torture program. Will Barack Obama order the arrest of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice and turn them over to a UN court that charges them with international war crimes? This could get ugly! In Part 2, […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 12/10/14 – Eric Lichtblau & Pamela Geller - As the world talks about the CIA’s torture scheme, Rick revisits the post-World War II CIA “Operation Paperclip” that imported at least 10,000 Nazis to the United States. New York Times journalist Eric Lichtblau discusses his book “The Nazis Next Door.” In Part 2, jihadist-watcher Pamela Geller tells Rick that the US Department of Justice […]
  • images-222 TRUNEWS 12/09/14 – Wolfgang Halbig - School safety consultant and former Florida State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig shares with Rick the troubling discrepancies surrounding the official storyline about the Sandy Hook school shootings. Mr. Halbig also shares with Rick a recent mysterious call warning him to back off, followed by a car running him off the road. Wolfgang Halbig | Sandy Hook […]
  • SONY DSC TRUNEWS 12/08/14 – Alan Keyes - Topic: Former Ambassador Alan Keyes talks with Rick about the true purpose of freedom and liberty. Alan Keyes | Loyal To Liberty Download MP3
  • TRUNEWS 12/05/14 – Dr. Matthew Watson and James Bailey - Bristol University Earth Sciences Professor Dr. Matthew Watson tells Rick why he’s unsure about the wisdom of geoengineering the planet’s weather system. In Part 2, Christian blogger James Bailey tells Rick about a disturbing dream in which he was shown a high-level plot to exterminate the American population. Download MP3
  • jimwillie TRUNEWS 12/04/14 – Jim Willie - Vlad Putin reminded the West today that the Nazis could not defeat the Russian Army. Is anybody in the USA paying attention? Financial analyst Jim Willie spends one hour with Rick today. Mr. Willie said we are in the final stage of the break-up of the Western banking cabal’s stranglehold on the world. You’ll hear […]
  • arthur_blessitt_cropped TRUNEWS 12/03/14 – Arthur Blessitt - Today’s program is a remarkable interview with the one and only Arthur Blessitt – the only person in the world to carry the Christian cross into every nation of the world. Arthur Blessitt | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 12/02/14 – Sharon Gilbert - Detroit goes dark…Drudge and WND websites down this morning….FBI warnings about cyber-attacks….what is happening? Are you ready? Rick’s guest today is Sharon Gilbert, author of Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Sharon Gilbert | Official Website Download MP3
  • harvard1 TRUNEWS 12/01/14 – Dr. Scott Lively - Topic: Rested and ready to go after the Thanksgiving Day holiday, Rick starts the program with both guns blazing mocking the New World Order elite and political correctness. Dr. Scott Lively joins Rick in the studio to discuss the link between Cultural Marxism and the worldwide militant homosexual rights movement. This is one Trunews episode […]
  • John-Shorey TRUNEWS 11/28/14 – John Shorey - Did God give the late Pastor David Wilkerson a clue to know the timing of widespread Islamic terrorism in the USA? In this rebroadcast of a June 2014 program, Rick and Chris Steinle talk with Bible prophecy teacher John Shorey. Listen closely as John recalls David Wilkerson’s vision of the Middle East oil fields on […]
  • mqdefault TRUNEWS 11/27/14 – Henry Gruver - Rick broadcast a classic interview with the world renown “prayer walker” Henry Gruver. Recorded in June 2014, Henry recalls several profound visions God gave him regarding a major war in the Last Days. This is one of the best interviews ever recorded with Henry Gruver. Henry Gruver | Joyful Sound Ministries Download MP3
  • 4-14-09-Sheriffedit2 TRUNEWS 11/26/14 – Sheriff Thomas Hodgson - Rick devotes the first half of the program to recount several profound prophetic dreams his family received years ago. Scenes in the dreams were late fall and the Christmas season. Rick asks whether 2014 is the year these dreams will be fulfilled. In Part 2, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts, tells Rick why […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/25/14 – Larry Pratt and Harvey Organ - TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles talks with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America about the impact that the Ferguson riots will have on our basic constitutional rights in the very near future. Later, precious metals blogger Harvey Organ calls in from Canada to discuss Google’s unexplained decision to remove his blog from the internet as […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/24/14 – Gary Kah and John Casey - Monday’s edition of Trunews is power-packed with interviews with global governance expert Gary Kah and former NASA space shuttle engineer John Casey. Rick and Mr. Kah discuss how the normalcy bias is anesthetizing people from taking actions to prepare for extreme danger due to a financial collapse, social unrest, and world war. Scientist John Casey, […]
  • 1slide1 TRUNEWS 11/21/14 – Dr. Timothy Sims - Can a nation cross the line with God? What are the signs that a nation’s days are numbered? What happens to the righteous in a nation that is judged? North Carolina Baptist Pastor Dr. Timothy Sims answers those questions today. Bethel Baptist Church | Shelby, NC Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/20/14 – Jeff Fenholt - “Pastor T.D. Hale’s prophetic dreams and the late Rev. George Pennicuff’s eerie warning one year ago are now being played out in real time,” declared Rick Wiles today. Rick said Barack Obama chose November 20 because it is the 104th anniversary of the Mexican communist revolution. Christian vocalist Jeff Fenholt, original lead performer in Jesus […]
  • David1 TRUNEWS 11/19/14 – Evangelist David Lankford - North Carolina evangelist David Lankford and Rick discuss the necessity of being led by the Holy Spirit in the Last Days. David Lankford | The Voice of Evangelism Download MP3
  • kincaid.pix TRUNEWS 11/18/14 – Cliff Kincaid - Is NSA whistleblower an American hero or a Russian mole? Rick and Cliff Kincaid debate the motivations of the former NSA analyst and whether the NSA is justified in conducting massive surveillance of private communications. America’s Survival Accuracy in Media | Cliff Kincaid Download MP3
  • djh2 TRUNEWS 11/17/14 – Doug Hagmann - Rick talks with private investigator Doug Hagmann about the on-going surveillance of Trunews, and the suppression of political dissent by the Obamanista regime. The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/14/14 – John Price - TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles is joined by fellow watchman John Price, as they explore the parallels in today’s headlines with the foretelling of Price’s latest book, “The Day”. These include defiance of the US Constitution regarding immigration, riots in Ferguson, and soon to be blood in the churches of America. John Price | Official Website  […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/13/14 – Raymond Ibrahim & Piers Corbyn - As most of the USA shivers with abnormally cold temperatures in early November, Rick talks with long-range weather forecaster Dr. Piers Corbyn in Great Britain about the likelihood of a new mini-ice age. Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again, talks with Rick about how Islam is colonizing the West with the support of Barack Obama. […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 11/12/14 – Hernan Castaño - Imagine a country where righteous Christian pastors are ordered by the government to surrender their sermons, emails, and texts regarding statements about homosexuality. Where would such an outrageous thing happen? Cuba, North Korea, China, Iran? No…it happened in Houston, TX. Pastor Hernan Castaño tells Rick about the day a city official walked into his bible […]
