Atheists: Anti-Church Billboards for Christmas

Atheists: Anti-Church Billboards for Christmas
Actors dressed for a nativity scene are pictured during a prayer reading in front of the Supreme Court in Washington December 3,... 2015 01:16pm EST

American Atheists at it again, Launching billboard campaign encouraging Americans to skip church this Christmas. 

  • American Atheists is putting billboards up in cities across the country, including Colorado Springs, Colorado; Lynchburg, Virginia; Augusta, Georgia; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Georgetown, South Carolina.
  • The strategy isn't new but the population they seem to be targeting more this Christmas is the youth. One billboard depicts a mother looking over her daughter’s shoulder as she reads a text from a friend who asks her if she’s going to church this Christmas. Her response? "Lol. No way. I don’t believe that stuff anymore."
  • Another uses President-elect Donald Trump's famous "make America great again" slogan.
  • In an article by Fox News Insider David Silverman, president of American Atheists is quoted saying in part, "It is important for people to know religion has nothing to do with being a good person, and that being open and honest about what you believe — and don’t believe — is the best gift you can give this holiday season."
  • In a statement published on the organization's website, they claim to want to "encourage closeted atheists to come out and celebrate their atheism". 
  • In a response to a comment posted on Twitter that the organization was anti-Christianity, American Atheists responded that they were more like anti-church and that they were open to discussion about it. 
  • Laura Ingraham, being considered to form part of the Trump administration appeared on Fox & Friends and was asked about the group and their efforts this year. She responded in part, "There's no one more dogmatic at Christmas time than an atheist who claims to be worried about being pressured of going to church". 
  • As reported by The Christian Post the latest billboard campaign was rejected in Jackson, Mississippi with area lessors refusing to put up the ad because of the content.

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