McCain: No Difference Between Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Thank God’

By on September 4, 2013

What’s in a word?

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday for questioning members of a Syrian opposition groups’ use of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” after what Kilmeade said “looks like a fighter jet being shot out of the sky.”

“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said.

McCain criticized Kilmeade for his skepticism of the phrase, which means “God is greater” or “God is the greatest” in Arabic.

“Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?’” McCain said. “That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”

They’re not saying Thank God. They’re not even saying Thank Allah. If they wanted to praise Allah for surviving, they would say “Alhamdulillah”.

The difference is significant. Allah Akbar is a proclamation of Islamic superiority in line with its Koranic mission of making Islam superior over all religions.

Koran 61:9. “He it is who has sent his Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist.”

It’s not merely a praise of their deity, Allah. It’s a mission statement.

“We killed this man. This proves that our god is greater than his.”

McCain is being willfully ignorant when he conflates Thank God with Allahu Akbar.

The origin of Allah Akbar, which does not appear in the Koran, comes from the Hadith, during Mohammed’s genocide of the Jews.

“So, when the day dawned, the Jews came out with their bags and spades. When they saw the Prophet; they said, “Muhammad and his army!” The Prophet said, Allahu–Akbar! (Allah is Greater) and Khaibar is ruined, for whenever we approach a nation (i.e. enemy to fight) then it will be a miserable morning for those who have been warned.” Sahih Bukhari 4:52:195

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  • Thomas

    “Alalu” in the Sumerian Tablets was one of the Annunaki. This is where the name “Allah” comes from in the tribe of Arabs that Mohammed was from. Alalu aka Allah is the Biblical Lucifer/Satan. One can get this understanding by reading Zechariah Stichin’s translations of the Sumerian Tablets in his books. It can also be found by comparing and contrast the Bible and the Koran. The Koran can better be called “The Book of Lucifer.” Stichin’s writings also detail more about Adam and Eve also called “Adapa” and “Titi,” and that not all humans are descendant of them. There was of course the male and female created on “Day 6″ in the geologic time periods, as the Book of Genesis bears record. Adam and Eve were created separate, distinct and after all of the other races of people on the earth. And the “serpent” that entered the garden walked on two legs, as demonic possession is a part of their native religions even to this day.
    The US has had nothing but farce elections: two horns on the same GOAT!! Revelation 13:11 Both parties are bought off and sold out. This MORON McCain cannot tell the difference between “Hail Satan” and “Thank God.” He needs to be impeached and tried and found guilty for Treason. As far as I am concerned, the POS already is!!

  • frankfan42

    The statement is clear, it means “Our god is greater than your god.”
    McCain’s assurance that they are moderates resonates on the same level of truth that Kermit Gosnell is a “Nice guy.”