  • 562x3161386275135MarioMurillo_562x316 TRUNEWS 11/11/14 – Mario Murillo - Rick discusses the Polar Vortex over North America and the arrival of a mini-ice age this year. He also talks about the projection of a 78% reduction in the U.S. population over the next 10 years. His guest today is evangelist Mario Murillo who talks about the silence of church leaders as the nation […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/10/14 – Doug Krieger & Doug Woodward - Topic: The Prophecy Forum co-founders Doug Woodward and Doug Krieger discuss their new book: Uncommon Sense…. A prophetic manifesto for the Church in Babylon. The Prophecy Forum Download MP3
  • images TRUNEWS 11/07/14 – Stephen in Panama - What do a mini-ice age, Trojan Horse malware, and EMP have in common? Could it explain the mysterious prediction on that America’s population will be reduced nearly 80% over the next 10 years? In Part 2, Rick talks with his personal friend Stephen in Panama about discerning the times and hearing God’s voice. Most […]
  • maxresdefault TRUNEWS 11/06/14 – Matt Mogk - We have a delusional and psychopathic narcissist in the White House. The number of people being monitored for Ebola symptoms in New York City jumped from 117 the day before the Election to 357 the day after the Election. A factory in China is churning out 6,000 HAZMAT suits per day. And the Russians reversed […]
  • SQ TRUNEWS 11/05/14 – Steve Quayle - Why is a mysterious defense industry website forecasting that the population of the United States of America will be reduced to 69 million by the year 2025? Radio commentator Steve Quayle and Rick discuss the puzzling data on Are world leaders preparing for a global Ebola plague? Today’s edition of Trunews is one hour […]
  • TRUNEWS 11/04/14 – General Paul Vallely - Are you prepared for a surge of Ebola cases in America after today’s elections? Rick says, “Get ready” for Ebola to return to newspaper headlines. Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely tells Rick that Barack Obama and his national security advisors are Muslim sympathizers and a serious national security threat. Later in the program, Bible […]
  • Zach-Taylor_1-400x222 TRUNEWS 11/03/14 – Zachary Taylor - Is the current strain of Ebola virus more contagious than previous strains? What is up with the CDC’s baffling behavior in response to this crisis? What about rumors that illegal immigrants with severe respiratory diseases apprehended in Texas were “disappeared” by government agents? Mr. Zachery Taylor, chairman of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, […]
  • black TRUNEWS 10/31/14 – Simon Black & Rodney Thompson - Sovereign Man Simon Black talks with Rick about the rising number of Americans renouncing their citizenship because of Washington’s heavy hand of tyranny. He also discusses how relocating can dramatically improve your lifestyle with less stress, lower cost of living, non-GMO food, and more friends. In Part 2, Trunews listener Rodney Thompson shares with Rick […]
  • sq5 TRUNEWS 10/30/14 – Steve Quayle - Longtime radio host and End Time watchman Steve Quayle and Rick discuss America’s obsession with Halloween, the culture of death, zombies and the walking dead, and how it will spiritually lead them to destruction through an Ebola pandemic and war. Steve Quayle | Official Webiste Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/29/14 – Congressman Paul Broun & Daniel Ameduri - Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, a medical doctor, calls upon House Speaker John Boehner to call an emergency session of the House of Representatives to enact a travel ban on international visitors coming from West African countries with Ebola. He also calls for the immediate resignation of CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden. In Part 2, Future […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/28/14 – Joel Richardson & Karissa Washburn - Rick and Joel Richardson, author of Mideast Beast, discuss the sudden rise of ISIS, the drive to establish an Islamic Caliphate, and the possibility that the Antichrist is a Muslim. In Part 2, Rick says goodbye to his daughter and grandchildren who returned to Ecuador today. Joel Richardson | Ministry Website Bless An Orphan Download […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 11/27/14 – Professor Albert Shimkus & Pastor David Welch - Why is the U.S. Army quarantining American soldiers returning from West Africa, but the Ebola Obama Administration is adamant that U.S. state governments cannot quarantine passengers flying in from Ebola-Ground Zero countries? Why is the Pentagon building Ebola isolation units to transport Ebola patients on military planes? Will Ebola Obama dare to transport Ebola patients […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 10/24/14 – Sharyl Attkisson & Jody Hice - An axe-wielding Muslim chopping the head of a New York City cop….A Satanist driving in his car into the Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma City….A doctor running around New York City with Ebola….How crazier can the news become? Rick delivers a very politically-incorrect news report today. Former CBS news journalist Sharyl Attkisson talks about her […]
  • capt-3 TRUNEWS 10/23/14 – Prophecy Revisited Pt. 2 - In a revisit of Pastor T.D. Hale’s prophetic dreams in 2011 and 2012, Rick ponders the possibility that we are nearing the fulfillment of the next scene: Barack Obama shoots the American eagle out of the sky, and the nation is plunged into rioting and looting. Don’t miss this riveting rebroadcast of Rick’s second interview […]
  • David_Cameron_and_Barack_Obama_on_the_Truman_Balcony_2010 TRUNEWS 10/22/14 – Prophecy Revisited - Is Barack Obama preparing to “shoot the American eagle out of the sky” and destroy our constitutional republic? Rick rebroadcast one of the most powerful interviews in his 15+ years of radio broadcasting. The interview with Ohio Pastor T.D. Hale was broadcast on March 27, 2012. Rick says he has an eerie feeling that Pastor […]
  • AgustoPerez TRUNEWS 10/21/14 – Augusto Perez - Are we going into a Dark Winter? The militarization of the response to Ebola potentially sets the stage for government by presidential executive decrees in a state of emergency. Rick continues his warning that conservatives are foolish to write off Barack Obama as a lame-duck who will suffer a humiliating electoral defeat on Nov. 4. […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 10/20/14 – Robert George & the Late Rev. George Pennicuff - Why is Barack Obama fast-tracking up to 3,000 visa applications per month from three Ebola-stricken West African nations? Rick also discusses the late Tom Clancy’s video game The Division which deals with a plague released in America. Princeton Professor Robert George shares with Rick his frustration over the silence of Western church leaders as Middle […]
  • images TRUNEWS 10/17/14 – Stephen in Panama - Vomiting and dying passengers on airliners….A hospital lab worker exposed to Ebola now on a Caribbean cruise ship….Obama declares on French TV that America is one of the world’s largest Muslim countries.  How crazier can things get?  Rick’s personal friend Steven in Panama tells him that the Lord is saying that it is later than […]
