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‘Religious Activity’ Equals Jail Time in China Ruling

A court in China sentenced an activist to seven and a half years in prison on Wednesday for subverting state power, state media reported, the

August 03, 2016

An Alabama church may get its own police force

A bill authorizing an Alabama church to have its own police has passed the state Senate despite fears from those opposing the bill that the

April 12, 2017

Churches in Turkey Targeted in Coup

Two churches in cities in eastern Turkey infamous as the sites of historic killings of Christians were vandalized during the attempted coup on 15 July, reports

July 19, 2016

Congregation evicted over definition of marriage?

Strife over definition of marriage could have a congregation out of the church door in Kentucky. It's regional Presbyterian Church (USA) governing body says gay

April 12, 2017

French jihadist wore explosive belt in church attack

UPDATE 23:21 PM: TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall spoke with a childhood friend of Adel Kermich, who asked not to be named. When asked if there were

July 26, 2016

International Church of Cannabis

Colorado doesn't want to stop at having been one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but now they are the first

April 14, 2017

Satanic Temple YES, Ten Commandments NO?

A Satanic Temple opens its doors in Massachusetts proud to display their "religious" symbols! But removing the Ten Commandments is OK?With up

October 26, 2016

Trump: Expected to “lock in” religious exemptions

The war that religious organizations feel to have been fighting under the Obama administration is expected to cease just as soon as President-elect Trump takes

December 28, 2016