• brexit
    Obama Fails To Swing UK Opposition to Brexit Vote

    Opponents of Britain’s European Union membership have edged into the lead over the past two weeks, according to a YouGov poll for The Times, indicating President Barack Obama may have failed to swing support behind “In” vote...

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  • Obama
    Obama Says, “Most Peaceful Era In Human History”; Sends Troops

    (TRUNEWS) President Barack Hussein Obama, also know by the name Barry Soetoro, spoke to a group of young Germans before departing back to the US on his European Tour.  He stated that: I want to begin with...

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  • north korea
    President Obama: “We Could Destroy North Korea”

    (TRUNEWS)  In a provocative interview with CBS commentator Charlie Rose, President Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, made comments regarding the current tense situation with North Korea.  In the video clip, the President makes the...

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  • obama syria
    More Obama Lies: Boots On The Ground In Syria

    Despite repeated promises to the contrary, US troops are in Syria, and the Pentagon has sent 250 more. But the State Department says those American soldiers wearing boots in Syria aren’t actually “boots on the ground.” President...

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  • obama civility
    Obama Boasts That He Saved The World Ecomony

    (TRUNEWS) – President Barack Hussein Obama, also known by the name Barry Soetoro, boasted Britons on his recent visit to the UK that one of the things he’ll most appreciate about his legacy is saving the world...

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  • Salman
    Obama, Salman Exchange Wary Remarks Regarding Relationship

    (TRUNEWS) President Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, praised King Salman of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Coast Coalition (GCC) partners in an attempt to soothe the tense relations that have developed over the past...

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  • U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi King Salman at Erga Palace upon his arrival for a summit meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 20, 2016.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
    New report: ISIS recruits most from Saudi Arabia

    (TRUNEWS) As President Obama visits Saudi Arabia, a new report shows the country tops the list of foreign ISIS recruits. The Combating Terrorism Center in Washington, D.C. is analyzing documents leaked by a deserter that show 579...

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  • U.S. President Barack Obama arrives for during a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 21, 2016.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
    Obama in Riyadh to discuss security threats with Arab leaders

    U.S. President Barack Obama and Gulf Arab leaders started talks in Riyadh on Thursday at a summit aimed at forging joint action on perceived security threats from Iran and Islamic State, and at ironing out strains in...

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  • The U.S. Supreme Court building is seen in Washington, March 16, 2016.   REUTERS/Jim Bourg
    Supreme Court appears divided on Obama immigration policy

    The Supreme Court appeared closely divided on Monday as it weighed whether to revive President Barack Obama’s plan to spare from deportation roughly 4 million immigrants in the country illegally, raising the possibility of a 4-4 deadlock...

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  • A protester holds a sign as immigrants and community leaders rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to mark the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama's executive orders on immigration in Washington, in this file photo taken November 20, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files
    Supreme Court to hear Obama’s immigration order

    The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case on Monday that tests the boundaries of presidential powers, confronting the question of whether President Barack Obama exceeded his authority with unilateral action to spare millions of people in...

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