AI Expert: ‘Terminator’ Entirely Possible

An expert in artificial intelligence believes it’s entirely possible that a military AI could become self-aware and turn against humanity, and with interconnected military assets, it would likely resemble scenes from the movie “Terminator.”

During a visit last month, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers fellow Paul Werbos told South Korea’s JoongAng Daily newspaper that the “Internet of Things” features a backdoor that is a security risk for the entire world. He spoke mainly of the threat it posed from North Korean hacker groups, but also spoke of a Hollywood-inspired scenario like the Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

The movie [‘The Terminator’] is very realistic, we need to avoid that path,' he said.   "But a core idea in the Internet of Things is that if we want more efficiency, we should have one controlled system that integrates everything in an efficient way and controls everything in the world as one big Internet of Things. And this is happening very, very fast.
This Internet of Things will be running the world, and if the pieces don’t fit, it could be a gigantic mess. So my message to this community is, we need to develop the global platform in a human-friendly way. It’s easy to cheat and develop a computer program that doesn’t need humans. But if we govern the whole world with a computer platform that doesn’t need humans, humans may suffer. And that is what I’m really worried about. But I don’t think anyone has the answer. This is what scares me."

Werbos said scientists and artificial intelligence programmers need to “talk to teach other across different sectors and disciplines” to find the solution.

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