  • maxresdefault TRUNEWS 10/16/14 – Dr. Bill Forstchen - How close is the US to a full-blown state of Medical Martial Law? History Professor William Forstchen and Rick discuss the “perfect storm” of Ebola, ISIS jihadists in America, an electricity blackout, and an incompetent or, even worse, a domestic enemy in the White House. Bill Forstchen | One Second After Download MP3
  • Chris Steinle Smaller TRUNEWS 10/15/14 – Pastor Chris Steinle - Former Trunews CFO Pastor Chris Steinle describes his call from mild-mannered pastor to one who heralds the “come out of her My people” warning to the Saints of God. Pastor Steinle challenges Christians to recognize America’s degeneration into a Babylonian prison for foul and demonic spirits, and why the destruction of Mystery Babylon must come […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/14/14 – Dr. Peter Vincent Pry & Ambassador Hank Cooper - How vulnerable is America to an electromagnetic pulse attack? With tens of thousands of foreigners walking over the southern border, how long until commandos take out vital electric power substations and plunge the nation into years of darkness? EMP expert Dr. Peter Vincent Pry and former Ambassador Hank Cooper, former director of the Strategic Defense […]
  • imrs TRUNEWS 10/13/14 – Rep. Steve Stockman - Rick unloads on the incompetence and arrogance of UN and US officials regarding Ebola. He suggests that CDC director Dr. Thomas Friedan should demonstrate to nurses how to change the diaper of an Ebola victim without breaching protocol. Later in the program, Texas Congressman Steve Stockman discusses Barack Obama’s lawlessness, the government’s refusal to protect […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/10/14 – Dr. Margaret Harris & Richard Bowen - Rick talks with World Health Organization’s Dr. Margaret Harris on the ground in Freetown, Sierra Leone to get her first-hand report about the Ebola outbreak. In Part 2, Rick talks with former Citigroup executive Richard Bowen who warned Robert Rubin that the bank was bundling and selling risky sub-prime mortgages, and warranting to the buyers […]
  • Pastor-Paul-Blair TRUNEWS 10/09/14 – Pastor Paul Blair - Rick tears into the lunacy of Dallas officials entering Ebola-victim Thomas Duncan’s apartment without wearing a ventilated, pressured Bio Safety Level 4 protective suit. Later in the program, Oklahoma Baptist Pastor Paul Blair unloads about Saudi Arabia’s long-running financing of mosques and educational institutions to introduce Islam and Sharia Law in America. Reclaiming America for […]
  • l1 TRUNEWS 10/08/14 – Walid Shoebat - Rick discusses the possible second Ebola case in Texas, and speculates how a plague could be used as the cover to burn and destroy all paper money. In Part 2, former Palestinian terrorist Walid Shoebat and Rick discuss the West’s gameplan to use ISIS to obliterate existing Middle Eastern countries and establish a Caliphate. Rick […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/07/14 – Christian Grothoff & Ann Corcoran - Rick asks why California bans Florida citrus at its border, but Barack Obama won’t ban travelers from Ebola-infected West African countries. German computer security expert Christian Grothoff tells Rick about German reaction to the NSA’s surveillance of world communications. Western Maryland farmer Ann Corcoran tells Rick how she organized to stop the U.S. State Department […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/06/14 – Robert Spencer & Michael Daugherty - Rick talks with Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer about Barack Obama sending a White House representative to Oklahoma City to encourage the Muslim mosque attended by the man who beheaded a grandmother. In Part 2, Rick talks to Michael Daugherty, author of The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government’s Surveillance […]
  • 1929363_1066097736712_6439077_n TRUNEWS 10/03/14 – Jonathan Wright - Did God embed hidden messages in Scripture. Code Searcher Jonathan Wright says he is finding lots of Bible Coded references to Barack Obama, the Antichrist, and End Time prophecies Bible Code Now Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/02/14 – Nathan Leal - Is Ebola out of control? Are we rushing into an End Time plague? Watchman’s Cry Nathan Leal and Rick engage in a spirited discussion of plagues and pestilences upon rebellious nations. The Watchman’s Cry Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 10/01/14 – Dr. Elaina George & Bill Fleckenstein - Rick asks Atlanta physician Dr. Elaina George if American doctors and hospitals are ready to cope with Ebola victims. In Part 2, money manager Bill Fleckenstein and Rick talk about the unknown consequences of multiple central banks pumping trillions of dollars into the markets. Dr. Elaina George | Official Website Fleckenstein Capital Download MP3
  • photo TRUNEWS 09/30/14 – Pastor Jeff Daly - Rick revisits prophetic warnings he spoke in 1998 about Islamic bloodshed and terror coming to America. That day is upon us. Beheadings have started. Join Rick and Pastor Jeffrey Daly as they call for a National Day of Repentance. National Day of Repentance Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/29/14 – Dr. Stan Monteith Tribute - In memorial of Dr. Stan Monteith’s passing today, Rick is rebroadcasting Dr. Stan’s last appearance on Trunews five years ago. Tom Horn substituted as host on November 19, 2009. As Tom and Dr. Stan discuss the media hype of a pending H1N1 flu pandemic and untested vaccine, we recommend you insert “Ebola” for H1N1. Download […]
  • david_wilkerson-nagy TRUNEWS 09/26/14 – David Wilkerson - A woman was beheaded in Oklahoma City today? Is a madness coming upon the world? Today’s program is a broadcast of the late Pastor David Wilkerson’s 1973 sermon after his famous vision of the End Times. He warned of unspeakable persecution coming to the Christian Church. Take notes! Download MP3
  • DSC00781 TRUNEWS 09/25/14 – Pastor Bob Auxier - Is it too late to turn America around? Virginia Pastor Bob Auxier has called his congregation to a 40-day Daniel fast to repent for America’s sins and to seek God’s mercy. Email Pastor Auxier: Download MP3
  • 1mMYn.AuSt.69 TRUNEWS 09/24/14 – (Ret.) Senator Bob Graham - Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2001, tells Rick that there is an ongoing cover-up of Saudi Arabia’s involvement with the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon. Later in the program, Rick revisits his 2001 research of the Bush family’s business connections with the Bin […]
  • digispace3 TRUNEWS 09/23/14 – Alex Soojung-Kim Pang - Rick and futurist Alex Soojung-Kim Pang discuss microchip implants in humans, biometric identification technologies, robotic warriors, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and singularity. The Distraction Addiciton Download MP3
  • MichalZuckoff13hours TRUNEWS 09/22/14 – Mitchell Zuckoff & Paul Crone - Mitchell Zuckoff, author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, tells Rick what U.S. security operators who survived Benghazi experienced that night. In Part 2, Paul Crone the “Marketplace Minister” tells Rick why Trunews motivated him to stand up for Jesus Christ yesterday in Oklahoma City while Satanists blasphemed the […]
  • Tim TRUNEWS 09/19/14 – Pastor Tim Warner - Rick goes deeper into explaining the war and revolution cycles that are in play in 2014-2022 – plus the possible arrival of a solar Maunder Minimum cycle. In Part 2, Rick & Tampa pastor Tim Warner discuss his book The Time of the End. Answers in Revelation Oasis Church | Tampa, FL Download MP3
