TRUNEWS 05/20/14 – Jessica Vaughan and Paul Weston TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles TRUNEWS 05/20/14 – Jessica Vaughan and Paul Weston

TRUNEWS 05/20/14 – Jessica Vaughan and Paul Weston

By on May 20, 2014

Jessica Vaughan, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, discusses the report her organization recently released detailing the move by Obama’s ICE to release 36,007 criminal immigrants – many of whom were convicted of serious offenses such as homicide and rape. In the second half of the show, Rick will be joined by British politician, Paul Weston. As Chairman of the British Freedom Party, Weston made international headlines several weeks ago when he was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill’s commentary on Islam during a campaign speech.

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  • awakened123

    No, it was elves that did take those girls in Nigeria. Muslim Elves to be exact. I’m glad to set the record straight.

  • awakened123

    I would say to Obama on the issue of illegal immigrants, “Mr. President put up this the wall”.

  • awakened123

    On the Paul Weston interview, when it comes to the Islamization of Great Britain the “bollocks” have hit the fan. Where will it all land.

  • SeekWisdomToday

    Instead of making it easier for good people to immigrate, they make it harder.

    The government has a system where companies hire the immigrant right at their countries, so only the ones already hired would come in. The problem it is that it is so much bureaucracy, so many rules…the company must prove it can’t find a good fit inside the country. So, why not change this law and then have real workers here.

    I wonder how many of these criminals are from Mexico, since we have a bunch of illegal immigrants from Islamic countries. If only Mexicans were the illegal immigrants would would be in good shape, since they are nice people, they don’t seek chopping our heads off.



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