Monday September 30, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Senator Sheldon R. Songstad

Topic : Trunews Exclusive: Ret. South Dakota State Senator, Sheldon R. Songstad, joins Rick to give an urgent warning concerning the convergence of events taking place on or around the first of October. The bizarre activities he notes range from unusual measures being taken by FEMA, DHS, and the CDC in preparation for an unspecified disaster to an unexplained uptick in military training of both foreign and domestic troops. Senator Songstad poses the question, ‘Is all the hoopla surrounding a government shutdown just a smokescreen for something much bigger?’

Friday September 27, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Will Estrada

Topic : On today’s program, Rick talks with Will Estrada, Home Schooling advocate, about the Federal Common Core Education program adopted by most states. Aside from the indoctrination built into the lesson plans, extensive data collection on all students is central.

Thursday September 26, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Rev. Jesse Peterson

Topic : Rick welcomes Dr. David Berman, Rev. Jesse Peterson, and Pastor Chris Steinle to the program. Dr. Berman and Rev. Peterson discuss how elitist white progressives discriminate against black conservatives. Later in the program, Rick and Pastor Steinle discuss Pope Francis’ controversial comments.

Wednesday September 25, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Dr. David Berman

Topic : Dr. Berman is back for his second day with Rick and Chris to discuss why it is such a crucial time for the body of Christ to activate and boldly engage the lost of the world with the power of the Gospel – even as America is taken deeper into captivity and the war rages on against all who stand for righteousness.

Tuesday September 24, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Dr. David Berman

Topic : Dr. David Berman is in the Trunews studio today with Chris Steinle and Rick discussing the recent escalation of attacks on Judeo-Christian principles in America and the dire need for Christians to take a bold stand for righteousness in this age of darkness and deceit.

Monday September 23, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Dr. Jerome Corsi and Pastor Paul Begley

Topic : Doctor Jerome Corsi stops by to talk about his new book, “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”. On the second half of the show, Pastor Paul Begley and Rick discuss the latest insanity being acted out on the world stage.

Friday September 20, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Evangelist David Lankford and Steve Quayle

Topic : Steve Quayle, David Lankford, and Chris Steinle express alarm over the famine of God’s Word and the ensuing darkness in the American Church.  Will falling so far and failure to repent trigger the removal of God’s lampstand after the pattern of Revelation’s Ephesian Church?

Thursday September 19, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  John Shorey

Topic : Pastor Chris Steinle talks with John Shorey about his  book ,” The Window of The Lord’s Return – 2012 -2020, which gives an interesting perspective on The Book of The Revelation, the timing of The Rapture and preparing for tumultuous times ahead.

Wednesday September 18, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Doug Krieger, Dene McGriff and Doug Woodward

Topic : Pastor Chris Steinle hosts a panel discussion on a new book written by Doug Woodward,  Dene McGriff and Douglas Krieger, entitled “The Final Babylon: America and The Coming of  Antichrist

Tuesday September 17, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Dr. Scott Lively

Topic : Dr. Scott Lively, author of the book,”The Pink Swastika”, talks about how the LGBT agenda has wormed it’s way into all the institutions of America  meanwhile Russia is now standing up for Christianity and the values The West used to embrace.

Monday September 16, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Samuel Katz

Topic : Internationally recognized author and expert on Middle East security issues, Samuel Katz, discusses the events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on the night of September 11, 2012—the subject of his recently co-authored book which “Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi.”

Friday September 13, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Dr. Reggie Anderson and Prof. Kate Cooper

Topic : Dr. Reggie Anderson, family physician of 25 years, is known as a ‘midwife to souls’ for the unique ability God has given him to peer into eternity as he cares for patients nearing death. Today, he joins Rick to share some of his amazing experiences with the hereafter, the subject of his new book, “Appointments with Heaven.” Later in the show, Kate Cooper, a professor of Ancient History at the University of Manchester, discusses the often untold and overlooked role of women in the early Church, the topic of her book, “Band of Angels.”

Thursday September 12, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Sean Gastonguay

Topic : Sean Gastonguay made world headlines when the story broke of his family’s ill-fated attempt to flee the anti-Christian environment of the U.S. ended when their sailboat incurred damage and they were forced to abandon ship. In his first interview since returning to the states, Mr. Gastonguay joins Rick and Pastor Chris Steinle to give a firsthand account of what he and his family encountered on the sea and what his motivation was for leaving.

Wednesday September 11, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Dr. David Berman

Topic : Dr. David Berman, Author and Pastor of Christian Life Fellowship Church in NH, comes back on Trunews for broad-ranging discussion covering everything from the liberal left’s infatuation with Islam to simple principles Christians need to cling to in these increasingly dark times.

Tuesday September 10, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Kenneth Timmerman and Larry Ward

Topic : Investigative journalist, Kenneth Timmerman, provides his analysis of the Obama Administration’s amateur attempt to justify war with Syria and the ulterior motives that may reside behind the disingenuous pretext. Mr. Timmerman is a best-selling author and the President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran. In the second of half of today’s program, Larry Ward, Political Director of Special Operations Speaks, joins Rick to discuss the veteran watchdog group’s relentless pursuit for truth and justice concerning the Benghazi cover-up.

Monday September 9, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  David Rubin

Topic : David Rubin, author and former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, shares his unique perspective on the U.S. fomenting war in Syria, Barack Obama’s allegiance to Saudi King Abdullah, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Friday September 6, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Mike Farris and Pastor Chris Steinle

Topic : Mike Farris, founder and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, discusses the German homeschool family whose children were seized for refusing to send them to government-ran indoctrination schools. In the second half of the program, Pastor Chris Steinle and Rick discuss the ramping up for war with Syria and in light of the predetermined plan for two Syrian wars that was laid out by Lindsey Graham in May.

May 9- Senate Declares Victory over Assad

Thursday September 5, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Michael Pento and Jeramie Scott

Topic : Austrian economist and founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, Michael Pento, discusses the convergence of geopolitical and economic chaos and explains why he believes the next 60 days will be the most dangerous time in the market since 2008. Later in the show, Rick engages Jeramie Scott, EPIC National Security Fellow, in a cordial debate concerning the emergence of America’s fascist surveillance state.

Wednesday September 4, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Dr. Jonathan Hansen

Topic : Dr. Jonathan Hansen, founder and President of World Ministries International, joins Rick for an ominous discussion concerning the perilous times we live in. Topics include: World War 3, God’s intensifying judgment of America-Babylon, and the absolute necessity for the Church to cleave to the Word and Spirit of God.

Tuesday September 3, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guests :  Bill Roggio and Ret. Col. Ron Crews

Topic : Bill Roggio, Managing Editor of the Long War Journal, explores possible scenarios and ramifications for U.S. intervention in Syria—a move he likens to the ‘U.S. acting as Al-Qaeda’s Air Force.’ In the second half of the program, Executive Director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, Ret. Col. Ron Crews, discusses the “vast social experiment” that is the military’s implementation of anti-Christian teaching materials created by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Monday September 2, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest :  Bree Keyton

Topic : Today’s  program is truly inspirational. Bree Keyton was given the impossible task of rescuing the Pygmy tribes of Africa from rebel groups who use them as their primary source of food! God has supernaturally protected her and shown His power as she stepped out in faith to obey. To date she has saved 58,000 of these people from the hands of evil men and hell!

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