Amidst U.S. Drills China Warns of Nuclear War

Amidst U.S. Drills China Warns of Nuclear War
As the U.S. conducts its Vigilant Ace military drills over the Korean Peninsula, the Chinese government is reportedly warning its residents along the border with North Korea to prepare for nuclear war.

As the U.S. and South Korean air forces engage in the massive Vigilant Ace joint drills over the Korean Peninsula, the Chinese government is warning residents of areas bordering North Korea what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

The state-run Jilin Daily published a package of articles, including one that explained how nuclear weapons worked, and what kind of damage they are capable of inflicting. It referenced the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima as an example. Another article listed the essential items every family should have in their emergency kits. It also noted the warning signals from Beijing could mean nuclear, chemical, or biological attacks are under way.

Illustrations showed what residents of the border region should do when exposed to radiation, and included instructions for how to respond during the attack. They also demonstrated how residents should clean their bodies, footwear, and clothing in the event of radiation exposure. The government-sanctioned report also suggested residents have a ready supply of iodine tablets.

The warnings come as an unspecified number of U.S. B-1B Lancer supersonic bombers conducted a simulated bombing run Wednesday as part of the Vigilant Ace drills. The bombers are capable of dropping a large payload of bombs, including laser-guided ordinance and nuclear bombs.

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