Nevada’s ‘experiment in the desert’ more popular than ever: Nearly 70,000 gather for weekend of debauchery at Burning Man festival

By on August 30, 2013

Burning Man, the annual art, music and everything-else festival currently taking place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, is the most popular ever than more people already on-site than attended the entire event last year.

The largest outdoor arts festival in North America is in its 27th year, with as many as 68,000 people expected to part-take in partying, debauchery and excess before it all ends for another year on Labor Day

Described as an ‘experimental community,’ it incorporates plenty of partying plus lighting massive fire displays, donning eye-catching costumes and performing passionate dances at sunrise. Organizers stress it’s mostly up to participants to decide what Burning Man is.

Earlier this year the federal government issued a permit for 68,000 people from all over the world to gather at the sold out festival and spend up to a week in the remote desert cut off from much of the outside world.

This year’s event is already the largest ever, organizers said more than 55,000 people had already arrived at Black Rock City at noon on Tuesday. That is almost as many as were present at last year’s event during its peak.

Traditionally only the hard-core burners arrived when the gates opened Monday and a crush of people often referred to as ‘Weekend Warriors’ would show up sometime between Thursday and Saturday, reports NBC Bay Area.

By morning on Wednesday, there were 15 streets circling the temporary city created by attendees and the forecast remains free of dust storms.

Many have been impressed by the size and look of this year’s Man Base, a structure that houses the iconic ‘Man’ figure burned each year near the event’s close.

Inside a flying saucer under the Man is a multi-level structure with zoetropes, a giant chandelier and views of Black Rock City. Slides serve as exits.

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  • RC

    not a word!!!

  • DemolitionMan57

    Hmmm…sounds like what we used to refer to as an “orgy”.

  • iguana one

    When I was younger, I did not know God as I do now. When I was younger, I acted like these people. I don’t anymore. Perhaps when your young, one is unable to grasp wisdom. Noah was an old man when he died. Now he had wisdom. When do we wake up? 40? 50? 60 years old? it’s a difficult thing to do. Teach younger people about wisdom. they will not listen. I certainly didn’t. Today, the younger will perish first.

    • william mony

      The issue now of course is that, the time is short, one must repent now.
      Yeshua comes soon. These events are an empty pursuit of happiness, just like the book of proverbs states,,,wm

      • iguana one

        Thanks WM for your insight. I know time is short. I can feel it. I just know it. But I am not lying down. I repent each day. As for others? The Wal-Mart crowd shuffles in and I watch their faces of pain and sickness. Repent is a word far, far away from their lexicon I fear.

  • MeanieHoney

    The future of the white race in America: White anglo-saxon hedonists.

    It appears as though Caucausians are deserting Christianity in droves. The Holy Spirit seems to have flown to dark-skinned lands (i.e. World Youth Day in Brazil with 1.5 millions pilgrims.)

    • d hef

      Hey there honey baby, It’s crack pots like you that are helping push people, of all races, away from your ever-loving, (now there’s a laugh), christianity in droves.

  • d hef

    I’ve been to BM twice and I was amazed at the outpouring of genuine love and kindness shared by all. Nobody was judging others for their appearance or behavior. Never witnessed a single fight or altercation. The comments in here lead me to believe that many of you could learn a great deal of how to treat your fellow humans by experiencing a few days there.

    • MeanieHoney

      Just a whole lot of orgies right?

      • d hef

        You seem to have a very warped idea of people who don’t share your world views. Pretty sad that you go through life with such hatred

        • dr fab

          is not hatred, is reality.

          • d hef

            So by your reality, based on the way the views above, which were expressed so eloquently by MeanieHoney, then if say your mother or your daughter had a one night stand at some point in her life, then she is a whore. You god loving christians are some of the most hate filled judgmental people walking this earth. Not all Christians, but the ones I see commenting in here. You see some people in costumes expressing love for one another and immediately it’s the end of civilization. Put the bible down and get off your ass and go do something nice and kind for a stranger. Not because god told you to or to reserve your place in heaven. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Ask yourself, “if there was no heaven would you do good daily and be a decent person”, or do you do nice simply because you are afraid of gods wrath. If it’s the latter you may want to rethink putting all your eggs in the basket of such a vindictive entity.

          • MeanieHoney

            re: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 corinthians 12:1-13)

            Your definition of love is the opposite of love – it seeks self pleasure, and looks inward as it’s fulfillment. That is not love. It is called “selfishness.”

            God is a God of mercy and desires everyone to want to seek him. We put ourselves in danger of separating from God for all eternity when we desire only our own selfish desires and personal pride. The Angels became devils when pride entered their souls. That is exactly what that event celebrates – essentially we don’t need God (a savior) and that Man can save himself.

            Promiscuos love is nothing more than selfish love.

          • d hef

            I said people expressing love for one another. You put your own narrow definition of love in your words. Because you don’t see people on there knees looking upward, praying to a being that you deem as the one and only true creator that should be worshipped without doubt, you are so judgmental of so many that you have not a clue about. If you are representative of the ones that follow you’re deity in the sky, then yes I will pass on the option to join your own orgy of devotion.