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    Bundesbank, PBOC in Pact to Turn Frankfurt Into Renminbi Hub

    Germany’s Bundesbank and the People’s Bank of China agreed to cooperate in the clearing and settling of payments in renminbi, paving the way for Frankfurt to corner a share of the offshore market. The central banks signed...

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    New Leak: Sweden helps US spy on Russia – Snowden to speak to European Parliament, delegate claims

    Sweden has been a key partner for the United States in spying on Russia, Swedish television has reported, citing leaked documents from the US National Security Agency. Swedish television said on Thursday it had obtained the documents...

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    Little Ice Age – Scientists predict a century of global cooling

    Better start investing in some warm clothes because German scientists are predicting that the Earth will cool over the next century. German scientists found that two naturally occurring cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the...

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    Tech encryption arms race escalates

    Encrypted email, secure instant messaging and other privacy services are booming in the wake of the National Security Agency’s recently revealed surveillance programs. But the flood of new computer security services is of variable quality, and much...

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    Angela Merkel’s phone was being listened in on by FIVE foreign powers

    German chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile was wire-tapped by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, unnamed German security officials have told Focus magazine. The bugging of the premier’s BlackBerry by the US provoked an international diplomatic incident and a promise...

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    18-rotor electric helicopter makes maiden flight

    If its 18 rotors aren’t enough to get you excited, this crazy flying machine has a “pleasant sonorous sound,” according to German engineers who built the Volocopter VC200. The successor to the even more outrageous Volocopter VC1 is being...

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    Iranians hail ‘smiling’ FM as hero of nuclear deal

    Iranians hopeful that a nuclear deal with world powers will ease their economic woes found a hero in Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, showering him with thanks on the internet. Many had stayed up all night, glued to satellite...

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  • A yuan banknote is displayed next to a U.S. dollar banknote for the photographer at a money changer inside the Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
    PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves

    The People’s Bank of China said the country does not benefit any more from increases in its foreign-currency holdings, adding to signs policy makers will rein in dollar purchases that limit the yuan’s appreciation. “It’s no longer...

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    Declassified Documents: NSA Wanted To Collect Geolocation Data

    The White House had to declassify NSA documents once again this week. The papers show that the NSA also wanted to collect and save mobile phone location information domestically and may already be doing so. At the...

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  • MQ-4C_Triton
    European ‘drone club’ to compete with US, Israel

    France, Germany and other European countries on Tuesday formed a “drone users club” to develop a rival to the US and Israeli pilotless aircraft that dominate the field. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the European...

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