Articles in September 2016

Trump briefs Mexican prez on Make America Safe Again

Donald Trump briefed his intent to build a wall along the US-Mexico border while meeting with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto Wednesday.

September 01, 2016

Turkey says US withheld VITAL air support

Turkey is accusing the US of intentionally withholding previously promised air support in their push through northern Syria.Incident occurred outside the city of Jarablus

September 01, 2016

Trump reaffirms America First platform in Phoenix

Donald Trump reaffirmed his America First platform in Phoenix, AZ Wednesday night, promising a “great wall” along the border, the establishment of a

September 01, 2016

Pope Francis urges Christians to back Agenda 2030

Pope Francis has published a papal document urging Christians to adopt climate change and environmental propaganda as a core part of their faith.Pope: "God

September 01, 2016

EU COM: Austria needs $800bn in digi infra

European Union commissioner Guenther Oettinger has called for the EU to invest $800 billion in Austria’s digital infrastructure to 'catch up' with world technology

September 01, 2016

Saudi Arabia schemes to boost oil price for ARAMCO IPO

Saudi Arabia has launched a plan to boost the price of oil prior to the IPO of government controlled ARAMCO.OPEC source: “The Saudis

September 01, 2016

US agreed to secret loopholes for Iran nuclear deal

Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington-based think tank, says the United States and its negotiating partners agreed to secret loopholes in the Iran

September 01, 2016

Putin Seeks Financial Independence From New World Order

President Vladimir Putin said on Friday decisions on federal spending would be taken "very carefully" in order not to undermine Russia's financial independence.

September 01, 2016

TRUNEWS 09/01/16 Rick Wiles | Is Another Global Financial Crisis Coming on 9/11?

With the collapse of Hanjin shipping, Deutsche Bank refusing to honor Gold ETFs, and the NY Fed sending the last of America’s gold overseas,

September 01, 2016

Hurricane Hermine landfall leaves 170k powerless

Hurricane Hermine made landfall Friday south of Tallahassee, leaving approximately 170,000 Floridians without power.Hurricane Hermine toppled trees and power lines along Florida's northern Gulf

September 02, 2016

G20 showdown: China confronts Western power

President Xi Jinping plans to solidify China’s standing as a global power at this years G20 meeting in Hangzhou, but expects fierce resistance

September 02, 2016

Korean Shipping Failure Will Impact Global Goods

(SEOUL) - South Korea's Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd. filed for court receivership on Wednesday after losing the support of its banks,

September 02, 2016

Putin denies Russia behind DNC hack

President Vladimir Putin says his government was not responsible for the DNC hack, and that the rumors of Russia’s involvement are a distraction

September 02, 2016

Slash and Burn at Desperate Deutsche Bank

(FRANKFURT) - Deutsche Bank's top executives will this weekend consider speeding up cuts at Germany's biggest lender, which is grappling with sliding

September 02, 2016

Brexit victory fuels Scottish Independence

Fueled by Brexit success, Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party, has begun fresh polling for an independence referendum from UK. 

September 02, 2016

As Muslim Immigrants Invade America, Pastor Fights for US Asylum

While President Barack Hussein Obama and Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton continue to advocate for the importation of thousands of Muslim immigrants, one Christian pastor

September 02, 2016

Societe Generale strategist warns US near recession

Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards says weak domestic consumption may soon plunge the US economy into recession.Edwards: “The only thing keeping the US

September 02, 2016

TRUNEWS 09/02/16 Bill Holter | The Unveiling of China and the SDR

Will September 2016 be remembered as the month the dollar died? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles is joined by financial writer Bill Holter to discuss this

September 02, 2016

TRUNEWS 09/05/16 Peter Boehringer, Willem Middelkoop | Where’s Germany’s Gold?

In a special Labor Day edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles is joined by precious metals champion Peter Boehringer, to detail the history of Germany’s

September 05, 2016

DOJ Clinton Investigation revealed as less-than ‘apolitical’

David H. Laufman, one of the DOJ officials who interviewed Hillary Clinton in July, has been revealed as a donor to President Obama’s

September 06, 2016

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