  • 2012-07-14_TerryBennett TRUNEWS 09/18/14 – Terry Bennett - As Scotland votes on independence today, Rick explains that the world has entered two historical cycles – civil unrest and war. Later in the program, Terry Bennett says an angel appeared to him in 2001 and gave him an outline of events that would happen in 3 sets of 7 years between 2008 and 2029. […]
  • Rodney Howard-Browne TRUNEWS 09/17/14 – Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne - Is Ebola the warm-up act for a bubonic plague attack on the USA in the future? What powers do state and federal agencies claim to have in a health emergency? Rick says “heads up” on this Ebola outbreak. Later in the program, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is unleashed on Trunews to go after the Luciferian elite […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/16/14 – Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin & Todd Friel - Should US troops be deployed in West Africa to combat Ebola? Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin tells Rick he is alarmed by Barack Obama’s decision. General Boykin also discusses the growing cooperation between Mexican drug cartels and Islamic jihadists. In Part 2, radio host Todd Friel sounds off on Victoria Osteen’s latest theological blunder. Family […]
  • schmidtchanasit100_v-contentgross TRUNEWS 09/15/14 – Dr. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit - Is it too late to contain Ebola in West Africa? Rick talks with expert Dr. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany. In Part 2, Rick broadcasts a 1999 radio program in which he was the guest. Expounder Ministries’ Steven Millhorn was the host. Rick prophesied about Islamic jihad […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/12/14 – Juliana Taimoorazy & Ian Paisley Tribute - Rick reveals that Trunews is under surveillance by unknown intruders. Later in the program, Assyrian Christian Juliana Taimoorazy pleads for Christians to help persecuted brethren in Syria and Iraq. In memorial to the Rev. Ian Paisley’s passing today into eternity, Rick rebroadcast a classic interview recorded in early 2013 with the fiery Presbyterian pastor from […]
  • paul_mcguire-300x225 TRUNEWS 09/11/14 – Paul McGuire - Has the USA entered a 12-month countdown to judgment? Rick and Paul McGuire, author of A Prophecy of the Future of America, discuss the indifference and apathy of America’s religious leaders as the nation embraces spiritual rebellion. Paul McGuire | Official Website Download MP3
  • WMI_Radio TRUNEWS 09/10/14 – Dr. Jonathan Hansen - On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, how close are we to another horrific event? Dr. Jonathan Hansen, founder of World Ministries, and Rick discuss the current affairs, and prophetic signpost pointing to the coming of Jesus Christ. World Ministries International Download MP3
  • John-Paul-Jackson-library-Facebook TRUNEWS 09/09/14 – John Paul Jackson - While Rick is in Indianapolis, Trunews is rebroadcasting a 2012 interview with prophet John Paul Jackson in which he made prophetically insightful statements about future events that demand us to review this 2-year old edition of Trunews. Have pen and paper ready! Streams Ministries | John Paul Jackson Download MP3
  • irvin2 TRUNEWS 09/08/14 – Irvin Baxter - Topic : Pastor Irvin Baxter, host of the TV Program End of the Age, and Rick discuss current events as they relate to End Time prophecies. Endtime Ministries | End Of The Age | Irvin Baxter Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/05/14 – Bahman Nassiri & Mark Davidson - Rick questions Iranian-born filmmaker Bahman Nassiri about an alleged tip from an Iranian source that the U.S. will be targeted with a biological warfare attack. In Part 2, Daniel Revisited author Mark Davidson tells Rick why most prophecy teachers misinterpreted Daniel’s prophecies about the End Time. Bahman Nassiri | Youtube The Four Sign Posts | […]
  • a TRUNEWS 09/04/14 – Alex Stanczyk - The G20 is preparing to implement global bank bail-in mechanisms to rob trillions of dollars from checking and savings accounts during the next banking crisis. How can you park your money offshore in gold? Anglo Far East chief market strategist Alex Stanzcyk talks with Rick about viable options that are still available. The Anglo Far-East […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 09/03/14 – Harry Dent & Dr. Mike Vickers - Rick reviews the stunning DEFCON 1 statement by Lt. Gen Tom McInerney on yesterday’s program, and reviews several prophetic dreams his family received in 2010. Harry Dent discusses his book The Demographic Cliff, plus the convergence of powerful cycles that will impact the U.S. economy. In Segment 3, Texas veterinarian Dr. Mike Vickers gives Rick […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 09/02/14 – (Ret.) Lt. General Thomas McInerney & (Ret.) Major General Paul Vallely - Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney tells Rick why America must go to DEFCON 1 immediately. Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely tells Rick that a constitutional crisis is quickly approaching which may require the U.S. military to take action domestically to save the Republic. Stand Up America Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney | […]
  • Capture19 TRUNEWS 09/01/14 – Michael Shrimpton and Lord Christopher Monckton - Rick’s Labor Day program features UK national security expert Michael Shrimpton and Lord Christopher Monckton discussing a wide range of global issues including the rise of violent Islamic jihadism, the missing Malaysian jetliner, and the threat to Western civilization. The June Press | Michael Shrimpton The Lord Monckton Foundation Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/29/14 – Kamal Saleem - Former Muslim and now born again Christian Kamal Saleem talks with Rick about the drive to create an Islamic Caliphate, Saudi and Qatar’s support for ISIS, and Muslim Brotherhood influence in Washington. Koome Ministries | Kama Saleem Download MP3
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 08/28/14 – Herman Cain & Raymon Ibrahim - Will Barack Obama dare to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants? Herman Cain weighs in on the debate. In Part 2, Raymond Ibrahim says there is evidence possibly linking John McCain with the leader of ISIS. Herman Cain | Official Website Raymond Ibrahim | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/27/14 – Bishop James Heiser - Rick gives further revelation about the changes coming to this radio program in the next 60 days. In Part 2, Lutheran Bishop James Heiser discusses the Ukraine-Russia standoff, the threat of a cutoff of gas supplies to Europe this winter, and a possible Perestroika Deception connection. Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America Download MP3
