These Photos Of Adolf Hitler After Prison Release Are Unbelievable

By on July 15, 2013
Dramatic Pose

These are the private photographs Adolf Hitler didn’t want anyone to see.

Taken by photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, the extraordinary pictures show Hitler rehearsing while listening to a recording of one of his own speeches. They were reportedly taken in 1925, soon after Hitler was released from a nine-month stint in prison during which he dictated his autobiography, Mein Kampf.

After seeing the photographs, Hitler requested that Hoffmann destroy the negatives, but he did not. They were published in his memoir, Hitler Was My Friend, which came out in 1955.

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  • JoyDon

    Amazing how Hitler looks exactly like Walt Disney. Walt’s house is a carbon copy of Hitlers even to the Nazi markers all over his house. Walt was the one who was raised up to utterly destroy the morals of the children of America. Hitler and Walt Disney are either twins or the same person. Even their writing and signatures are the exact same. Walt did all possible to never give his signature if at all possible. Hummmm

    • frankfan42

      Joydon, can you cite for sources for those claims? I have never heard them before. I would be especially interested to see the Disney home.

      • JoyDon

        I saw a whole ton of pictures about 6 months ago and the whole story. Will have to try to dig it up.

        • frankfan42

          Thank you JoyDon.

  • frankfan42

    Amazing photos. Hitler well knew the power of rehearsal, symbolism and rhythm in his speech. He was a gifted, if Demonic, orator. I can see why Hitler wanted them destroyed, they show the man behind the curtain, working to incite millions to follow him to ultimate shame, destruction and death.

  • twilastar

    Now that is a creepy, white cracker!

  • jorge

    Hitler’s aide Hermann Rauschning in his book Hitler Speaks describes the trance that Hitler entered when he spoke during various political rallies. Hermann describes Hitler as a medium for spirits and said that he was possessed by them.