San Antonio Passes Non-Discrimination Law, Christians Fear Reprisals

By on September 6, 2013

The San Antonio City Council approved a non-discrimination bill that will protect new groups from discrimination, but critics charge it will encourage bias against Christians and those who believe in traditional marriage.

The council voted 8-3 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination.

“This ordinance does ensure that everybody in our community is created equally,” Councilman Diego Bernal told

Mayor Julian Castro brushed aside concerns from Christians that it might make them second class citizens.

“This ordinance fundamentally is about ensuring whether you’re white or black, Christan or Jew, straight or gay, this city belongs to you,” Castro said. “This ordinance is about saying there are no second-class citizens in San Antonio.”

The ordinance has pitted gay rights activists against religious conservatives who charged the ordinance would trample on religious freedoms and invite lawsuits.

Kelly Shackelford, president of the Liberty Institute, told Fox News it is a “sad day for San Antonians, for Texans and for all Americans.”

He accused city leaders of giving the LGBT community special status “at the expense of the religious liberty rights of its citizens and businesses.”

“The ordinance, plain and simple, stifles free speech and tramples on religious liberty, targeting citizens and businesses that hold traditional views about sexuality,” he said.

He said the ripple effect of the law could go far beyond San Antonio.

“This should alarm every American who values their religious freedom,” Shackelford said.

Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, was one of the groups working to defeat the measure.

“There’s no question people will lose their jobs as a result of this. Businesses owned by Christians will be targeted for complaints under this human rights ordinance,” he said.

Staver believes the ordinance is written so broadly that holding the belief that same-sex marriage is wrong, or even attending a church where the pastor speaks out against it could be interpreted as a bias – thus disqualifying one from working for the city.

“That kind of statement would be considered biased towards homosexuality and disable you from working at all with the city,” he said. “People who want to make a living will not be able to work with the city of San Antonio either directly or indirectly if they have any alleged bias in their background regarding so-called LGBT issues,” Staver told Fox News. “We will see a general persecution or certainly a significant discrimination against people of faith.”

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  • frankfan42

    Yes, this targets Christians. Gays are the new protected class of the “Progressives.” I’ll be dollars to donuts that gays and other “Protected” individuals will never be sued. But this does lay the groundwork for hatred of Christians and conservatives. The persecution has not yet begun in earnest, but the groundwork is being laid. God Bless ya

    • d hef

      A law is passed to disallow discrimination towards others and you bible thumpers see it as an a front to you. It simply tells you that you can’t discriminate. If I have a store and I don’t want to sell to Christians, should that be ok in your eyes? Now I may not have much in my store that a Christian will be interested in buying but said Christian is more than welcome to shop around and see if there’s anything to their liking. That’s the difference here. You, a supposed Christian, is saying, “no get out of my store”, simply for being gay. Explain that one to your kids and grandkids Frank….and then explain it to your god because he/she/it may have some issues with you.

      • frankfan42

        No, I never sad that, and never implied it either. Read what I said, not what you would like me to have said. Interestingly, your leaping to conclusions that are not supported and your comments support my point that often those who advocate sodomy are the “Haters.” I could see you justifying your hatred by the cover of the law, it worked in Nazi Germany once upon a time.
        I am a sinner as well, I exist in a state of Grace NOT by my doing, but by Jesus actions. I have talked to my kids about sexuality and homosexuality as well. They know right from wrong and I am humbled and Blessed that they have chosen correctly. God loves you too, He just does not support sin in any form. I don’t know if you have children, but do you correct them when they are wrong, or just let them go on doing something that will ultimately hurt them? No, a loving parent corrects their kids, sometimes it means a swat on the butt, but always at some point the child must learn the expectations and the why of things. This is how we grow and mature. God Bless ya

        • d hef

          Your own words from above Frank.
          “Yes, this targets Christians. But this does lay the groundwork for hatred of Christians and conservatives. The persecution has not yet begun in earnest, but the groundwork is being laid”.

          Sounds very much like you are taking it as an a front to you and other christians when the law is passed to disallow discrimination. Please explain how I misinterpreted that.

          • frankfan42

            Obviously we don’t agree. Personally I treat all people decently, and NO I have never taught my children to discriminate against anyone. You are acting on assumptions, and they are wrong. You’d like to paint me as a bigot, but I am not, and you can’t. There is a spirit of apostasy loose in America today, and I really feel that the handwriting is on the wall, Christians will be persecuted and there will be many who line up to do so. and I think these new laws will be used to reverse discriminate against Christians. This is my opinion, of which I am entitled, irrespective of your intolerance of my having an opinion that does not mirror yours.

          • d hef

            Differing of opinion most certainly. I am not intolerant of your opinion at all. I do take issue however of all the hatred and bigotry towards the gay community that is veiled in the worlds religions under the guise of the teachings of their prospective holy books. And just for the record I am a straight man that has known many gay people over my life and many christians as well, and some of both communities are amongst my closest friends. I see Christians doing the persecuting towards gays regularly, not the other way around. That’s my observation.

          • Thomas

            You are just a pusillanimous little troll, and nothing is going to change that.

          • d hef

            You run with that Thomas. You think I lack courage? If calling you out on your own hatred and bigotry while you wallow in your orgy of godly devotion, is lacking courage in your eyes, then you continue to show your instability of free thought.

          • frankfan42

            My last words in this conversation. I am against hatred of any group of people that is “Different,” and have actively supported by word and deed the mentally retarded, physically and mentally disabled, active Aids patients, as well as the incarcerated.