  • Peck TRUNEWS 08/26/14 – Prester John Peck - Is it time for the true Church in America to go underground to survive the coming storm? Rick reveals a major decision. Later in the program, Prester John Peck will talk about how Orthodox Christians survived decades of communism without renouncing their faith in Jesus Christ. Fr. John Peck | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/25/14 – Clare Lopez & Kevin Sorbo - Former CIA special operations manager Clare Lopez talks with Rick about the real face of Islam. In Part 2, Hollywood actor and God’s Not Dead star Kevin Sorba shares his opinion about militant atheism. Kevin Sorbo | Official Website Center for Security Policy Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/22/14 – Ralph Sidway - Is Barack Obama repealing Emperor Constantine’s Edict of Milan that stopped persecution of Christians? Orthodox Church blogger Ralph Sidway tells Rick what the ancient church has to say about the religion of Muhammad. Facing Islam Blog Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/21/14 – Chris Cabrera and Ben Kinchlow - Border Patrol Officer Chris Cabrera gives Rick a firsthand report on the illegal immigrant invasion.  In Part 2, former CBN 700 Club co-host Ben Kinchlow talks with Rick about the privilege of being a citizen of the Kingdom of God. National Border Patrol Council Ben Kinchlow | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 08/20/14 – Jordan Allott & Marc Faber - “In Defense of Christians” documentary filmmaker Jordan Allott discusses efforts to galvanize Christian outrage over the savage extermination of Christians in the Middle East. In Part 2, legendary investor Marc Faber calls in from Hong Kong to share his insight about why asset bubbles, quantitative easing, and ever-growing sovereign debt will eventually end in a […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/19/14 – Lt. Col. Allen West & Joe Bastardi - Is Barack Hussein Obama an Islamist? Rick asks retired Colonel Allen West his opinion about Mr. Obama’s pro-Muslim foreign policies. In the second half of the program, chief forecaster Joe Bastardi gives his forecast for Winter 2014-2015. Allen West | Official Website WeatherBell Analytics LLC Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/18/14 – Gerald Celente & Retired Brig. General Douglas Lee - What is driving the mad march toward World War III? Gerald Celente and Rick discuss the question. In the second half of the program, Retired U.S. Army Brig. General Douglas Lee gives Rick an update on the order to remove Gideon Bibles from U.S. Navy lodges. Trends Research Institute Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty Download […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/15/14 – Walid Shoebat - Is Barack Hussein Obama a covert Islamic jihadist in the White House actively waging jihad to destroy America from within? Rick and Whalid Shoebat discuss Mr. Obama’s pro-Islam foreign policies. Walid Shoebat | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/14/14 – Linda Stowe LaPrade & John Ritchie - Rick discusses the militarized crackdown against reporters covering the Ferguson, MO, civil unrest. Anti-Agenda21 activist Linda Stowe LaPrade tells us how to kick the UN agenda out of your community. Family values activist John Ritchie discusses opposition to the upcoming Satanic black mass in Oklahoma City. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/13/14 – Mark Armitage, Brad Dacus, Joel Gilbert & Dr. Peter Hammond - Today you’ll hear from a Creationist scientist Mark Armitage who was fired from his university job because of his Creationist views. Joining Mr. Armitage is his attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert will stop by to tell us about his upcoming movie There’s No Place Like Utopia. And South African […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/12/14 – Evangelist Anita Fuentes - Outspoken Latino evangelist Anita Fuentes joins Rick for a discussion about the signs of the times and the Day of the Lord. The Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/11/14 – “John Galt” & Dr. Edward Pearson - Is Russia on verge of invading Ukraine? Rick talks with “John Galt” about the latest signs that something big is ready to happen. Later in the program, Dr. Edward Pearson shares his medical insight on ways to reverse diabetes.  John Galt | Official Website New Medicine Foundation Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/08/14 – Chris Martenson & William Binney - Producer and founder of, Chris Martenson, joins Rick after the news to discuss the motivations behind the United States’ push for war with Russia. Later in the program, NSA whistleblower William Binney shares from his vast knowledge of the NSA’s dragnet domestic spy program. Peak Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/07/14 – Canon Andrew White & Forrest Mims - Rick has an exclusive interview with Canon Andrew White, pastor of St. George’s Anglican Church in Iraq. Most of his congregation is missing. The remaining members of the flock and Canon White are hiding from Islamic jihadists who are beheading and crucifying Christians who refuse to renounce Jesus Christ and worship Allah. Later in the […]
  • Sadhu-Sundar-Selvaraj TRUNEWS 08/06/14 – Prophet Sundar Selvaraj - Prophet Sundar Selvaraj from Chennai India shares with Rick the prophetic warning God gave him for the USA and other nations. Jesus Ministries Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/05/14 – Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) & Dr. Jane Orient - Another politically incorrect newscast by Rick Wiles. He asks atheists why they are not sending missionaries to West Africa to help Ebola victims. Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf tells Rick why President Obama must act to protect persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria. Later in the program, Tucson physician Dr. Jane Orient expresses her concern that […]
  • AgustoPerez TRUNEWS 08/04/14 – Augusto Perez - Cuban-American evangelist Augusto Perez and Rick discuss the Ebola virus outbreak, plagues and pestilences in the Last Days, and the mark of God on the Saints. Augusto also tells a true story about his Cuban uncle in the final days before Fidel Castro’s communist army captured Havana. The Appearance Ministries Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 08/01/14 – Zach Taylor & Felix Imonti - National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers’ President Zach Taylor tells Rick that asymmetric warfare is being waged against the American people. Foreign affairs expert Felix Imonti discusses the goal of the Islamic caliphate, the consolidation of oil resources, and the funding of ISIS by wealthy people in the United Emirates. National Association of Former […]
  • dYaY9VQK_400x400 TRUNEWS 07/31/14 – Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Bruce Walker - Sheriff Joe Arpaio describes his battle with the Obama Administration to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Sheriff Arpaio also discusses his ongoing investigation into Barack Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate on the White House website. Later in the program, Bruce Walker, author of The Swastika Against the Cross, discusses how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis waged war […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/30/14 – Bob Eschliman & Brad Stine - Iowa newspaperman Bob Eschliman will tell us what it’s like to be fired by Shaw Media as a newspaper editor for expressing your Christian beliefs. Later in the program, comedian Brad Stine talks about his role in the movie Persecuted, and why Christians are running out of time to halt the anti-Christian bigotry in America. […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/29/14 – Tom DeWeese & Juliana Tiamoorazy - Rick reveals that an Israeli TV network broadcast an audio recording of King Obama ordering Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop defending Israel from Hamas rockets. Tom DeWeese tells us how to organize to stop Agenda 21 in your community. Assyrian Christian Juliana Tiamoorazy talks about her efforts to get humanitarian aid to suffering Christians in […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/28/14 – Daniel Halper and Chris & Gwen Steinle - The Spectator’s online editor Daniel Halper talks about how Bill & Hillary Clinton are methodically rebuilding their public image and pacifying past critics. Later in the program, Chris and Gwen Steinle join the program to announce why they are departing Babylon now. Clinton, Inc.| Daniel Halper Come Out of Her My People | Chris Steinle Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/25/14 – Part Two With “V” - Rick continues his discussion with Wall Street insider “V”. Today’s talk centers on a potential blueprint that is being followed to bring about the demise the U.S. and its global dominance. Rick postulates that the current border crisis could be used as the “perfect cover” for collapsing the system and locking down the borders while […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/24/14 – Part One With “V” - Today is Part 1 of a two-part interview with a Wall Street trader identified only as “V.” Rick questions V about the ongoing assassination of high level bankers, massive fraud in the financial markets, and nefarious plans to crash the Dollar in order to introduce a new currency and financial system. Download MP3
