Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50%

By on February 21, 2014

It is only a matter of time before the stock market plunges by 50% or more, according to several reputable experts.

“We have no right to be surprised by a severe and imminent stock market crash,” explains Mark Spitznagel, a hedge fund manager who is notorious for his hugely profitable billion-dollar bet on the 2008 crisis. “In fact, we must absolutely expect it.”

Unfortunately Spitznagel isn’t alone.

“We are in a gigantic financial asset bubble,” warns Swiss adviser and fund manager Marc Faber. “It could burst any day.”

Faber doesn’t hesitate to put the blame squarely on President Obama’s big government policies and the Federal Reserve’s risky low-rate policies, which, he says, “penalize the income earners, the savers who save, your parents — why should your parents be forced to speculate in stocks and in real estate and everything under the sun?”

Billion-dollar investor Warren Buffett is rumored to be preparing for a crash as well. The “Warren Buffett Indicator,” also known as the “Total-Market-Cap to GDP Ratio,” is breaching sell-alert status and a collapse may happen at any moment.

So with an inevitable crash looming, what are Main Street investors to do?

One option is to sell all your stocks and stuff your money under the mattress, and another option is to risk everything and ride out the storm.

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  • Michelle Aime

    It must make Obummer proud

  • Blitzkrieg

    Be on the lookout for the incoming blood moons of 2014 – 2015. Everytime a blood moon pattern has shown up on major Jewish holidays a large event hits the house of Israel. The sword is coming.

    • Whatsmyname2

      The red effect is just from gasses isn’t it? Will the moon appear red all over the world or even be visible in some places on these holidays? I don’t know where in the Bible it says to get in a tizzy when you see blood moons. I saw a huge full blood moon before. The world is still spinning also.

      Is it in Jewish writing somewhere that there were blood moons that showed up and foreshadowed doom? I know Jews are scared of the Ninth of Av, but that is about it. This blood moon thing seems to be coming from modern evangelists looking to stir up some interest in their preaching. It is kind of dizzying.

      • Geri
        • Whatsmyname2

          After watching all that, are you able to condense it into a few words why anyone should care about blood moons? To me it is a lot of hype and hysteria. Why do preachers who promote that always use the catch phrase, “are you ready”? It is so annoying. I am not some wandering nomad that I even look at the moon every night.

  • Whatsmyname2

    Warren Buffet is a cheapskate who doesn’t even support his own granddaughter. I don’t care what he predicts. He is probably pulling strings behind the scenes. The big investors are in cahoots and running the markets. They can tear them down whenever they want. They manipulate them to get richer and richer. The whole concept of a stock market is just to fleece the poor. If you run an honest business, you should pay your workers the profits, not the shareholders.

    • w1deopen

      Warren Buffet Giving Away A Ton of His Money

      30 billion of it is going to Bill Gates’ charity foundation. I did not know they were such good friends! The Gates foundation is a great charity, but it raises the question of whether this will give one man way too much charitable power. And obviously, Buffet is going to be a chairperson on the foundation’s board, so he will obviously have an influence and control on where his money is going.

      The other 7 billion is going to children’s and grandchildren’s various charities of legitimate and worthy causes. So, the rest of it pretty much stays in the family, but let’s hope that these charities are reputable enough to make sure these funds get used properly

      • Whatsmyname2

        The aim of the Bill and Melinda Gates Vaccine foundation is to reduce the population of Africa. So there is your charitable works for you.

        • frankfan42

          Right, they are serious about protecting people from life.

  • abbygirl08
    • Whatsmyname2

      If all your money is in your mattress, who is going to stop the thieves from breaking in and taking it all. I think it is best to break up the money and have a little here and there. If you give to the poor you are lending to God, so you can do that also and trust in Him.

      I think that is what it means to cast your bread upon the waters. People like Buffet just horde and horde. Imagine if all of these rich guys gave money back to the people who did the work to earn it? Then there would be equality instead of this master/slave relationship.

      I am thinking if you own stocks in a decent company that isn’t playing their games, your money might be safe there. If gold and silver isn’t right in your possession I wouldn’t trust it. People can’t even get their gold bars out of the Swiss banks now.

