Paul Crouch Sr. Hospitalized, TBN Asks for Prayers

By on October 23, 2013

Paul Crouch Sr., founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has been hospitalized. TBN posted the following message on its Facebook page Tuesday night about Crouch, 79:

“Please join us in praying for Dr. Paul Crouch, who is currently in the hospital. Prayers for complete healing and quick recovery in Jesus name.”

The Christian Post is reporting the hospitalization is due to heart problems. Crouch was hospitalized in 2011 for congestive heart failure.

TBN, the world’s largest religious network, began in 1973 when Crouch and his wife, Jan, launched a single UHF station in southern California. The network reaches every major continent today, via 78 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide.

Excerpted from Charisma News

  • frankfan42

    Prayers for Dr Crouch. I seldom watch TV, but when I have watched him on TV he seemed sincere about his Faith and mission. God Bless he and his family.

  • J. Doe

    TBN is full of blasphemous, money grubbing, prosperity preaching, word of faith preachers who have no business being preachers. These people are the wolves in sheeps clothing that the Lord warned us about. They are apostates.

    • Rozzy Johnson

      I used to be a faithful follower of TBN and Paul & Jan Crouch. But this homosexual relationship Paul had with Enoch leaves me speechless.
      I mean I was totally fooled as I thought Paul & Jan were a couple and I think many of the TBN family members are in total disbelief also. I pray for Paul Crouch and I hope that Jan is by his side at this time of grief.

  • seattlestreetpreachers

    What! Prayer? What for? Send in the troops man! Where the heck is Benny Hinn?! They need to get him in there and all the rest of the guru healers and get that demon of what ever it is cast out of Ol’ Pappa Paul pronto! They can do it if they just believe harder.

  • tina smith

    Prayers going up….stop being evil folks!!!

  • Sis.yulonda Barcus

    Amen,glory be to Good in Jesus name!