  • 17681 TRUNEWS 07/23/14 – Dr. Hector Caram-Andruet - Retired Argentine corporate executive and Bible prophecy student Dr. Hector Caram-Andruet and Rick have a heart-to-heart discussion about the New World Order, End of Days, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and whether Christians should participate in biometric scanning. The World Crisis and Bible Prophecies Download MP3
  • 729x TRUNEWS 07/22/14 – Pastor Dale Walker & John T. Wayne - John T. Wayne, grandson of “the Duke” John Wayne, joins Rick to say that America cannot be free without God. Tennessee Pastor Dale Walker tells Rick why he walked out of his former denomination. John T. Wayne | Official Website Patriot Pastors Network Download MP3
  • 729x TRUNEWS 07/21/14 – Thomas Drake - Rick comments on the tragic death of Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer. Later in the program, former NSA executive and whistleblower Thomas Drake tells Rick that the USA is in a post-Constitution era and is operating under an emergency decree. Download MP3
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 07/18/14 – Trevor Loudon & John Casey - More Perestroika Deception on today’s Trunews. New Zealander Trevor Loudon discusses the enemies within, and how the communists have changed the way we think. Later in the program, former NASA space shuttle engineer Dr. John Casey talks about the Sun’s lower energy output and the possibility that we may be entering a prolonged period of […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/17/14 – World on the Brink - With NATO and Russia on the edge of war following the downing of the Malaysian airliner, Rick goes unscripted with no guest today. Among the topics discussed is the cryptic warning a U.S. general passed to “V” several days ago about the dismantling of the USA between 2015-2017. Thursday July 17, 2014 Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/16/14 – Edward Klein, Brigitte Gabriel & Sidney Powell - Former New York Times editor Edward Klein tells Rick there is a real blood feud between the Obamas and the Clintons. Brigitte Gabriel responds to criticism by the establishment news media that she is “Islamophobic.” Distinguished attorney Sidney Powell talks about corruption in the U.S. Department of Justice. Edward Klein | Official Website ACT! For […]
  • freedom TRUNEWS 07/15/14 – Kevin Shipp, Ex-CIA - Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, author of From the Company of Shadows, brings forth the frightening possibility that President Barack Obama is secretly aiding Islamic radicals who seek to impose Sharia law throughout the world. Kevin Shipp | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/14/14 – Rabbi Aryeh Spero & John Whitehead - Caucus for America president Rabbi Aryeh Spero tells Rick that Barack Obama is deliberately aiding radical Islamic groups. Constitutional lawyer John Whitehead concludes today’s program with a call to action to oppose the growing police state surveillance in the USA. Push Back America The Rutherford Institute Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/11/14 – Charlie Daniels & Robert Shibley - Country Music legend Charlie Daniels tells Rick that he believes Barack Obama’s real desire is to disarm the American people. Later in the program, FIRE VP Robert Shibley talks about his group’s efforts to eradicate “free speech zones” on college campuses. Charlie Daniels | Official Website Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/10/14 – Ret. Sgt. Major Dan Page - Retired U.S. Army Command Sgt. Major Dan Page tells Rick why he thinks 2015 is the start date for a series of actions to collapse the USA so that a global regime can emerge. America’s Freedom Fighters Download MP3
  • 175px-Barry_setterfield TRUNEWS 07/09/14 – Barry Setterfield - Astronomer and geologist Barry Setterfield answers Rick’s question: Is there a Biblical end time significance to the Blood Moons? Genesis Science Research Dan El Private Estates Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/08/14 – James Heiser - Lutheran Bishop James Heiser discusses the occult connection to Alexander Dugin – known as Putin’s Brain – who believes that America must be destroyed. Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/07/14 – John McManus & Michael Snyder - Who is the man known as Putin’s Brain? Mike Snyder tells Rick that Alexander Dugin believes America must be destroyed. Also on today’s program, John McManus tells Rick that National Review founder William F. Buckley blocked the publication of the Perestroika Deception for a decade. John Birch Society Economic Collapse Blog End of the American […]
  • american-takes-flag-from-sickle-hammer TRUNEWS 07/04/14 – Perestroika Deception Pt. 3 - Today’s program features Bill McIlhaney’s classic 2005 interview with the late Christopher Story. Mr. Story edited and published KGB-defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s Perestroika Deception. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/03/14 – Diana West & Dinesh D’Souza - Rick continues his discussion on the Perestroika Deception with guest Diana West before delving into her book “American Betrayal” and the intentional moral degradation of the country. Later in the program, Dinesh D’Souza discusses his new film “America” as well as his forthcoming September sentencing for violating campaign contribution laws. Diana West | Official Website […]
  • Me4x6 TRUNEWS 07/02/14 – Marshall Swing - Rick examines IMF Director Christine Lagarde’s occult-related speech laced with numerology. Later in the show, precious metals investors Marshall Swing talks about the threat posed by $1.1 quadrillion of derivatives. Economic Crash of Biblical Proportions To Arrive in 2015 by Marshall Swing Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 07/01/14 – Steve Emerson - Islamic terrorism expert Steven Emerson opens the program with Rick. In the second half, Rick shares his thoughts about warning signs we must watch for in coming months. Investigative Project on Terrorism Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/30/14 – Professor Wain-Hobson & Ambassador Francis Rooney - Paris-based Pasteur Institute virologist Professor Wain-Hobson tells Rick why he and other scientists oppose the reassembling of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus strain. In the second part of the program, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney, talks to Rick about his book, “Global Vatican.” Pasteur Institute Francis Rooney | Official Website Download […]
