Trunews’ Rick Wiles Chastises Religious Right Leaders for Endorsing Glenn Beck’s Bizarre Man in the Moon Event

By on July 12, 2013

Trunews radio host Rick Wiles chastised prominent members of the Religious Right for endorsing Mormon Glenn Beck’s recent Man in the Moon event. Approximately 18,000 people attended the three-day event held at the USANA Amphitheater near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Mr. Beck’s entertainment company put on an elaborate but bizarre outdoor spectacle. It was billed as the Man in the Moon. Mr. Beck himself played the role of the Man in the Moon who told the history of the world as seen from the moon watching the Earth over the ages. The event dazzled the eyes of the adoring fans with high definition video projections, live dancers, aerial performers, a massive robot, and pyrotechnics.

“If 18,000 people want to give Mr. Beck money to watch him pretend to be the man in the moon, that’s their business. Mr. Beck is first and foremost a showman. My business is to defend the ancient Christian faith delivered to the Apostles. I am first and foremost a preacher of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God,” said Mr. Wiles.

The Trunews radio host said it is his responsibility to remind Christians that Mr. Beck openly declares his belief in the Book of Mormon. “Evangelical Christian leaders who endorse him are guilty of spiritual malfeasance in office,” said Mr. Wiles. “The blurring of the lines between orthodox Christianity, Mormonism, and the libertarian political movement is another sign of the deepening apostasy in the American church today.”

Mr. Wiles devoted an entire one-hour program on Wednesday July 10 to discussing the spiritual significance of a deepening apostasy in the American Evangelical church community. founder Bill Keller and Trunews’ CFO Pastor Chris Steinle participated in the roundtable discussion.

The Trunews radio host described Glenn Beck as “the world’s first Mormon televangelist who is introducing American Christians to Mormonism’s bizarre beliefs.” Mr. Wiles said, “Sadly, Mr. Beck is receiving assistance from Christian leaders who ought to know better. Shame on them!”

Christian historian David Barton addressed the audience from the stage of the Man in the Moon event. Seattle pastor and former NFL linebacker Ken Hutchinson also spoke to the crowd. Bill Keller noted that Dave Barton is a board member of Mr. Beck’s nonprofit foundation Mercury One.

Wiles said one of the most troubling aspects of the Beck extravaganza was the participation of 12 Liberty University students. According to news reports, historical artifacts on display included Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s pocket watch, and the first edition of the Book of Mormon, the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants, and the Mormon Pearl of Great Price. There was one Liberty student assigned as a guide for each of the museum’s 12 thematically arranged stations.

Mr. Wiles said he was “appalled that Liberty University officials would dispatch Christian students to participate in Glenn Beck’s travelling road show highlighting artifacts from the Mormon cult.”

“It is bad enough that thousands of people paraded through the traveling circus-like freak show to look at Mormon artifacts. What is shocking is that they were greeted by young Liberty University students,” lamented Mr. Wiles.

The Trunews host admonished Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. for spiritually polluting the souls of the students they sent to Glenn Beck’s event. “Jerry Falwell Jr. should repent before God for the sin of contaminating the souls of Christian students placed in their care by Christian families for a Christ-centered education,” said Mr. Wiles. “What in the world was Rev. Falwell thinking when he sent Liberty students to Mr. Beck’s Mormon traveling circus?” he asked.

Bill Keller added, “The Liberty University students should have been on the streets witnessing to people about the Mormon cult.”

The Trunews radio panel also discussed the link between the libertarian political movement and same-sex marriage. The panelists noted that many libertarians in the Republican Party support same-sex marriage rights. Rick Wiles cited several on-air quotes by Glenn Beck stating that he does not think same-sex marriage is a threat to the United States.

“The Evangelical leaders who are endorsing Mr. Beck as a born again Christian are compromising the integrity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All Bible-believing Christians must hold them accountable in a loving way,” said Mr. Wiles.

The Trunews host said he continues to pray for Glenn Beck to be spiritually delivered from Mormonism. “As long as Mr. Beck continues to publicly espouse his belief in the Book of Mormon, no responsible Christian leader should share a platform with him. He must first renounce Mormonism,” said Wiles.

“What if Mr. Beck declared the Islamic Koran or the Hindu Bhagavad Gita to be sacred scriptures given to mankind by God? Would Dave Barton, Ken Hutchinson, and Jerry Falwell Jr. still endorse him? The Book of Mormon is from satanic origins just as much as the Koran and Bhagavad Gita,” stated the radio host. “All three texts will guide souls to Hell.”

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