            Look at my picture, for I wear scrubs not for camo, these are my work clothes. I have had Aids infected blood on me while I was trying to get an IV started to save their life. I am not an armchair liberal, I don’t know too many of them who have blood from an aids patient get on them when they are attempting to save a life. I have skin in the game, and walk the walk. So think twice before you slam me for what prejudices YOU THINK I may have.

            What I am saying, and I will say it clearly- is that no society that has sanctioned gay “Marriage” has survived more than 50 years. It is a death knell to any society that sanctions it. Period. Prove me wrong, in fact, not in weak rationalizations and generalizations.
            Our society and culture is being brainwashed to accept homosexuality as “Normal,”

            and it is in our faces all the time on the media, in the news and in our society. I am tired of this onslaught and destruction of family values in America, the onslaught of homosexuality causes a fulcrum effect on societies that ripples across ALL levels and ultimately always precedes that societies destruction. Look at history and prove me wrong. Prove me wrong or sit down shut up.

          • d hef

            I’ll have a seat but shutting up simply because you don’t appreciate being called out on your discriminatory world views is unlikely. Look deeper into your history and you’ll probably see those societies falling apart for many reasons. To pin it on one segment of those societies continues to show your prejudice, not your intelligence. And how many societies over the centuries have and still are fighting in the name of their “GOD”? So tell me Frank, should we just accept that religions will fight each other to the end as “normal”? I don’t see differing groups of gays fighting to the death but I do see a variety of differing religions doing just that for the entirety of my 52 years as well as throughout history. Your family values you seem to hold so dear are alive and well. It’s the intolerant bigotry of the worlds religions that seem to be killing the worlds societies off. So have a seat Frank and feel free to express how any of what I just said is inaccurate. There in lies the difference between you and I. I openly welcome a discussion of differing views and perspectives, you demand silence of an opinion that differs from your own. I sure hope those children you are so proud to teach your narrow views too are capable of the ability to converse with those that may have a differing of opinion or views otherwise they will be doomed to continue the destruction of societies as you seem hell bent on doing.

        • d hef

          Oh and please show me where I expressed any “hatred” towards your view point Frank. And yes I tell my children when I feel they are wrong. So if I see one of them expressing hatred or discrimination against someone simply because that individual is gay, I tell them that I feel that it is wrong to do so. Apparently you have talked with your children and expressed that it is ok to discriminate against those individuals. Is there a laundry list you have given them as to who they should and shouldn’t discriminate against?

          • frankfan42

            You make assumptions that are simply not true. Your inflammatory comments attempting to denigrate my parenting is petty and really beneath a reply. So I won’t.

          • d hef

            Yes Frank, I called you out on the bigotry that you apparently are handing down to your children. You expressed an opinion about me, even though you had no basis for that opinion, that I refuted. You hide behind your “dignity” to explain your teaching of bigotry to your children. Quite shameful!

  • Chris McLean

    WWJD do??
    Not hate!!
    Live like your god told you too! Never mind, Only the right type of christian gets it.
    Ps: mormons are so crazy, right?
    Like Noah did’nt collect one of every insect, animal and reptile onto his huge boat…

    • Anna

      Jesus Absolutely, wouldn’t go along with homosexuality. What type of Christian are you talking about, Oh yeah, the Lukewarm.

      • Thomas

        That is right!! I addressed the issue to the moron above. Christians should fight with whatever means necessary. When the sexually psychotic have the right to get married, can close down Christian businesses, it will be only a matter of time before the perverts and the Federal Terrorists will be storming into churches in the middle of a service to haul them off. Obey Luke 22:36, especially at church!!

    • Thomas

      Jesus would advocate following The Law of Leviticus 20:13. A lot of people misquote the “Judge not…” passage or the woman caught in Adultery. He said when the woman was brought, “let him without sin cast the first stone;” in other words “Go ahead and stone her!!” But He knelt down and wrote with His Right little finger The Law in the sand. To be “without sin” means the 2-3 witnesses who caught the person in the alleged violation. In the case of Adultery, BOTH the MAN AND THE WOMAN are to be stoned!! They brought her to Him alone, and if they had illegally stoned her, then they knew they would be NEXT!!! So that is why they ran away as fast as they could!! They did not on account of their other committed sins, they ran because they were about to commit a sin that would cost them their lives right then and there. If they did stone her, she would have been raised and healed, and the others would have both their bodies and spirits cast into Hell.
      You have no clue as to how so many animals could fit on a large boat. The Sumerian Tablets tells how easy it was!!
      This is WWJD!!!

      • d hef

        Picking and choosing again Thomas?

        • Thomas

          LOL Me picking and choose appropriately and you discard the Bible!! Anti-Christ!!

          • d hef

            “Picking and choose appropriately”… that would insinuate that parts of the bible are wrong in your eyes. How do you reconcile that within yourself Thomas? Seriously, how does someone with your obvious devotion reconcile in not being all in on 100% of what’s in the bible?

          • Thomas


          • d hef

            I’m here fro free Thomas. Maybe we can chat over coffee. Unless of course your afraid too, which I expect to be true.

  • DemolitionMan57

    Jesus forgave, but then said “Go your way and sin no more”. In other words “stop the behavior that I have to forgive you for”. Disagreeing with the radical homosexual agenda is NOT hate Chris McLean, unless you are a member of/advocate for the radical homosexual agenda.

  • d hef

    I came across this site a few days ago as a link in an article lead me here. I have been reading some of the comments in various articles over the last few days. The bigoted hate that I see spewed in these comment threads on a daily basis is incredible. You should all sit down with your children or grandchildren or nieces and nephews, and read your own comments to them and explain yourselves. If you don’t feel that you could do that then perhaps you need to re-examine yourselves. Amazing that you profess to be Christians. If that is what being a Christian is all about then perhaps you should all have your own island like the leppers did back in the day.