  • jimwillie TRUNEWS 06/27/14 – Jim Willie - Jim Willie fires both barrels on today’s program regarding the implosion of the Western banking system, the disappearance of large quantities of gold bars, a possible Chinese foreclosure of the U.S. Fed, the Saudi plan to end the U.S. Petro Dollar, and the Chinese-Russian timetable to unveil a gold-backed currency. Jim Willie | Official Website […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/26/14 – Harvey Organ & Alex Newman - Rick talks more about Pat Boone’s hint that a big announcement is coming soon about Barack Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. Harvey Organ tells Rick why Germany has cancelled its demand that the Federal Reserve return its gold. Later in the program, Alex Newman talks about how the global elite finance and arm both sides of […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/25/14 – The Perestroika Deception Pt. 2 - Was America morally, financially, and militarily weakened by the Perestroika Deception? Learn more about the plot that KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned the CIA in the early 1960s would be carried out by the global Communist Party to bring America into a New World Order. Chris Steinle and Rick Wiles discuss Mr. Golitsyn’s chilling warning […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/24/14 – J.R. Nyquist - J.R. Nyquist joins Rick for Part One of The Perestroika Deception. Did the Communist Party initiate in the early 1960s a top-secret plan to morally, financially, and militarily weaken the USA in order to bring America into a global communist New World Order? J.R. Nyquist | Official Website Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/23/14 – Dr. Peter Pry & Professor F.H. Buckley - Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security provides an update on the latest threats to U.S. security – specifically that of an EMP assault on the electric grid. Later in the show, Professor Frank Buckley of George Mason University School of Law discusses his recently published book, […]
  • Tribute Peter Daniels TRUNEWS 06/20/14 – Peter J. Daniels - Mr. Peter J. Daniels, one of the most successful Christian businessmen in the world, shares his spiritual and business insight with Rick. Mr. Daniels discusses the necessary character traits to succeed in business, his gold bullion storage vaults, his company’s unique religious minted gold coins, and his passion to train church leaders how to develop […]
  • jim-bakker-show-john-shorey-2109 TRUNEWS 06/19/14 – John Shorey - Is the late Pastor David Wilkerson’s 1985 Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth vision about an economic collapse on the verge of being fulfilled? Listen today as Rick Wiles and Chris Steinle discuss it with Bible prophecy author John Shorey Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/18/14 – Henry Gruver - Rick’s special guest today is Mr. Henry Gruver. Known as the “Prayer Walker to the World,” Henry is one of the most respected watchmen in the Body of Christ today. Henry retells several of the most compelling spiritual visions about America that God has given him over several decades. This is a classic interview you […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/17/14 – Allen West & Dr. Edward Pearson - Former Florida Rep. Allen West in on in the first half of the show to discuss the uprising of ISIS in the middle east as well as the seemingly endless surge of illegal aliens coming across the southern border of the U.S. Later in the program, disease specialist Dr. Edward Pearson explains the often overlooked […]
  • Capture2 TRUNEWS 06/16/14 – Douglas Woodward - Douglas Woodward, author of Blood Moon: Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse, talks with Rick about the Islamic jihadist uprising in the Middle East, the Illuminati plan for a New World Order, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Faith Happens | S. Douglas Woodward Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/13/14 – Andrew McCarthy & Richard Aldrich - Former U.S. federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy makes the case for the impeachment of Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. In the second half of the program, University of Warwick Professor Richard Aldrich discusses the future of surveillance and implanted microchips. Andrew McCarthy | Official Website Professor Richard Aldrich | University of Warwick Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/12/14 – Ret. Gen. Paul Vallely, Ret. CIA Clare Lopez, & Brandon Smith - Is an Islamic Caliphate rising up this week in Iraq? Rick talks with Retired U.S. General Paul Vallely and retired CIA special operations officer Clare Lopez. Later in the program, Brandon Smith talks with Rick about the mysterious U.S. Treasury bond transactions in Belgium. One hour of uncensored news! Stand Up America Center for Security Policy […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/11/14 – Jim Rogers & Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Legendary billionaire investor Jim Rogers talks with Rick today about the artificial sea of liquidity created by coordinated quantitative easing by central banks. Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, founder of Voice of the Copts, comments about the Islamic beheadings in Mosul, Iraq, and Barack Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Voice of the Copts Jim Rogers | […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/10/14 – Robert Prechter & David Nabhan - Elliott Wave International President Robert Prechter, Jr. gives Rick his forecast for market and economic conditions. Later in the program, earthquake predictor David Nabhan tells Rick the date and time of a possible killer earthquake on America’s West Coast Elliott Wave International Earthquake Predictors Download MP3
  • dene-mcgriff TRUNEWS 06/09/14 – Dene McGriff - Rick opens the program with the question: “Is Obama losing his marbles?” Later, Bible prophecy author and speaker Dene McGriff responds to Rick’s suggestion that the Fourth Beast world government may be a global corporation, not a political government. The Tribulation Network Download MP3
  • Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 3.37.09 PM TRUNEWS 06/06/14 – D-Day Commemoration & Prophetic Warning - In a program that was completely overhauled in the last hour before broadcast, Rick pays tribute to D-Day veterans, gives Steve Quayle a platform to sound an urgent prophetic warning, and concludes with a Psalm 91 exhortation to hide in Christ to withstand the judgment that has been turned loose in America and is in […]
  • Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 3.33.11 PM TRUEWS 06/05/14 – Twila Brase & Professor Barry Lituchy - Healthcare privacy champion Twila Brase tells Rick about Obamacare’s biosurveillance strategy to gather the medical records of all Americans. Later in the program, Professor Barry Lituchy talks to Rick about the Nazi connection to the U.S.-supported revolution in Ukraine. Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom Holocaust Memorial Committee Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/04/14 – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & William Engdahl - Are the neocons pursuing a first-strike nuclear policy against Russia and perhaps China in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world dominance? Rick asks Dr. Paul Craig Roberts that and more in today’s first interview. In the second half of the show, Rick will pose an equally troubling question to awarding-winning geopolitical analyst, William […]
