Are Charismaniac Churches Teaching New Age Mysticism?

Today Rick Wiles discusses the heresy enclosed in New Age manifesto “The Physics of Heaven”, co-authored by charismaniac leaders of the modern day New Apostolic Reformation.



Are New Agers infiltrating and taking over charismatic churches?  My conclusion is yes.  It's been happening for decades.  

Falling feathers and gold dust are lame stuff compared to the weirdness between today's charismatic. These days it is bizarre stuff like Christian Ouija boards called Angel Boards, Christian Tarot Cards called Destiny Cards, fire tunnels, Sozo prayers, and holy yoga classes.   They're no longer legitimate Charismatics.  They are charismaniacs.   The legitimate Charismatic movement was infiltrated and taken over years ago.  Today, most Charismatic churches are under the spells of witches, warlocks, and New Age gurus posing as pastors, teachers, and prophets.  

In recent episodes of Trunews, we have shown you shocking evidence that so-called Destiny Cards are being used in Bethel Church in Redding CA the same way tarot cards are used by psychics.  A more bizarre group in New Zealand is Christ Alignment.  

Today we will reveal to you evidence that America's leading charismaniacs are practicing New Age mysticism.  

Pennsylvania-based charismatic publisher Destiny Image published in 2015 a book titled "The Physics of Heaven."

Contributing authors include co-editors Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin, plus Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson, Jonathan Welton, Larry Randolph, Ray Hughes, Dan McCollam, Cal Pierce, and David Van Koevering.  

According to the book's website, the contributing writers "share what they sense God is doing in the realms of sound, light, energy, vibrations, and quantum physics.

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