AZ Church: 2017 aggressive move to end abortion

AZ Church: 2017 aggressive move to end abortion
Anti-abortion demonstrators high five as the ruling for Hobby Lobby was announced outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

"End Abortion Now" is the name of the campaign launched by Apologia Church in Tempe Arizona. The church has raised over 200K so far. They drafted the steps to accomplish this mission. 

  • Apologia Church, under the leadership of Pastor Jeff Durbin and Pastor Luke Pierson has recently developed and launched their End Abortion Now campaign which has begun with unprecedented momentum and support from like-minded individuals, churches, and organizations all around the world.
  • Pastor Durbin recently announced that an anonymous donor committed to match donations contributed to End Abortion Now up to the amount of $125,000.00. 6% of the goal amount was reached during the first 24 hours. As of the writing of this release, 75% of their goal has been met, which speaks to a massive commitment to work towards the immediate cease and desist of legal abortions in America.
  • Apologia Church, which heads Apologia Radio and Apologia Studios, is known for their extreme effectiveness using social media as their primary platform of mass communication. Using Facebook Live multiple times a day, thousands upon thousands of viewers have been reached, and they have in turn shared Apologia’s announcements, events, and updates on their own walls.

Apologia Church officials have certainly started 2017 with aggressive action. Their End Abortion Now campaign is getting impressive support and pumps fuel into the Pro-life movement at the start of this new year and new presidential administration.  Many of the thousands of comments posted regarding this campaign have questioned how a quarter of a million dollars will be strategically spent to end abortion. The following is Apologia's three pronged mission to end abortion, taken from their website:

We're going to build a national movement made up of local churches across the country. We're going to teach Christians how to do ministry outside of abortion clinics. We will hold a national conference in order to teach and equip pastors and church leaders to start their own abortion ministries locally as well as how to mobilize and partner with other churches nearby. Oh, and by the way, we're buying a bunch of pastor's plane tickets so they can join us, too.

We're creating a revolutionary media infrastructure that will produce content from a Christian worldview. This new media platform will inform and connect people around the world, broadcast live news programming, provide sharp and cutting commentary from a Christian worldview, and will finally allow a consistent and uncompromising Biblical worldview to bring the truth about abortion into the mainstream conversation. We want to flood the internet with content that engages with the Gospel in such a way that it changes the conversation.

With Gospel-centered media educating the nation, and the local churches equipped and ready to fight with a consistent Christian position, we'll move towards applying pressure on local, state, and federal governments to finally, once and for all, end abortion now.

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