20-Week Abortion Ban Nears Pa. House Floor

A 20-week ban on abortion, without exceptions for rape, incest, or the “health of the mother,” has already passed the Pennsylvania Senate and is headed to a floor vote in the House of Representatives.

Under current law, women in the state are prohibited from ending the lives of their unborn children at 24 weeks’ gestation. In addition to moving the prohibition to 20 weeks, the pending legislation also would outlaw dismemberment abortions.

House Health Committee Chairman Matt Baker (R-Wellsboro) said:

"It’s an issue that you are either going to be voting for or against, whether you are going to be pro-life or pro-abortion. It’s a sanctity of life issue."

Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has vowed to veto the “devastating and dangerous” bill—the “most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country”—if it arrives at his desk.

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