US employee: Politics wasn’t behind leak about immigration status of Obama’s aunt

By on September 6, 2013

A Homeland Security Department employee has acknowledged that he disclosed to The Associated Press days before the 2008 election that President Barack Obama’s aunt was living in the U.S. illegally and said he did not reveal the information for political reasons.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office of Professional Responsibility released a 20-page report from August 2010 about its investigation in the case. The Huffington Post reported on it Thursday.

The report said the employee, whose name was censored in publicly released versions of the report, told internal investigators that he confirmed Zeituni Onyango’s immigration status to the AP “because regardless of political affiliation … I think the American public has a right to know.”

Citing two separate unnamed sources, including one identified only as a federal law enforcement official, the AP disclosed in October 2008 that Onyango, a Kenya native, had been instructed to leave the United States in 2004 by a U.S. immigration judge who denied her asylum request.

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  • frankfan42

    It appears she follows the law about as closely as her Nephew, Barry Sortero.

  • Chris McLean

    One of these comments is from a racist… can you guess who??
    …No, no, Someone just really hates the policies or the color of the person who is involved in the article…
    How this is even news is a christian conundrum…
    Preaching hate news as actual news.. tisk, tisk.

    • Thomas

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      • d hef

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        • Thomas

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          • d hef

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        • Thomas

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    • John Condon

      Policies are not synonymous with race. I suggest an English written class.

  • maryaha

    Frank, you are right about that…it runs in the family! On the other hand, I think this “she” is more likely a “he”. When I first saw this picture, I saw a man dressed as a woman…and not a woman at all. I guess that trait runs in the family too! :-)

    • Anna

      That’s the first impression that I had.

      • maryaha

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  • Thomas

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  • d hef

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    • Thomas

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      “DONT TREAD ON ME!!” As you have heard my “Rattle.”

  • Thomas

    “It goes back on the plane and goes back to it’s own country, and does what its told!!”

  • Miip

    Though I agree with the stance that this website presents of the truth in the matter of the Obamanation administration & their lackeys including both sides of the isle in congress. I am not in agreement with some of the adolescent rederick from some of the commentators who support this website.

    This does a disservice to toughs who are uninformed about these issues & does not help in the education there of. People will turn away & not listen then.

    I use sarcastic comments like Obamanation & islime ect. as well & anger but I inform with facts to go along with it in order to educate the outsider to the information about this administration”s folly & blatant lies to the public & congress’s lackey response who do not speak out about the whole entire picture as to what is really going on.Of course, this includes the main steam media & it’s blacking out of information that is ignored by these over bloated news outlets.

    Please, when you speak out add to the conversation with more information to add to the information that is already being presented. Change your mind set to one that is about educating instead of just coming out with comments like she looks like a man ect..

    You are dealing with an audience that has already made it’s mind up of perceiving you & this website as bias instead of objective in your reasoning.

    Some of the people who come to this website are just looking for a reason to make the information that is being presented as illegitimate. Everyone of us have an emotional side to our nature whether we want to admit it or not.

    Do not feed in to that so the real & true information gets tossed aside. The outsiders to these kind of websites have stereotyped people who support websites such as these because of their stereotype of Christians & Jews.

    I am saying this as an atheist and an independent voter who agrees with the information that is being presented by this website. I see beyond the rederick & look at the facts..
    Unaware to some of the religious is that not all atheist are communist or socialist but believe in a fair free market system & the constitution of the United States & their are more of us than you may think.

    I hope what I say is taken in an objective manner of thinking & not with hostility.

    Keep on speaking out about the truth because that is what it is all about in order to protect our constitutional rights & the threat of tierney from islam & of others.

    Take care…