Obama making little headway with getting Congress to support attack on Syria

By on September 6, 2013

Nearly a week into President Obama’s campaign to convince Congress that airstrikes against Syria are necessary, he has achieved little headway against a wall of skepticism on Capitol Hill.

The president’s challenge is made more difficult by the fact that the two parties are splintered on the issue — and that lawmakers say they are hearing virtually no support for an attack from their constituents at home.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), a libertarian who has taken on GOP hawks on National Security Agency surveillance and now Syria, tweeted Thursday: “If you’re voting yes on military action in #Syria, might as well start cleaning out your office. Unprecedented level of public opposition.”

Democrats are torn between their fear of crippling a Democratic president with a “no” vote and their anxiety that they might be repeating the mistakes of recent history in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

For Republicans, the debate over striking Syria has reopened a long-standing schism between the GOP’s internationalist and non-interventionist wings at a moment when the party is struggling to reinvent itself. The vote will be a test of some of the party’s possible 2016 presidential contenders, who until now have had the luxury of standing on the sidelines and criticizing Obama on foreign policy.

Given the dissent within their ranks, even the most influential of those who back the operation are showing little enthusiasm for urging their colleagues to come aboard.

In the House — where prospects for approval appear dimmer than they do in the Senate — Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) have said they favor strikes but will not pressure other members on what they consider a “conscience vote.”

On the Democratic side, “I’m not exactly leading the charge,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Time magazine. “But I’m supporting the president.”

On all sides, uncertainty remains over what would be achieved by attacking Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

Lawmakers remain unconvinced that limited strikes proposed by Obama would shift the balance in a bloody civil war that appears tipped in favor of President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Or whether that is, in fact, what is desired.

“In order to justify action now against his regime and risk further escalating the conflict, the president must clearly identify what our national security interests are,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), who heads a House Foreign Affairs Committee panel on the Middle East.

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  • frankfan42

    Amash who encouraged his constituents to meet with him in a two day 11 stop series of meetings is right. We need to vote those representatives out who do NOT represent their constituents. May God’s will be done.

  • Chris McLean

    It’s funny how the most religious of people hate Obama and claim it’s because his policies and Not because he’s black.
    Live like your Messiah told you too, and don’t be so unchristian and still claim everyone else is going to hell. You live like sheep led by a leader in odd clothing and out dated theology,
    Love is love and you hate more than you adherently listen to your holy novel aka: the bible.
    #LoveGratitdeForgiveness is the way of the future. Don’t hate but rather fight fear with love and let your light shine.

    • Acumen Believed

      Stop race bating please… Christians hate pro-abortion policies, pro-homosexual policies, and pro-war mongering policies. We hate lies not people. It is sad how people like yourself keep pointing at race. Christians also hated the lies told to us by white presidents. You hide behind race and don’t even bother addressing the actual policies (like making up lies to attack Syria). Even as you keep bringing up race as an issue you will witness with your own eyes the judgement decreed on America (on whites, blacks, hispanics and asians). A

      • d hef

        Did you hate the idea of going into Iraq in 2002? Or any of the policies of the Bush administration. I think that’s where Chris’s comment was coming from. The far right and extreme side of the Christian populous of the US are so bitterly against anything Obama says or does the it comes off as very hateful. The only ones that fail to see this are the ones doing the hating. And BTW a pro-choice view is not a pro-abortion view anymore than a anti-abortion view is a pro-life view.

    • maryaha

      Why don’t you just go away? Why are you coming to a Christian news site in the first place? Just to try and start trouble, I have no doubt.

      • d hef

        “A christian news site”. That there tells you how balanced any of the news on this site will be. It leans so far one way that you can almost feel it hitting the ground. If you’re getting your news from this site I sure hope that you are branching out a bit to see what other views towards news is out there.

        • Carly Fournier

          News is not supposed to be about views it’s supposed to be about facts. Have you taken a closer look at the reporting to see if there is any slant to it before you judge the news being reported here as a Christian view? Christians are one of the few people who will report the truth of what is going on in this world and this source is Christian. That does not mean that there is a slant to the reporting.

          • d hef

            I do have to admit that I am still getting to know this site. My statement was probably based more on the comments I read in the comment threads after each article. A very unbalanced lean in the comment threads.
            You stated:
            “Christians are one of the few people who will report the truth of what is going on in this world and this source is Christian”. That in itself comes off as unbalanced when you start reading some of the comments from supposed “christians”. It also sounds out of touch to say that simply because someone is Christian that they will always report news without their particular Christian slant to sway their verbiage, to help influence the way the readers will interpret a news story. If you have branched out in your own sources for news, I’m sure you’ve read news stories over the years where professed Christians have done some horrible things in the world as well as non Christians. I point this out to show that Christians are not above the fray, included news reporting Christians. The reporters from this site, are starting at a particular world view lean, in their foundation of reporting, otherwise they wouldn’t be employed by this site. The founder of this site, his professional bio is rooted in marketing and sales, hence, a salesman. He has started a site to sell his world view of news. And although I’m sure there is the occasional balance of reporting on some topics, some of the articles I’ve read in here do tend to have a bit of an edited perspective of the story to fit within that of a particular viewpoint, as do many other news sites. That’s why I suggested people branch out for their news sources, as I am doing, to get differing perspectives of the news. If I were to get my news only from “the Huffington Post”, for example, I would get a left leaning perspective, or from FoxNews, where I would get a very right leaning perspective, I would be denying myself of getting a balanced perspective on news and world views. If people are only getting their news from a Cristian news site then they are quite possibly denying themselves of hearing about world news other than from a single minded perspective. I don’t really see how you could argue that point. But I will try to keep an open mind as I read more articles from this site. I invite you to read many of the comment threads from some of the various articles on here and you will see some very irrational, mean spirited comments that do not in any way express the love for one another that one would assume to associate with Christianity.

    • Carly Fournier

      You’re deceived.

  • baldy2

    I think he should get stopped on this move, He’s a moron for wanting to go in there, it will just make matters worst, I thing there’s big money involved with this war.

  • mlytle0

    Sen Lindsey Graham has warned of a nuclear strike in S Carolina
    following the report by Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi about low key
    nuke transfer from Texas to South Carolina.


  • cheerokelady

    According to Yahoo Congress did vote on the Syria attack by air with ground troops.
    On wednesday of this week.
    Congress was in agreement on a 10-7 vote.

  • DemolitionMan57

    He is going to do it anyway, congress or no congress, will of the people or not. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t work for us.

  • DemolitionMan57

    Chris McLean it doesn’t matter WHY people don’t like Obama and his policies. People like you are going to pull the “race” card no matter what. Just like you pull the “hate” card when people don’t agree with the radical homosexual agenda.