Little Ice Age on the way? Snowfall in Montana in late May

By on May 24, 2013

Widespread issues with telephone service across Montana Thursday are leading to NorthWestern Energy customers to experience delays and other issues in contacting customer service representatives about outages and other service issues.

Cold and wet, and in some cases snowy weather, has led to heavy call volumes. NorthWestern asks customers to be patient when calling to report service issues.

NorthWestern customers can call (888) 467-2669 to report outages, downed lines or other issues related to electric or natural-gas service. It is unclear how the long the telephone issues might last. NorthWestern apologizes for the delays and is working with telephone carriers to resolve the issues. The company is also reminds customers to stay away from downed power lines and to report them as quickly as possible.

MISSOULA – The calendar may say May 23, but Mother Nature doesn’t agree!

A strong cold front has move across Western and Northwestern Montana, leaving, snow, power outages and poor road conditions in it wake.
The Montana Department of Transportation reports that there’s been a rock slide and a truck crash on Flint Creek Pass.
Meanwhile, downed trees and scattered power outages are being reported in the Whitefish, Columbia Falls and West Glacier areas.

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