  • dougkrieger-copy TRUNEWS 06/03/14 – Doug Krieger & Chris Steinle - End-Time author Doug Krieger joins Rick Wiles and Chris Steinle for a spirited one-hour discussion of current events and Bible prophecies. In light of Barack Obama’s trip to Poland today to promise military aid, Rick opens the program with a 2012 warning by Russia to carry out a pre-emptive strike on the USA if America […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 06/02/14 – Pete Hoekstra & Mark O’Bryne - Mr. Pete Hoekstra, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is on in the first half of the program to discuss the Obama Administration’s unexpected prisoner-swap with the Taliban over the weekend. A member of the Republican Party, Mr. Hoekstra served Michigan’s 2nd congressional district from 1993 to 2011. Later in show, GoldCore founder Mark […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/30/14 – Larry Pratt & Dr. Terry Mortenson - Rick is joined first by Larry Pratt to discuss the recent scandal surrounding the VA Healthcare system as well as the Obama Administration’s efforts to disarm veterans. Pratt has been Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America for 30 years. In the second half of the show, Dr. Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis, […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/29/14 – VA State Sen. Richard Black and John Haller - Virginia State Representative, Richard Black, is on in the first half of today’s program to discuss why he wrote a personal letter to Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, thanking him for protecting Christians from the western-backed Jihadists. Later in the show, attorney John Haller discusses being forced out of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches for […]
  • 032712_cavuto_nenner TRUNEWS 05/28/14 – Charles Nenner - Rick sits down with renowned financial guru, Charles Nenner, to ask a series of penetrating questions on the current state of global markets and geopolitics: Is gold at a bottom? Is the dollar dead? Will we see war in 2015? If so, will it be nuclear? Tune in to hear the answer to these questions […]
  • pastor-Stephen-Joiner TRUNEWS 05/27/14 – Pastor Stephen Joiner - On today’s program, Rick speaks with Stephen Joiner, the Mississippi Pastor who was arrested and jailed for holding a sign stating that abortion kills children. Download MP3
  • C.R_small TRUNEWS 05/26/14 – Daniel Duval with Dr. CR Oliver - Today’s special Memorial Day edition of TRUNEWS features the first half Daniel Duval’s penetrating interview with Dr. CR Oliver in which the two discuss the difference between the sons of Eli and the sons of Zadok and the importance of ministering to the Lord. Zadok Publications Download MP3
  • Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 4.52.07 PM TRUNEWS 05/23/14 – Rick with Chris Steinle - With the controversy and confusion surrounding Wednesday’s interview with Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer, Rick and Chris spend segment one addressing listener feedback. In the second half of the show, the two dive deeper into Church history with a specific focus on the true origin and meaning of the word “catholic.” Tune in to hear Rick […]
  • david-jason-benham-flip-hgtv TRUNEWS 05/22/14 – David and Jason Benham - Jason and David Benham join Rick today to talk about HGTV’s abrupt cancellation of their TV program. Later in the program, Rick reveals the results of his investigation into “Pastor Levy.” Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/21/14 – Bishop Anthony Palmer - Today’s guest is Evangelical Episcopal Bishop Anthony Palmer. Rick and Bishop Palmer discuss the historic Roman Catholic outreach to Protestant Evangelical Christians. Bishop Palmer is the facilitator who delivered an iPhone video message from Pope Francis to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ annual ministers’ conference. Download MP3
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/20/14 – Jessica Vaughan and Paul Weston - Jessica Vaughan, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, discusses the report her organization recently released detailing the move by Obama’s ICE to release 36,007 criminal immigrants – many of whom were convicted of serious offenses such as homicide and rape. In the second half of the show, Rick will be joined by British politician, […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/19/14 – Rick Wells and Chico & Debbie - Conservative commentator, Rick Wells, discusses the indoctrination and now Islamization that has become commonplace in American public schools. In the second half of the show, Chico and Debbie Jimenez discuss the mounting pressure they are facing by local authorities in Daytona Beach, FL because of their efforts to feed the homeless. Rick Wells | […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/16/14 – Chris Martenson and Dr. Robert Lustig - Chris Martenson joins Rick in the first half of the program for an interesting discussion on the distinct relationship between food prices and civil unrest. Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of In the second half of the show Dr. Robert […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/15/14 – Simon Black and Steve Deace - “Sovereign Man” Simon Black is back on TRUNEWS to discuss the irreversible insolvency of the United States financial system and how people can think outside the box to protect their assets before calamity comes. Later in the program, political commentator Steve Deace will try to shed some light on the culture of communism that is […]
  • john-embry TRUNEWS 05/14/14 – Jeff Kinley - Christian author and speaker, Jeff Kinley, discusses his riveting new book, “As It Was in the Days of Noah: Warnings from Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm.” Receiving his Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, Jeff is the author of 20 Books, the founder of Main Thing Ministries, and is currently the Senior […]
  • Capture TRUNEWS 05/13/14 – John Embry and the Coming “Currency Event” - Today Rick will be accompanied by John P Embry, Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Asset Management LP – One of Canada’s premiere financial institutions with a valuation upwards of $7 Billion. With over five decades of experience as an industry expert in precious metals and portfolio management, Mr. Embry will explain why he is calling […]
  • DrJeffreyBlandBioMay2014 TRUNEWS 05/12/14 – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD - After Rick reports on the latest world news he will be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD who will discuss his new book, “The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life.” For decades, Dr. Bland has been on the cutting edge of Functional Medicine, which seeks to pinpoint […]
  • Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 5.11.25 PM TRUNEWS 05/09/14 – Steve Quayle and Augusto Perez - In what’s sure to be a memorable program, Rick is joined by a dynamic duo of end time watchmen in Steve Quayle and Augusto Perez to discuss the prophetic significance and root symbolism behind of the bizarre “Game of Thrones”-themed photo of Barack Obama. Officially released by the White House, the photoshopped image depicts Obama […]
  • pam-geller TRUNEWS 05/08/14 – Pamela Geller - Author and blogger, Pamela Geller, will be on the first half of the show to discuss the deepening infiltration of Islam into American society. Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)., Michael Connelly, a Constitutional lawyer with […]
  • Trunews-banner TRUNEWS 05/07/14 – Dan Duval and Pastor Chris Steinle - Today’s program will feature a special prophecy roundtable between Rick and fellow watchmen Daniel Duval and Pastor Chris Steinle. The three will take a look back to four profound prophetic dreams from 2009 and discuss them in light of of where we are in 2014. Download MP3

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