      • abbygirl08

        It was meant to be funny. :)

        • Whatsmyname2

          Buffet is as serious as a heart attack. :0

        • frankfan42

          Taken in the right spirit dear lady it was funny indeed!!! God Bless ya!

    • frankfan42

      I tried to sleep on mine, but those penny rolls are no good as a mattress!

      • abbygirl08


        • frankfan42


        • frankfan42

          I got my reward

      • Geri


  • frankfan42

    When a house of cards collapses there is usually a lot of “Loss of value”
    Put your faith in Jesus Christ, he made it to and through Calvary, He will NOT fail us now!

    • Jim Radburn

      Sorry buddy. People who accept mythology as fact should have no bearing on the outcome.
      Jesus is dead and has been dead for over 2000 years and is not coming back to help anyone.

      • frankfan42

        Jim, I am the one who feels sorrow for you. He is NOT dead, having risen and ascended to the right hand of God. He IS coming back.
        Really sir, the matter is too darn important to be on the wrong side of this. I suggest research. Start with John 3:16. May God Bless you.

  • awakened123

    The king of insider trading and having Bohemian Grove “relations” with the other hedge fund power brokers is a credible source. Really! I just said how he got his billions he didn’t work for them he “worked deals” for them. That’s what the elites do and always have like Joseph Kennedy who was the world’s first inside trader. Buffett has survival seeds in vaults in Antarctica high enough not to be washed away by the initial floods and a bunker with his name on it either under the Denver Int. Airport or some other undisclosed location. He can escape to some islands he has already bought and/or stored tons of gold in where he can keep currency as well and do things that other American citizens can’t because they follow under IRS law and people like him are not under its auspices.

    Let him burn in the middle of the earth with the rest of the bankers and dead despots. He made his bed in sackcloth and burning ashes for a short term of caviar and champagne in this life.

  • 3seas

    The purpose of Stocks is you find a company you believe in how they are doing business and what they are producing for market. You shared in the risks and profits for providing funding. Is this how stock today work? Absolutely NOT!!!! Today you have abstract structures of collectives that can have you funding, if you knew, things you do not support and perhaps can even kill you. And quite frankly a lot is being produced that is harmful because investors don’t know.

    Abstract methods of manipulations that can drain whole economies as is what happened in the 90′s with the trillion dollar bet which inspired embezzlement of funds by the likes of Enron, Worldcom, and more and probably the pentagon too (3.2. trillion unaccounted for said D. Rumsfeld the day before 9/11 wiped out the pentagon accounting department.) It was a sure thing the two guys said and the investment had a good track record, until there was no more money to extract from South East Asia and it collapsed at the expense of the taxpayers to bail out the extraction thieves.

    Abstract gaming of the markets so often are influenced by nothing more than scare tactics to cause a fall and hype to cause a rise so the abstract game players can extract value they really did not earn, Anyone experienced at watching media say and the markets will know they are better off doing the exact opposite of what the media is saying. And the game of extraction via fast movement i.e. option players extract on moves up or down and as such promote up and down movement.

    The gaming of the markets has less and less to do with funding companies in the manner the idea of stock originated from and has become a game of monetary manipulations of taking from some investors while also extracting money from circulation, causing economic stress (i.e. S.E. Asia in the 90′ and today the US.)

    There has been a great deal of hype going on about a market crash going to happen any day now, and from many sources. but watch how the hype fluctuates reducing as the markets drop and increases as the markets rise. Just what the options game players want and there are of course bigger game players that know manipulate the markets in ways outside the markets via manipulation of natural resources!!!

    Has the markets produced another hockey stick of unrealistic values? Of course it has and that is the proof the markets have little to do with funding business in the manner originally intended. Wanna play the game, then pick up a pair of dice and roll, knowing the dice are loaded is one thing, but knowing which way the load is biased will give you a better chance of extracting more than you put it, than buying a lottery ticket.

  • http://codybateman.org/ ★ William Cody Bateman ★

    I am starting up a brand new manufacturing company right in the midst of all this chaos! Why should we Christians fear as did the foolish sluggard did in proverbs, where he “feared there were lions in the streets.”? Been praying for wisdom about all this “news worthy” stuff. Christians should be the standard bearers of hope and God’s discernment – not that of “woe is me and us”. Straighten your backs and pick up your feeble hands… walk ye like men!